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Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, is one better than the other?

So which Windows Phone is better? The Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II?

The Lumia 900 definitely hit the AT&T store shelves with a bang while the Titan II kinda snuck in under the radar. I've used both over the past few days and I will say this without reservation. There's not a bad choice between the two.

Okay... so that may be fence straddling but the differences between these two phones boils down to individual needs and personal preferences. Do you need a "knock your socks off" camera? Go with the Titan II. Do you prefer a screen with richer colors and more contrast?  Go with the Lumia 900. Are you looking for a splash of color for your Windows Phone other than plain old gray or black? Choose the Lumia 900. Are you wanting more real estate in your screen? Obviously the Titan II would be your choice.

These two new Windows Phone are so closely matched the difference may come down to which fits the best in your hand (and that's no easy measure either). We'll try to break things down a little better after the break to give you a fighting chance at deciding which is best.

Lumia 900 vs. Titan II: Design

Here's the tell of the tape between these two Windows Phones.

The size and weight of these two phones are so close there's really no clear distinction.  While both feel good in the hand and have a uni-body style, the two designs differ somewhat.

Nokia Lumia 900

The Lumia 900 is more of a flat body with rounded edges. The buttons are smooth and are limited to the right side of the phone. The matte, polycarbonate body feels smooth, compact and nice in your hand. The micro-USB port is nestled away in an easy to get to position, at the top of the Windows Phone.

HTC Titan II right side

The Titan II has a soft rubber finish that also feels nice in the hand. The uni-body design of the Titan isn't as flat as the Lumia 900 with rises for the camera and headphone jack. The edges are contoured just enough to help mask the Titan II's size to make it feel nice in the hand. The buttons are spread across the right side and on the top of the Titan II. The volume and camera buttons are textured to give them a distinguish feel.

Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II left side

Two observations on the buttons/micro-USB port with these two Windows Phones. I'm not a fan of the power button being half-way down the side of the Lumia 900 or the micro-USB port being on the side of the Titan II. Reason being, if you use a car cradle with regularity, the clamping arms on the cradle will block these two features. Now I can snake a car charger through the arms on my car cradle with the Titan II but I can't access the power button on the Lumia 900.  Personally, I like the power button in the upper corner of the right side. Much like the placement on the Samsung Focus.

Here are a few more observations on the design of the Titan II and Lumia 900.

  • The HTC Titan II has the LED indicator that alerts you on missed calls, voice mail and charging status.
  • While the capacitive buttons on both the Titan II and Lumia 900 light up, the Lumia 900's buttons will eventually fade to black.  The Titan II's buttons stay lit while the phone is in use.
  • The Lumia 900 has the speaker at the bottom of the phone while the Titan II has the speaker on the back.  The placement may not sound like a big deal but when the Lumia 900 is laying on it's back, the speaker isn't muffled the way it is on the Titan II.

Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II top

With regards to size, these two Windows Phones so close the differences really don't matter. While fit and feel are more subjective tests, but both feel good in the hand. Which feels better? Coin toss in our opinion.  The design differences are really a subjective test.  We'll call it a coin toss as well but lean towards the Titan II for the LED, illuminated capacitive buttons and better grease resistance.

Lumia 900 vs. Titan II: Screen Quality

In a nutshell, you won't be disappointed with either of these two Windows Phone screens. The two Windows Phones approach things differently but do so very well.

Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II

The HTC Titan II has a 4.7" Super LCD screen that has bright colors that many may feel look more natural.

The Lumia 900 has a 4.3" AMOLED screen that utilizes ClearBlack technology. Compared to the Super LCD screen of the Titan II, the Lumia 900's screen has richer colors and more contrast. Blacks are blacker, reds are redder, greens are greener, and so on.

Both Windows Phones use Corning's Gorilla Glass and both Windows Phones are very responsive to the touch. The Lumia 900 has a flat screen while the Titan II's screen curves ever so slightly outwards when it hits the capacitive touch button region.  We did notice the Lumia 900's screen is some what of a grease/smudge magnet.  We spent far less time wiping down the Titan II than we did the Lumia 900.

It's a tough call as to which of these Windows Phones has the better screen. Overall, I'll give the edge to the Lumia 900 because the colors have a touch more pop to them. However, we would have to give the edge for outdoor viewing to the Titan II though.

Lumia 900 vs. Titan II: Camera

Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II

This is one feature where one of these two Windows Phones is the clear winner without any doubts. The Titan II is fitted with a 16mp, 28mm f2.2 BSI Sensor camera. The Lumia 900 is fitted with an 8mp, 22mm f2.2 Carl Zeiss lens camera. The two cameras should be closely matched but the Titan II has a clear advantage over the Lumia 900.  Note: Sample images present have only been edited with respect to size.

