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Pre-order the Lumia 710 and 800 on Mexico's Movistar

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Although China seems to be grabbing all the headlines today for Windows Phone, the move into Latin America is also as important for the fledgling mobile OS.

We've mentioned in the past that Nokia would be bringing their Lumia series to Mexico this Spring and it looks like that schedule is being kept. Users can now pre-order the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 on Movistar.

The Lumia 710, a budget-orientated smartphone with a 3.7" ClearBlack display and 5MP camera is perfect for those who are new to the smartphone game, while the Lumia 800 offers a more premium experience with its polycarbonate design, 8MP camera and AMOLED display. Both phones look to be competitively priced on Movistar with a $0 purchase for a 24 month contract (although the 800 has a higher-end contract to meet that requirement).

For more information, head to Movistar's page to sign up and learn more. Thanks, Victor H., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Mobile need to get more phones for God sake,
  • Sadly the plans a pure crap for some reason. (plans? contracts? not sure of the word)
    The lumia 800 cost 20 pesos (about 1.5 dollar) less than the iphone 4s.
    And the plan for the lumia 800 comes with 800 talk minutes and 800mb for internet.
    While the plan for the iphone 4s has 400 minutes and 4GB of internet... which makes a lot more sense for a smartphone.
    Anyway... my plan with the competing carrier doesn't end till june so I wouldn't buy this anyway. =)
  • I've seen on Telcel (the biggest carrier in Mexico) twitter that they are going to bring the lumnia 800 in April
  • why would you torment us with those renders of nonexistant (but so so gorgeous) handsets?!!??! :(
  • Is Mexico Latin America???
  • Its funny Movistar has cut the phones subsidy in Spain completely, if you want a phone you need to pay the full price, but still subsidy in South America