Nokia Lumia 625 available from just £10 a month at Carphone Warehouse UK

Looking around for some tech bargains this Christmas? Should you reside in the UK, the Carphone Warehouse has an enticing deal for your eyes. The Nokia Lumia 625 is currently available for free when taken out with a contract starting from just £10.50 a month.

This low fee on Orange includes 30 UK minutes to any network, 500 SMS and 100MB data, perfect for those who use their smartphone regularly, but find themselves using a WiFi connection more than anything. If you require something a little more, you could go for the £18.99 contact with EE.

For £19, EE provides 4G, 500MB data, unlimited SMS and 1000 minutes, which isn't a bad deal. If you're not familiar with the Lumia 625, the handset is Nokia's answer to a low-cost 4G Windows Phone. Sporting a massive 4.7-inch display, Windows Phone 8 is an absolute breeze on this dual-core smartphone.

Lumia 625 CPW

The Lumia 625 is available in both black and white through the retailer, though there are other coloured shells available elsewhere. Who's picking one up?

Source: The Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab)

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  • 500mb of data on EE will last about a week. Not such a good deal after all. Wouldn't touch EE's data plans with a bargepole
  • I'm in my second year of 500mb plan Lumia 920. Gone over my limit once (was on a road trip, had to download some maps) & just paid some money for a bundle of data. EDIT - Oh, and it's 4GEE.
  • You managed to find a signal on EE? The only good thing I found with Orange was they let me unlock my old phone after 3 months, which I needed to do since I couldn't get a signal in my office in the centre of town, or in my house in the leafy subburbs, Three have started rolling out their 4G now with truly unlimited data, at no extra cost, and the best part is you can make and receive calls everywhere! lol Not to mention, cheap if not free roaming in Europe, USA and Australia :-) I use my 920 to stream music on my long commute in the car and when I'm out and about, I also use it to download a torrent file as Virgin have blocked most torrent sites, so I use the phone to get the .torrent file then download the (legal movie I swear...) over the Virgin connection.  I usually go through about 2-2.5gig per month.
  • For Music, with EE I get Deezer for free which doesn't come out of my data plan. Though I keep the music I need on the phone itself.
    There's not a place near me for a while that doesn't get 4G nowadays. I even get 3G in the middle of nowhere on a train.
  • Oh, and for once, first. Well, second. Bugger
  • Lol
  • 500 mb with the 4G... Well, good luck ^^
  • I usually run out of a gig of 4gwith about a week to go, that Said i sometimes buy a 500mb addon for £5-6... Which i have to use by the time my cycle is renewed for another month, however the other day when i purchased some, they Said i had to use it by the 8 or it gets erased, however my renewal is always on the 9th, is this another way EE to force us to buy a days worth of data for people who really need it!?!?
  • 30minutes talk time will last about half an hour. No thanks.
  • Lol
  • +1
  • Lol!
  • So this deal is useful for people that don't use their Smartphones for calls, texts, or data? Hmm...
  • That deal kinda sucks tbh not enough to keep a chipmunk texting
  • Good or bad.. keep these deals coming!   Windows Phone is; ~rising from ashes~
  • Does anyone know if this phone will be receiving the GDR3 update??
  • Which one is better 620 or 625? and why thanks!
  • What kind of name is carphone warehouse..
  • What kind of name is sacrifice_84