The Lumia 900's camera just under achieves. On paper the Carl Zeiss lens and fast aperture should perform better than it does. To give credit where credit is due, the Lumia 900 does preform nicely outdoors when the lighting is just right. Indoors and when the lighting dims outside is where the Lumia 900's camera begins to fade. I also experienced a little inconsistency with regards to saturation, exposure and focus. Hopefully these issues are software related and can be addressed with an update from Nokia. Otherwise, the Lumia 900's camera won't reach its potential.

HTC has been criticized heavily for poor camera quality in the past and nailed it with the Titan II's camera. Between the higher resolution, backlit sensor, and improved software you may have to go to a DSLR/High end point and shoot camera to beat it.

Color saturation was nice, images were nice and sharp, and the BSI sensor really makes the difference when shooting in low light.  Images from the Titan II also seem to be warmer than the Lumia 900.  I was seeing more blue color casts on the Lumia 900 than I did with the Titan II.

Titan II and Lumia 900 camera software

HTC also beefed up the software on the Titan II to improve your photographic experience.  All in all, the changes HTC has made to the software really makes the Lumia 900 pale in comparison.  You have eighteen scenes, smile detection, image stabilization, panorama and burst modes, ten effects, and red eye reduction.  Oh, you also have the intelligent auto setting on the Titan II that does a pretty good job of choosing which scene is the best for what your photographing.

Nokia does have a 7mp 16:9 ratio which gives your photos a nice wide angle view but beyond that, the settings are rather vanilla when compared to the Titan II.

Unfortunately, the differences are evident in the video quality of these two Windows Phone. The HTC provides the best video quality between the two with the Nokia showing a bit of haze in the video.

All is not lost with the Lumia 900 with respect to the cameras.  The front facing camera on the Lumia 900 performs a bit better than the front facing camera on the Titan II.

The Lumia 900 has a decent camera that'll do in a jam but if the deciding factor is the camera, you better go with the Titan II.  HTC has done a fantastic job of improving not only the physical camera but also the software.  The Titan II easily has the better rear camera but the Lumia 900's front facing camera may be the winner.

Lumia 900 vs. Titan II: Software

Nokia Collection and HTC Apps

Both the Lumia 900 and Titan II come loaded with the latest version of Windows Phone. In this respect, it's a draw between these two Windows Phones.

Where the Nokia begins to distance itself from the HTC is with the exclusive software apps. HTC has a decent selection of HTC apps ranging from the Sound Enhancer to Locations but you also have the lack luster flashlight, calculator and love apps.

The Lumia 900 has the Creative Studio, ESPN, CNN, Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and exclusive EA Sports titles that will eventually become available.

The Nokia Collection just has more beef to it than the HTC Apps. While you can find suitable alternatives in the Windows Phone Marketplace to use with the Titan II (e.g. Garmin Streetpilot vs. Nokia Drive) it may cost you where the Nokia Collection is included in the price of admission.

Asides from the exclusive apps for each of these Windows Phones, here are a few more observations on the software of these two Windows Phones.

  • The Titan II has SRS Enhancements to give audio and video playback a boost plus the Attentive Phone settings that can quiet the ring on pickup, increase the ringer when the Titan II is in the pocket, activate the speaker when the Titan II is flipped over and mute the ringer when you flip the Titan II over.
  • Both the Titan II and the Lumia 900 have a healthy selection of ringtones.  The Titan II has a total of 105 ringtones and the Lumia 900 has 63 ringtones.  Both have the AT&T tones and the Lumia 900 has the classic Nokia Tune (plus the remix).

Connectivity Issues

With regards to phone reception, we saw no differences between the Titan II and the Lumia 900.  When there was three bars on the Titan II, there were three bars on the Lumia 900.  Granted there are other variables that go into reception, like the number of towers in the area, but we'll call phone reception a draw with these two Windows Phones.

Where we did see a difference in reception with these two Windows Phones was with data connectivity (we've also heard it from readers).  There's an issue with the Lumia 900 where you will loose data connectivity from time to time.  Best we can tell it's an issue with the micro-SIM card (new technology being ironed out and such) but the data connectivity issues are not present on the Titan II.  Luckily, the times we have experienced the lost data connection re-booting the Lumia 900 fixed things.

While connectivity issues are present with the Lumia 900, Nokia is already prepping a software fix for distribution that will fix things.  Look for the fix to be distributed on or around April 16, 2012.  As an added bonus, Nokia will credit the AT&T accounts of customers $100 for any inconveniences this data disconnect has caused.  While the data disconnects have been a pain for some, it's nice to see Nokia taking an aggressive position to fix the problem and make things right for Lumia 900 customers.

