Nokia Lumia 800 now available in Panama via Movistar

Jump back, what's that sound? Here it comes...

We've seen Movistar get some Windows Phones in Mexico and Columbia in the past but lets not forget about Panama. Reader Andrés C. lets us know that you can now pick up the Lumia 800 in that lil' country which sports a fancy canal.

Movistar evidently has the phone, taking out a nice full page ad to show it off. No word on pricing The 800 fetches for 549.99$ off contract or with a 18-month, 30$ plan at 265$ and still no idea when Panama will get a Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Andrés

Daniel Rubino

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  • Andrés here, I consulted with Movistar, and they have the device at 549.99$ plus taxes, or with a 18-month, 30$ plan at 265$
  • I thought the lumia 900 was for the u.s how come everyone has it and we don't get the 800 over here
  • The 900 is a better device, you can always buy the 800 unlocked if you want it so badly
  • Soy de Panamá ...y ni loco compro mi móvil en Movistar...mejor lo compro desbloqueado en ebay y lo usó en cualquier proveedor.
    Waiting for an unlocked Nokia PureView WP that I can use here!!!
  • Is it a "mean" carrier.
  • I notice in the picture of L 800 that the live tiles are purplish !  Is this a new tile color or is that L800 displaying a purplish tint on the backlight as well as some of the L900's?
  • In settings under theme, I have a choice of 11 different colors, including purple, on my Lumia 900.
  • I tipped you like a week ago, when I first saw the ad...