Nokia Lumia 800 coming soon to T-Mobile UK

Boom! Here it is, folks. Those of you who are with T-Mobile in the UK and desire the Nokia 800 (opens in new tab) can rejoice as the carrier has put up a coming soon page for the handset. Should you wish to register your interest and be notified when it becomes available for order, simply fill in the form and should you be with another carrier with a soon-to-expire contract, perhaps T-Mobile will work up a deal?

Source: T-Mobile, thanks Barnaby for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Also available on 3UK
  • Yes and three is a good deal, shame I have no coverage where I live
  • that's basically every carrier in UK?looking foward to them in hong kong :p
  • No, not officially on O2 as far as I know. Though available on O2 from intermediaries like, this is because of a dispute over promotion of the new Nokia devices not taking precedent over the iPhone 4S.Allegedly.
  • According to this on the O2 forum "if you call O2 and ask them about the Nokia 800 they say that it is coming in November", so perhaps there is still hope for us thinking of jumping ship from O2 to get some new Windows Phone love.
  • Awesome. Thanks for the correction.:-)
  • oh please let this carry across the pond to t-mobile us...
  • WTF?! How is it the US is always the last to get any new electronics?
  • Because we're better. Nokia's just across a tiny little pond for us :D
  • we get new electornic last... (canada)