Other odds and ends

HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900

Here are a few more things to consider when deciding which of these two Windows Phones is for you.

  • The Nokia Lumia 900 uses a micro-SIM card where the Titan II uses the full-size SIM card. If you change Windows Phones frequently, this may be an issue or you can get a SIM card adapter (which may not be ideal).
  • If you like to have color choices, the Lumia 900 comes in black, cyan and white (due on April 22nd). Additionally, you have colored sleeves and bumpers you can add to the Lumia 900. The Titan II only comes in gray.
  • Neither the Titan II or the Lumia 900 have removable batteries. The Titan II has a 1730mAH battery while the Lumia 900 has an 1830mAh battery. Both batteries will get you through the day but in using both these phones over the past few days, the extra 100mAH really don't make much of a difference.
  • Both the Titan II and Lumia 900 are fitted with 16gb of storage and 512mb of RAM. The Titan II does have a 1.5GHz processor and the Lumia 900 a 1.4GHz processor. The .1 difference is not noticeable at all.
  • I'm going to give the nod to the Lumia 900 with regards to quality (both ear and bottom speaker). These tiny little speakers on the Lumia 900 can really belt out the volume.  Call quality on the Titan II is nice but it is as if the Lumia 900's volume scale is really based on 35 steps instead of 30.
  • Okay...I'm a stickler for the vibrating alert. The Nokia has a more noticeable vibrating alert than the HTC but the Nokia also has an annoying rattle about it. As if the vibrator isn't bolted down securely. I think I'll take the fainter vibration over the rattle.
  • Nokia hit the ground running with respect to accessories for the Lumia 900.  You have bumpers, skins and cases available at launch where it may take some time for the Titan II to see specific accessories become available. 

Lumia 900 vs. Titan II: Which is the best?

We have long held the position that, with few exceptions, there really isn't a bad Windows Phone in the bunch. The secret is finding which Windows Phone matches your needs and tastes the best.

The challenge with the Titan II and Lumia 900 is deciding which of these two quality Windows Phones fits your needs and tastes the best. For some this can be tough call to make.

If you use your Windows Phone camera a lot, the Titan II has a clear advantage. If you prefer more deeper colors and more contrast to your screen then the Lumia 900 has an advantage. If you want larger tiles and a brighter screen, enter the Titan II. Beyond those three characteristics, it's really tough choosing one of these Windows Phones.

There is one factor that we shouldn't over look. In this day and age, you really can't ignore the economics. Through AT&T, after contractual discounts, the Lumia 900 will cost you $99. The HTC Titan II is running $199. You can probably find better pricing through third party retailers but more than likely the HTC will cost you more than the Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II from AT&T

So if I must get down off the fence, I'd have to get down on the Titan II's side. I was really impressed with the improvements HTC has made not only to the design but the performance of the Titan series. Plus the camera is really, really nice. Having said that, if you disagree and feel the Lumia 900 is the Windows Phone for you, you are not making a bad choice.

