Nokia Lumia 530 launched in Malaysia for MYR 355

For those in Malaysia, the affordable dual-SIM Lumia 530 entry-level Windows Phone is now available to order for MYR 355 ($110 USD). The phone is available to order, but shipping will not take place until four days from now on the 16th. The price of the Lumia 530 falls in line with the recent launch in Vietnam and comes in slightly lower than original estimates for the budget phone.

Recapping, the Lumia 530 features a 4-inch FWGA (854×480) LCD screen and is powered by a 1.2GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 200 processor with 512MB of RAM. The camera is a basic 5 MP version on the rear, with no front-facing camera or other accoutrements like NFC or a LED flash.

The Lumia 530 does launch with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan, bringing with it things like Cortana (where available), a new Notification Center and WordFlow for typing.

More information can be found on the Microsoft- Nokia Lumia 530 page.

Via: SoyaCincau; Thanks, dipan, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Welcome to India as well, because it is super cheap.....:)
  • yeah, and if it has exactly the same price as 110 dollars, this is going to be a hit..
  • Sadly, that is not going to happen,...:(
  • that is super cheap!
    In Malaysia, RRP stands for recommended retail price. Other authorized resellers may sell at even lower price. As far as i know there is no quad core phone at this price point on the market yet. RM300+ for a smartphone will be a big hit in Malaysia.
  • I agree. That is really cheap!
  • Yeah I was totally expecting 400!!
  • It wont be cheap if it's WP. Believe me. The sellers will mark up the price and force the buyer to buy with additional stupid accessories.
  • Nope, they will surely be lower than nokia stores RRP. Now one of the reseller start selling at RM 320. Will be even lower when competition between reseller kicks in.
  • New notification center?? :/
  • Officially and for the public in general, yes, it's relatively "new".
  • That priced will probably become even less if buy at onegadjet store . Nice. ;)
  • Welcome...
  • this would facing os update issue since it has 4gb of internal memory only.
  • Why would it? With an SD card you have 4gb for os
  • Further with 8.1 GDR1 you can use SD card for updates.. No more moving apps to SD card for updates
  • Is the system lowerd in Gb/mb. My system is 2.4 GB that's more than 50% of your total phone memory if you have a Lumia 530
  • And It would be late coming to Indonesia.
  • Exactly. Padahal sama malay tetanggaan T-T
  • that price is super cheap.. iphones are like RM2200 or more in malaysia
  • MYR355 is super cheap! The old lumia 520 was like what MYR500. You will be hard press to even find cheap android phones from the lesser known OEM that is within the MYR300 range. I already have the 925, but at this price, i'm so tempted to simply get it as a spare/emergency phone.
  • Not going to buy this thrash looking forward for the 730!
  • Not everyone can afford to buy a mid range phone so don't call this trash kay.
  • You are such a fool not every will be able to buy the 730 . Please be considerd of those less fortunate
  • Well that was my opinion I don't care about yours but to me a qard core processor with only 512mb ram didn't sound much fun..
  • Your 730 will be the real trash compare to my Lumia 1520. That's my opinion and I don't care about yours.
  • Yeah fuck the moto e
  • I hope in India, price will be below 7000 rupees..
  • very sure
  • To compete the high Sar value moto e
  • I would say if they price it around 5k it could be a hit
  • Please bring Lumia 730 soon.. I was going to replace my Lumia 520 with 1320 but 730 changed my mind if its leaks were right I will surely buy then
  • yeah be sure to wait for it..
  • India is waiting for you...We need strong advertisements.Otherwise..
  • Means ₹6120/- that's too costly of go with specification.
    But too cheap with windows phone angle.
    Hope pupil will buy it. As things for OS has changed since 8.1 update 1
  • Lumia 530 in INR 7199 in Nokia Store India....
  • I'm pretty happy with my 525.