Nokia Lumia 710 available through MTS Canada

The Nokia Lumia 710 is being offered through the Canadian wireless provider MTS for $29.99 after a three year contract and a minimum $24.99 voice plan. The 3.7" screened Windows Phone can also be had outright through MTS for $279.99.

MTS is a local carrier servicing Manitoba and the pricing point is a little on the high side. Rogers Wireless, who also services the Manitoba region, is offering the Lumia 710 for a penny (opens in new tab) on a three year contract.

Still, the MTS deal does look a little better than neighboring wireless provider Videotron's deal on the Windows Phone. The Quebec carrier is offering the Lumia 710 for a $29.95 three year contract price that requires a service package of $49.95.

Not sure if the Lumia 710 pricing will become more competitive with other Canadian wireless providers.  Rogers first offered the Lumia 710 for $49.95 and maybe MTS will follow suit.  Regardless, it is nice to see Windows Phones being brought to more carriers lineup.

Source: MobileSyrup (opens in new tab)

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  • im guessing u meant Manitoba?
  • Three year contracts?! Is that the standard?
  • In Canada, yes.
  • Unfortunately. I know lots of people that use smartphones with prepaid plans though. I've heard that's not possible with certain foreign carriers.
  • ya... we get raped by the carriers constantly, nobody to watch our backs too :(
  • 3 year contracts - awful.
    If you bought the Palm Pre the FIRST day it went on sale in Canada, you would STILL be under your 3 year contract.  Now think about all that has happened with Palm in that time.
    Now picture what kind of Android phone was being sold 3 years ago.  It was running 1.5 Cupcake.  If you're lucky, that Android phone you bought 3 years ago got upgraded to 1.6 Donut.  Can you imagine using Donut in 2012?
  • Don't like contracts then just buy the phones outright
  • You can but you still have to pay the same monthly rate whether you bring your own phone or get one from them. It's industry wide collusion that the government of Canada lets happen unabated. The present Canadian government is so technologically inept that  I don't think they even know how bad the carriers are sticking to Canadians right now.
  • Mythos13 is right - with the Big 3 carriers (and their flanker brands) there is no discount if you get a 3 year contract (and a phone subsidy) or if you buy your phone upfront.  In fact, some of their plans are ONLY offered if you are under a 3 year contract!
    Too many customers love getting a "free" phone, regardless of how much more they pay each month.  With the new entrants (Wind, Mobilicity, Public, etc) these same customers love the lower monthly rates, but then freak out at upfront cost of a handset.  Many don't understand how much their "free" cellphone actually ends up costing them.
  • I'm stuck with this for three years? WHAT!!Lmbo They need to change that for real.
  • I work for rogers and I know what your saying about the carriers pricing but its also regulated by the canadian goverment as we have to buy the spectrums from them for the area and the standard prices are set for that.
    Also you mentioned rogers has it for a penny problem with it is our coverage in mantioba compared to mts is 1 to 10 outside the main cities and highways we have 0 coverage
  • It's not just pricing - that's really at par with the states - instead, it is the bloody 3 year contract and abysmal data  allowance that's my major gripe with the carriers. The pricing and data allowance seems to be getting better incrementally but what of the 3 year contracts? That's a real shame really since you can't upgrade for at least 2 years (some carriers allow you to upgrade right after 2 years - I know Rogers does). Why is that? I don't see why I should pay to subsidize a device for 3 years when my peers south of the border only do it for 2 years. Essentially, you (the carrier) are charging me to pay for the priviledge of having you subsidize my phone for 3 years - that's bloody outrageous considering how I would have paid off the phone 3 times over in that period.
    And don't get me started on coverage - I see all 3 boasting the best LTE network in the country but the truth is that even 3G is spotty in major neighborhoods in major cities (Telus and Bell don't work at my house, for example).
  • Excuse me?  EVERY company has to pay the government for spectrum....... oh wait...... not necessarily.
    Years ago, the government GAVE Rogers the GSM spectrum FOR FREE, and Rogers has been making money off it for YEARS!
    And if spectrum is SOOOO expensive, then why is Rogers HOARDING it?!?!  Rogers owns TWICE as much spectrum in Canada than Verizon owns in the US.  If Verizon can provide decent service with the spectrum they own, why does Rogers need TWICE the amount, especially if it is as expensive as you claim it is.  Hmmmm..... my guess is that it is because they don't want any competition to enter the market, so they can continue charging their outrageously high rates!
    And if the reason that Roger's prices are so high is because they had to buy spectrum, they why are Wind, Mobilicity, and Public's rates so much lower?  Did they not have to buy spectrum as well?  Oh yeah, they did, and they did it YEARS BEFORE GETTING ANY CLIENTS. 
    Sorry, your excuse that Roger's rates are so high because Rogers needed to buy spectrum doesn't hold water.  Stop drinking the Rogers kool-aid and wake up to reality.
  • wow so hostile all I was making a example its not the only reason there is a thing called share holders and many many other reasons I just stated we did get gsm for free because nobody else in canada wanted it that was a looooonnnnggg time ago in the 90's so on a tech level thats ancient history, wind is owned by forieng company would did buy data and they are crying right now if you have been following it as in certain cities the goverment was like you need to pay x dollars and wind wouldnt pony up its why there are saying that the canadian market was much much harder to enter then original thought and there main shareholder said if he knew this he wouldn't have come to canada.
    I am not saying there isn't other added costs but to use a company that is located in only a few key cities compared to a large company that has to pay a ton of money for a certain area spectrum to say we have coverage there where we lose money just so people can say I get service there is stupid.
    and in the states the spectrum price is much much lower thats why they have more carriers.
    and I am not drinking no kool-aid I watched manyt of my coworkers get laid off due to recent cuts just so prices didn't have to go up/
  • Terrin, you are making very little sense.  So now, you are claiming that the reason Roger's prices are so high and/or the fact they have 3 year contracts is because they have shareholders?  
    You do realize that EVERY COMPANY has shareholders, right?
    GSM may be ancient history, but Rogers is still using it and making A LOT of money off it.
    If spectrum cost so much here, then why does Rogers own SO MUCH of it?  They own TWICE as much spectrum in Canada as Verizon does in the US.  If it was so much more expensive here, then why is Rogers still buying as much as they can?  You do realize that no one is forced to buy more spectrum, they can use what they already have.  If it was so expensive, then why did Rogers buy it?
    Please, Terrin, on your way to get another glass of the Rogers Kool-aid, can you please go to HR and ask them if they have any language classes?  Your english is so bad I get a headache reading it.
  • There is absolutely no excuse for not lowering our monthly bills if we bring our own phone.
  • You have to remember that our 3 year is really a 2 year contract. 3 years with the company and 2 years with your phone. It's a great ploy to keep you tied in. After 2 years you can renegotiate another 3 year contract or less.
  • A 3 year contract is a 3 year contract. Just try leaving after 2 years and see how much they charge you for breaking the contract.
  • Don't forget, if you buy this phone outright (or any other Nokia for that matter) it's almost pointless to take it to another carrier... Nokia STILL has NOT made the Network Profile App available IN THE CANADIAN market.  No MMS or Internet Sharing without it.
    My 710 from Rogers is a very expensive paperweight on Fido.
  • 3 years contract ? Really people will stay 3 years with same phone/operator for not paying a phone you finally pay triple ?
    I prefer to buy unlocked phones, so I can change phone as I want...
  • You end up either paying more than everyone else on contract or you are on a small carrier and you don't care about stuff like LTE, traveling outside the city you live in. But most of us need or want that and are forced into the big 3.