Feel free to sound off in the comments which you prefer. Is there a factor that we've missed that should be considered?  Let us know which choice you made and why.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • There is also the X factor between these phones.
    HTC isn't completely gung ho about WP. Nokia is. Once people hear that classic ringtone, their heads will turn. Same thing about the the cyan color. The phone is truly unique, as is the user using the device: it's no surprise that WP users are the minority, but we're different. That translates into the 900.
    I have every respect for people that choose the Titan II, but the 900 speaks to the symbolic strengths of Windows Phone and its users. They really hit the nail on the head when they said, "Beautifully different."
  • I went for Nokia. I thought the screen was far more attractive. Also with Nokia only selling WP, I figured updates and accessories would be better.
  • If HTC made a Nokia Drive-esque app, I would say the Titan II wins hands-down.  I must say that having the nice app suite that Nokia brings to the table makes up for the shoddy camera in the Lumia 900.
  • They did its called locations
  • Yeah, but you have to pay for it.
  • Not for the US maps
  • Yeah cos' US is the only country on planet
  • I wouldn't say locations is of the same caliber as N Drive.  It is slow, glitchy, and not nearly as intuitive as N Drive.
  • Sample photos look better on the Lumia
  • Its night and day between the two, especially in low light. Tonight I'll post some Titan 2 pics to show how good the camera really is.
  • Hi Daniel,
    Can you post the full resolution samples?
  • Free (for now) vs $200 = no contest.
    Also, the article says: "The Nokia Lumia 900 uses a mini-SIM card where the Titan II uses the full-size SIM card. If you change Windows Phones frequently, this may be an issue or you can get a SIM card adapter (which may not be ideal)".
    This is incorrect.  A full-size SIM card is the credit card sized plastic that you break your smaller card from.  What phones have been using for years is mini-SIM.  The Lumia 900, iPhone 4S, etc. are using micro-SIM.
  • Agreed! Nokia is finally breaking the chains that our stupid American selves started, thinking that all Hero phones should cost us $200!  Even at the regular $100 it is no contest...
  • If you think this means Nokia won't offer a $200-$300 WP8 phone, you're wrong. This is an effort to break into the market - the phone itself has many flaws that Nokia is no doubt aware of...and will hopefully fix before the next Lumia model.
  • I too am on the Titan II side of the fence and will have mine as soon as it arives from Amazon.
    I love the Nokia, but I really wanted a bigger screen and the camera is also just too good to pass by.  I like Nokia as a company better and really want to own one of the Lumia devices.  That said I'll wait for version 2, the 930 or whatever it ends up being.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I did notice also in store that Nokia doesn't have the Zune like jump list that HTC has on their devices. Maybe a demo version but can someone validate this. It is very helpful in choosing apps instead of scrolling to find what u r looking for. Thanks.
  • That jump list only appears once you have a certain number of apps downloaded - I believe 45. All WPs feature it though, that Lumia just needs some more apps on it!
  • Thanks Yeti its been awhile shopping for a new WP device. I may wait for the white 900 version & leave big red behind.
  • If you have never owned a Nokia smartphone before you are missing out
  • ^ thoughts exactly
  • Ahh I want one so bad. In Canada we're getting the 900 on Rogers. Maybe I'll switch over from telus. Although I really like the lumia 800 better. Just wish it had a front facing camera. I'll just stick with my HTC surround for now:)
  • I used a HTC Surround from December 2010 til Monday when I picked up my Lumia 900.  It's such a huge upgrade, will blow your mind if you decide to pick one up.
  • I have to say that with the SRS enhancements the titan II wins hands down. Just hard to give up once experienced this will also keep me with HTC until Nokia makes a similar app.
  • I've heard the SRS enchancements on my buddy's TITAN I. I gotta say they STINK. The MUD UP the south, the BASS is WAYYYY TOOO MUCH, and the WOWish effects make the output UNLISTENABLE.
    The Lumia's output is AWESOME. Crystal clear and POWERFUL. Enhancements and effects mud up the sound. Pure is the way to go. The Lumia's output is the best I've heard from a Windows Phone. It is similar to the powerful clear output of an iPhone.
  • The sound isn't muddy at all on my HD7 nor was it on my arrive. Maybe u need to get ur hearing checked.
  • The sound might not be muddy but I don't find the SRS enhances the sound at all. There is also the annoying pop between songs on the Titan 1 and the loss of stereo sound when listening to music and pressing the search button. 2 issues that still haven't been fixed.
  • No annoying pop on my HD7 but still lose stereo when hitting Bing search. It's not a big deal.
  • I've noticed the SRS effects vary between some devices. I have a Surround, and with SRS enabled it sounds effing AMAZING. On my Titan 1, though, it sounds pretty crappy. It may have to do with the sound processor they use in each, Idunno. Either way, the Titan II may sound just as good as the Surround, who knows.
  • Yea my surround sounds amazing with srs on. But when you hit Bing search it effs up.... Not a big deal. But what sucks is that listening though the headphone jack, it doesn't seem to go as loud as say an ipod.. Kinda sucks. Maybe ita the headphones???
  • Could you post some full size photos to compare?  From these scaled down samples, the differences seem subjective.  I want to see how crisp or noisy the images are at full size.  If the Titan is better there, I'll return my 900.
  • I think Nokias screen is better + the phone feels more unique but both are good choices!
  • My question is.. What's stopping HTC from advertising the T2 independently from AT&T? This is their device and surely MS wants this to sell well to. I just don't get why WP marketing can't ever be 100%!
  • If you hold both of these phones side by side you can feel the difference. The HTC feels solid and the Nokia has a plastic feel. There about the same size but the screen is bigger on the HTC. I'd love to have either one on tmo. Now if I was on att there'd be no question the HTC titan 2 all day.
  • I think the biggest difference with screen is pixilation. The Lumia 900 is going to be far less pixilated than the Titan II. I'm not saying the Titan II's screen is bad, but there are definitely obvious pixels. The Lumia 900's screen is also pushing the limits of WVGA, but the ClearBlack AMOLED makes up for it. Also, since I always use screen protectors, the greasiness of the Lumia won't be a problem. Plus, who can turn down that cyan color?Hopefully camera will be improved with software updated. Isn't it supposed to be the same camera as the N9? And the N9 took stunning photos, so it must be an image processing issue (maybe Nokia isn't used to not controlling software yet).Overall, I think the Titan II is an excellent device, but being $200 more and having such a boring design (looks like every other HTC device out there...) plus without all of Nokia's apps, it's tough to justify.
  • I have to go to the Nokia side. I love my new 900 and while the Titan II did feel really nice and its camera is awesome but as others have said Nokia is all in with WP where HTC is still mostly beholden to Android. The fact that Nokia has already got a fix for the data issues and is scheduled to release it in less than a week and giving credits even if you dont have the issue shows the extent of their customer service. I still have yet to hear HTC acknowledge any issue with the original Titan other than changing the back plate and neither they nor Samsung have gotten any updates pushed out for any firmware issues.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. Titan II all the way for me. I just don't want this all to turn into in-fighting between HTC and Nokia fanboys. We're all WP7!
  • Best comment so far :-)
  • I strongly disagree... Camera on HTC is better, but a superior lens (Carl Zeiss) will catch T2 with softwareupdate. Nokia Drive rules and is pure value. Nokia Music is available in Norway I think.
    Screen quality should be far superior on 900... Best phone for outside viewing ever, no glare, but probably a mistake from reviewer:)
  • One thing that irks me about my Lumia is the grey theme that comes with the Email Inbox. It looks dull, I know it was done on a effort to save battery but really how much battery fan you save. .. It was really a tough decision for me to get the Lumia over the titan II... What led me to the Lumia was that if I want to have a regular black phone I should get the tittan, if I want something that stands out from the rest of the phones then the Lumia is best. So I ended up getting the Lumia in blue and it
    Are me happy, but sadly I had to sacrifice the 16 megapixel camera :( and that made me sad. I hate decisions sometimes.
  • There is *no doubt* that the HTC Titan II is a force to be reckoned with, but let's remember a few things:
    1) The power button is nearly impossible to reach (with one hand) for anyone with small-to-medium sized hands.  That alone may be a deal breaker for some, I encourage people to test it out thoroughly.  I owned an HTC Titan for a few weeks, and just reaching the power button felt like a chore.  It's difficult to overlook.
    2) The camera on the Titan II is better -- for now.  Meanwhile, Nokia will continue to make improvements to theirs (because they *genuinely* care), and HTC will n'ery release another meaningful update.
    3) Current cost is $0 (after rebate) for the Lumia 900, and $200 for the Titan II.  Certainly worth noting.
    4) The added "enhancements" apps on the HTC are nice.  Nokia should take notice and to the same.  That said, Nokia has their wonderful "Drive" and "Maps" apps, whichi are second-to-none.
    5) The Nokia Lumia 900 is going to sell more phones than the Titan II.  There is no doubt about it, which also means that accessories will be better for the 900.  I couldn't care less, personally, but a lot of people are really into cases, screen protectors, docks, etc..  I'd put my money on the Lumia 900.
    6) The original HTC Titan was released in mid-September 2011...which was *not* that long ago.  They've already put that phone on EOL (end-of-life), which shows HTC's real support for their devices.  It's not pretty.
    For the long term.....the best bet is the Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Complaining about a power button? Seriously?
  • Seriously, this is not just a "power button", it's the sleep/wake/lock/unlock button as well. The placement of this button is of extreme importance as you cannot use the phone if you can't get to it and is the most used button on the device without a doubt. Being a nondescript button amongst 3 others that are very similar means that you will hit it accidentally while trying to do something else and not putting it on a corner means that it will be covered by just about anything designed to hold a phone. Placing the micro-USB port in the dead center top means that it will also be obstructed by most dashboard mounting devices. Hopefully, the next revision of Windows Phone will push non-capacitive home buttons that can also wake the phone.
  • There's no button that gets pressed more often. It's really really important. 
  • I'm with Verizon but, I am so much in love with both these models, I went into a AT&T store today to check them out, they just had the dummies but, they were sold out of the 900. The sales person was actually trying to sell me on the T2 (camera) but, I did get to hold both "dummies" in my hands to get a feel of them. I like what I see so far.
    1. Yes, I bet this could a pain for some people, it's something people need to play with for a while to really see but, 5 min in the store might see from . Power button on the top is like that on most HTC phones, even my current Trophy,
    2. Impossable. the T2 uses a better sensor, that is physical. Nokia would need to release a new phone or issue a RMA for all phones to get it "fixed". The sensor on the T2 can let in a lot more light, in turn will give a lot better pictures with lower light. Sure, Nokia could update software to help it but, it could never be as good as the T2.
    3. If you shop around, you could get the T2 for close to the L900's price, maybe $100 but, if you devide that over 24 months (2 year contract), it's really a moot point. This shoudl not be a desiding factor if you were looking between these phones.
    4. Yes, Nokia has better software but, if you unlock your phone you can get all those apps on your current phone (hint: look on XDA), I am running all the Nokia apps on my Trophy now.
    5. Better marketing means better sales, No question but, When people come in to look at the 900, I bet the Titan2 will be right besides it. The camera and screen size might be enough for some people to make the change.
    6. Personally the name if the Titan 2 was bad, it should of been named something different. Bad choice by HTC but, I agree with you on this.
    I was set on the Lumina if I was going to AT&T but, the Titan 2 could change me over. If money was no object, I would just buy them both, swap day to day. Maybe get every color of the lumina 900 so I can change with outfits for the day :)
  • As far as putting the original Titan on EOL, they needed an LTE device. Period. The carrier is the one who puts them EOL. HTC would continue to make them if the carrier continued to send them money for it. 
  • Until they fix the touch sensitivity I would not recommend the Lumia 900 to anyone. It is almost unusable for me. Some people say it isn't there but as I watch them prove it I see it, I am guessing they have never used a properly calibrated Windows Phone because it most definitely is a problem. I am returning mine today, very sad about it too. The reason I switched to ATT was for this phone and it is a major letdown.
    Also not a fan of the Titan because of the screen. To be completely honest there isn't a single Windows Phone available that I really like. Lumia 800 is my favorite but it is missing the front facing camera which I need and the pink tint in photos is not good.
    Love writing programs for Windows Phone and enjoy the OS but the hardware is really quite sad. Nokia was supposed to be the savior and what I was hoping/counting on but that is not a reality.
  • <cite>We did notice the Lumia 900's screen is some what of a grease/smudge magnet.</cite>
    Couldn't disagree more.  My Focus S' screen is a smudge magnet.  The Lumia's screen repells smudges better (albeit not completely) than my Focus S.
    As for the Lumia data connectivity issues, Nokia and AT&T have already said there is an update coming next week (via the Zune client) that will address this issue.  So, it's not a SIM issue, but a software issue.
  • Hey WPCentral - I see that HTC still does not have the Titan II on thier site.  Does HTC say why?  Is this a sign of the commitmitment to the WP platform?  I'd contact them but I seriously doubt I'd have any impact, wonder why they are not talking about this at all for a phone that is being so highly reviewed.  At the very least I want to see it on their site!
  • The jump list in the list of applications appears once you reach a total of 41 installed apps. Has anyone noticed if the Lumia 900 has a noise problem when listening to music through headphones, or with the phone connected to a car stereo via an auxiliary cable plugged into the headphone jack? My Samsung Focus S has a really bad noise problem when switching between tracks, because it apparently switches off the headphone jack momentarily. This causes annoying popping sounds, and is said to be caused by a poorly written driver for the headphone jack. I'm considering buying a Lumia 900, but not if it suffers this same issue.
  • It's there, but barely noticeable.  I too had the Focus S and the sound issues were annoying as hell (same with the keyboard lag.)  None of those exist (except for the very minor pop when changing tracks.)
  • @wpcentral editors
    small mistake in the review, the Lumia 900 uses micro-SIM while the Titan II uses a mini-SIM (standard SIM size; a full size SIM is credit card sized)

  • I got the 800 and I'm probably not gonna get either the 900 or T2 because I'm still very satisfied with my 800. However, if I had to choose I'd go for the 900. Not because I already have a Nokia device but because of the support Nokia is showing to their devices. You really feel like they are behind these devices. The caring factor is important especially for people who are going to stay with those devices for a longtime. I know that new devices come out all the time but i want my device to remain relevant and Nokia provide the relevance through their updates and great customer service. That being said, the T2 is a wonderful device :-)
  • ^ that
  • Bigger screen and better cameras will put the edge into the Titan II's favor for me... To hear the photo software get compounded with more features is a big plus too (especially when the camera is such a feature for you)... Nokia's 900 seems to be a great phone, but the HTC would get my money between the 2... Now, if I could get some of this hardware on TMOUS, I would actually be MAKING this decision!! :P
  • I mean "rear CAMER(A)" in above comment... Nokia seemed to get the edge with FFC
  • The lumia 900 overall but the titan2 has faster and smoother scrolling speed for some reason
  • Its ovious that the titan 2 is the superior handset: better camera and better processor! And in everything else its neck to neck with the lumia… The only true reason the lumia is being given center stage while the titan is ignored is because Nokia is concentrating on making handsets exclusively for windows while HTC makes most of its business with android. Its all just business politics and the consumer gets lied to… HTC titan 2 is hands down the superior product! Go to the windows phone website and compare both phones specs side by side and see it for yourself
  • As intelligent and informed consumers, we know that making decisions based on brand history or our own past experiences with a specific brand or carrier can sometimes backfire on us. Windows phone is revolutionizing the smart phone market and its just beginning (can’t wait for winpho 8!), I can only speak for myself, and as hard as I work for my money I deserve the best quality I can afford and that’s why I won’t drink the coolaid and just believe the marketing hype… So I invite you to do as I did: check the specs, they are there for anyone with eyes… And what everyone should do: go to the nearest AT&T store and handle both phones and compare. In the end, I’m not trying to convince anyone to think as I do, the proof is there and its ovious, but we all deserve our opinions. Enjoy the Lumia, it will probably become as popular as the iPhone… As for me, I’m a true winphan and I rather go for what works than for what’s popular, no matter the brand…
  • How is HTC getting the public excited about the titan 2 or even about windows phone?  maybe they have a sky diving advert about it too. no? ok, maybe they are actively smoking other phones by demonstrating that great camera and big screen. no? hmm... i see.    well Nokia may not win in specs but it wins hands down in gaining public mindshare and emmense effort to actually selling their product.
  • I chose the Lumia 900 for my upgrade from my iPhone 4 (which actually isn't mine anymore).  Even though the camera is a bit of a disappointment, its serviceable.  The Titan II may have a better camera, but its got a boring design, and that annoying htc camera bump, which is still there, even in phones like the HTC One X.  I am hoping for improvements to the multitasking system with WP8, as well as improvements to the tiles, like resizing, and perhaps tile groups.  Other than minor gripes, I really love the OS and the design of the phone.  I tried Skype to test the front camera, and the quality was nice...better than my iPhone 4 even.  Oddly, Skype is still a beta, but it seems to work as well as Skype on the iPhone or Android.
  • I'm currently struggling with this decision myself. Here's the thoughts I'm having. 
    1) The Nokia only has a 4.3" screen. I'm OK with a 4.3" screen and don't see the need or benefit to a 4.7" screen on the HTC, but if the phones are the same overall size why wouldn't I get the bigger screen? I like the size and feel of the Focus S with it's 4.3" screen, the 900 seems like it's big for no good reason, you have to deal with the extra bulk in the hand/pocket without the extra acreage for swiping/gaming. 
    2) The difference in the photo quality is massive based on these samples. I'm not a huge photo person myself but because of that I never carry a point & shoot with me, which means the better the camera on my phone the more I'm going to use it. That HTC camera looks good enough to be my main travel camera. The Nokia not so much. 
    3) I like the location of the power button on my Focus but I do press it accidentally quite a lot, the ease of access has it's downsides. I think the placement of both these buttons is preferable, in that I disagree with the reviewer, but the placement of the Nokia's button seems like a slight advantage. Reaching the Titan's button one handed seems cumbersome and opens it up to drops. 
    4) The speaker is a major priority for me. I really dislike the speaker on the original Titan and greatly prefer the Focus and Focus S to it. I haven't tested the Titan II or 900 in person yet but if either is too quiet that could be a deal breaker. A loud speaker is critical for my alarm and clarity is key for speaker phone calls. 
    5) I LOVE the fact that the Titan II has a LED display. So important for me, I waste a lot of time and bettery waking my Focus to check for messages and emails, a LED would be extremely preferable. 
    6) The Nokia is really really pretty. I dig the colors and I think I will prefer the feel of the polycarbonite over the Titan II. I prefer the feel fo the 800 to the Titan or Focus S but I'll need to try the Titan II before judging it for sure. 
    7) I really believe in the Nokia-MS partnership and I want to buy into it. I trust that the support and advancement of the platform will be better with a Nokia device than a HTC one, even with ATT standing in the way of both. 
    8) I'm scared of the coming Apollo (WP8) phones and worry that these devices might be badly outclassed quite soon. This doesn't really help either phone but my urge to buy into Nokia might be able to be delayed until Q4 which would give the TII a bump in the short term based on camera. 
    9) If either phone was on T-Mobile it'd be a no brainer. God I hate ATT. 
    10) Super AMOLED is much better than Super LCD, I love the screen on my Focus and the Focus S is terrific. The extra half inch is a bonus as is the brightness and outdoor capability of the HTC but ClearBlack is legit. 
    11) The Nokia exclusive apps are pretty compelling, Especially ESPN, CNN and Nokia Drive/Maps/Transit. Bing maps can be a little frustrating on occasion. Typically manufacturer apps suck and are pointless and while I've never owned an HTC WP I tend to trust the Nokia stuff more. Certainly my Samsung stuff is utter shit. The HTC attentive phone settings sound kinda great though and I might actually use those more than the Nokia stuff without actually having to think about it.  
    Tough tough call, and I'm not sure where I'm leaning. Really I think it comes down to this: Camera vs. Nokia+MS partnership. I honestly can't decide which is more valuable. 
  • I have a HTC titan and just upgraded to the NL9...and yes the cameras are way different. I use my phone for work alot and take a lot of I did notice the difference in phones. HTC camera is wayyyy better, but!!!! The LTE on the NL9 is +frekn fast!!!!. If u don't use ur phone for pics then it's a no brainer. Get the NL9...i hope Nokia does to some software adjustmentS for the phone..other then that NL9 is awesome!!
  • using the words, "htc" and "build quality" in the same sentence is a joke in it's own rite. A nice camera sensor doesn't make up for a poorly pieced together product.
  • For older HTC devices, this was true. Since the Titan and Radar (and now Titan II) I would very much disagree with this assesment. They have stepped up their game and are crowding in on Nokia (the One X is a polycarbonate unibody design, for instance).
  • I love both phones but when it comes to low light the Titan II is a winner and I do find my self taking pictures in low light more often. 900 lumia on the other hand has great photos in high light, but I'm still gonna wait and spend $200 on the next series of windows phones (not by choice, by contract) where two of the great aspects will join together.
  • Tmobile needs to get at least one of these devices. I would hate to change carriers just to get a decent upgrade to my HD7.
  • theres no doubt about it the titan2 and the L900 are both terrific but i ended up getting 3 L900's because of color variation screens and style since performance are essentially linear off hand cameras not that bad compared to the 16mp camera of the titan2 so that being said im a happy camper :D
  • Release date in Australia was early
    April and still hasn't happened for both
    of these 7.5 mango superphones.
    I have had a good play with Lumia 800,
    too small and text too faint and not
    4G of course.
    As I'm wanting a replacement for a 3 year
    old digital camera with lots of options, the
    Titan 11 will probably get the money.
    HTC has for some years put a lot of money
    and energy into a number of world beating
    pro cycling teams.
    Not relivant to the subject, but spending big
    money in a tough economic climate means
    the company is prepared to
    take risks to also benefit others. risks that provide mutual benefit.
  • Both phones sure have their pros and cons.
    Both should be viewed as game changers
    for the corporations that develop the software
    and the two that manufacture the handsets.
    Microsoft turned a healthy profit over the last
    quarter, the figures though are small in
    comparison to Apple, set to become before
    years end the first trillion dollar corporation.
    HTC and Nokia posted massive losses for
    the same period.
    As the. vast majority of businesses borth
    large and small use a Windows environment
    and in Australia at least, the 4G network at the
    moment extends 5km out from the CBD in
    each city, then this demographic should be
    heavily marketed and supported.
    'MS Office' is packaged with Mango 7.5
    and this should also be seized upon.
    After all many of us are familiar with Excel,
    Word and Powerpoint.
    I believe there are some 50,000 apps available
    for these latest gen smartphones, something
    also not well known.
    Once these phones are finally released here
    and that should have taken place weeks ago,
    PDA's and many Android tablets will be made
    redundant. My reasoning is portability or
    mobility and who really wants to capture images
    or have a conversation with / through a tablet
    A friend said to me recently that all you need
    currently is a smartphone and a smart Tv with
    decent internet connection for the home.
    For business I would add an all in one desktop
    with an external 4 terrabyte drive and an
    affordable 240 GB sata 3 SSD, running Windows
    7 or soon to be released 8.
  • Call me crazy but this review just seems slightly biased. The camera on the Titan II, arguably it's only meaningful advantage over the Lumia 900, is mention like 6 times. For some reason though, almost all of the factors that favor the Lumia aren't even mentioned.
    No mention at all of battery life (the Lumia's is far better) Only a passing mention of Nokia's exclusive apps, and an attempt is made there just to play them off like apps of equal quality can just be bought on the marketplace (they can't) Nokia Drive for one, absolutely destroys anything else on WP.
    No factoring in of the very significant fact that Nokia is the only OEM that has a 100% commitment to the platform, which means future updates and better support are virtually assured.
    This was pretty much just a review of the Titan's camera with a brief nod to say the Lumia's screen was kind of nice...with the caveat that it's more of a fingerprint magnet and not as good to view outdoors (seems unlikely with the clear black polarization)
    The truth is a software update from Nokia to add some more camera features and do a little better post-correction ala iPhone and the Titan II's one slim advantage might just be erased. 
    A look at the sales numbers in a few months will tell you which is really the better phone.