Poll: Is your Nokia Lumia 900 still having WiFi issues?

Does your Lumia 900's WiFi occasionally go dead?

We're getting a few reports that at least for some users their Lumia 900 behaves a bit oddly on WiFi. The reports vary as to the experience but most of it seems to revolve around the idea that when the device goes to sleep, the WiFi data connection doesn't re-connect properly upon waking.

From one description on Nokia's help forum is thus:

"When my Lumia 900 is connected to my house's WiFi (airport extreme), it will connect fine.  However, when my phone goes to sleep (or when I don't use the connection for awhile), I can't connect to the web even though my phone saids that it is still connected to the network.  It seems like some other people are also having the problem.  http://forums.windowscentral.com/lumia-900-ace/189504.htmSometimes a soft-reset will fix the problem, and sometimes it will take some time before I can browse the web with my WiFi network.  I tested with my other phones / laptops / PDAs, so I am sure that it is not my router's problem."

Others reported the same issue as well even after the latest update. Admittedly we had this problem with our review and purchased units but it seemed to have been fixed with the first patch. However, even our WiFi got a little funky after the latest update just a few weeks ago. It's not an "all the time" bug and it's a bit hard to replicate but we've certainly experienced some odd data issues with our 900, though rare.

So the question for everyone here: do you notice any dropped data issues with your Lumia 900? Is it with WiFi, cellular or both? Take our poll after the break and/or leave a comment. Thanks, səlɹɐɥɔ sɯıs, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Not at the moment.  I was having WiFi issues with my first 900, but I swapped it out for a new one.  No issues since.  However, I haven't used the HotSpot feature on this new phone, and I've read that some people think that causes the WiFi issue.  Not in a real big hurry to test that theory.
  • I had 3G/4G issues when I got my Lumia 900. After the update, no issues at all.
  • No problems with my wife's 900.
  • Actually I never did have any issues. I can say though that it does seem to connect a bit quicker since the update. Completely satisfied with every aspect of my Lumia 900.
  • Im having wifi/data problems on my HTC Rada. If WiFi is on im not able to download picture messages.
  • My htc radar does that to,They didn't fix it since release when i got my phone. i ill never get a HTC Windows Phone again, looks like they aint worried about Windows phone..
  • If you get the get media now message, you may just need to download the connection setup app from the HTC hub, I had the problem with picture messages ran that app and sorted it out, worth a shot.
  • Nope, no problems after the update.
  • No
  • I'm not sure this is limited to only the Lumina 900. Since the most recent update, connectivity on my HD7 doesn't seem quite as rock solid. I used to be able to wander freely and not worry about auto-connecting between home, work, or the other access points I trust. After the latest update, occasionally I find I need to toggle Wi-Fi off and back on to establish a usable connection.
  • Read the title of the article...
  • Read his comment...
    He's suggesting the issue might not be specific to the Nokia 900. Wouldn't everyone want to know that the problem might be bigger than the 900 so it can be resolved more efficiently?
  • Read the title of the article too.
  • I use an HD7, so I was glad to see any additional devices that may be affected... Sometimes I too run across connectivity issues, and it helps to know that you might not be the only one... Although mine are rare, and increasingly infrequent... Pretty sure this article was not intended for 900 users ONLY... (Viewing/Responses, particularly if there are similar issues involved...) Now if it was a Trophy with screen/color issues..... :P
  • I too have issues with my HD7...
    On many occasions I cannot run both Data and Wifi together, most apps have a spas and don't update... So looks like its not only the Lumia but most WP7 phones
  • Get some F****ing manners. At least these people were trying to help out on the actual topic. You're just being an Ass
  • Right on brother!! Tell that troll off!! :P lol
  • No issues here.
  • Never had any problems. I am annoyed though that if two or more networks are available that it can connect to it connects to the networks in alphabetical order, not to the last one you connected too. Not knowing Nokia would do this I foolishly setup my networks years ago using the wrong names.Now I'm constantly having to manually designate the network I want manually each time
  • Not in my case,it usually connects to the last used one or with the strongest signal on my HD7
  • I'm almost always on WiFi, have never had any problems. I've also never used the hotspot feature, for those keeping score.
  • I'm having WiFi issues. I'm having trouble pinning it down to a reproducable scenario.
    Here's what usually happens:
    I have LTE and WiFi. As I'm using it, it will work for an unspecified time (sometimes days, sometimes minutes) before I loose throughput on my WiFi. Meaning, I'll still see LTE and WiFi both have full connection, and all my other WiFi connected devices still work, but the phone it looks like isn't able to complete any request out to the internet. I haven't put a sniffer on my router to see if the phone is actually able to get a request off or not, if anyone else is having the same problems as me and knows how to put a sniffer on their router, they should give this a shot.
    Workaround: Restart Wifi through settings or toggle Airplane mode.
    Notes: I do have Internet sharing on my phone, but I have rarely used it. In this scenario, the internet sharing was off.
  • If u used iinternet sharing for only one time, you have the wifi problems in future.
  • Well that sucks. Is it a Nokia thing or WP OS thing?
  • I disagree with your comment.  I have Internet Sharing capabilities, use it quite frequently, and have not had any WiFi issues.  I have had two instances where Cellular connectivity wouldn't work, but a quick reboot fixed it.  I attributed it to AT&T doing some things in my area around LTE.
  • Your scenario isn't too dissimilar to a common problem on all Windows Phone Mango devices. This certainly isn't the WiFi problem which plagued early L900s before the firmware update.
    Instead of airplane mode, you can also go to Settings, Cellular and toggle data.
    Hopefully this issue will be resolved before Apollo and our existing phones stop getting updates.
  • I have the same issues as you describe and to resolve I do the same, toggle airplane mode, etc and sometimes that does not work and I need to reboot phone.
  • I have the exact same problem, and I don't think its related to the internet sharing feature. 
    My solution : when at home (on wifi) and I lose Connection, I just turn off the cellular data.  But its kindoff anoying.  Hope a new version will fix that! :/
  • I constantly loose LTE for no reason and drop down to faux g. @Nokiacareus said it is due to at&t's network. My WiFi sometimes takes a while to connect(4-10 seconds) when waking from sleep but if I wake my phone after a few seconds WiFi connects in 1-2 seconds. I lose WiFi connection but only when I am in a part of my house that my WiFi signal is weak.
  • I have a Lumia 900.  The only problem I've ever had is when it connects to a freaking "attwifi" network at a Starbucks or something.  I don't know it connected to that, and my connection is horrible (but technically still connected).
    Finally I'll check the wifi connections and disable it at which point LTE takes over no problem.  Once I'm out of range of the "attwifi" network I re-enable it wihtout any issues.
  • AT&T released an update for all of their phones I think in 2011 or 2010 that makes all AT&T phones automatically connect to free at&t WiFi.
  • Not sure about that, doesn't do on my iphone4s? 
  • I had the problem on my Focus, but have not had it on my Lumia 900.
  • Thank goodness I don't have that problem!
    I've already gone over my data plan's allowance, and connect to several WiFi networks throughout the day and do not have any problems after my phone wakes up.
  • No issues at all with my Lumina.
  • Never a problem when there is good cell coverage (work, travel).
    i have 1 bar on at&t. at home and on occasion the wifi stops working when i wake up the phone.
    The instant fix is to turn off "data".
    It makes no sense and hopefully the Tango update (shipping soon apparently) will fix once and for all.
  • My WiFi seems to work as it should on my lumia 900. I have it on and data off when I am at home. I'm on it now in fact.
  • Nokia L900 Problem: when both connections are enabled I get this stuck in limbo issue. And no data will come through, I have to enable one or the other. I've used the app "activenet now" to actually see this issue take place. I already exchange my phone and updated as well, I kinda notice the same issue with my Titan (1). Still love my Nokia!!
  • I had this issue with my Focus but no issues with lumia 900.
  • Slow on WiFi and cellular. Have to turn on and off airplane mode at least once a day to fix.
  • No but I bricked my 900 due to the battery drain issue. Very uncool
  • This issue has gotten so bad on my Quantum that I gave up on WiFi because when it does end up connecting, it's insanely slow. I just use 3G now, always. I wonder if it's a general Mango bug?
  • Had no issues before the update, and had no issues after the update.
  • I have the data connection issue, and not only when using a WiFi connection, with my 3G/4G/LTE too. It always hapen after sleep mode and sometime when I use it (but really rare on those occasions). To fix it, I need to reboot my phone.
  • I have WiFi issues, but not this particular one.
  • When the phone over heats I can't even send text messages... One time I got stuck in the media player back didn't work and the phone wouldn't shut off.
  • Nope
  • I never had an issue with my L900....Texas
  • What phone do you have? My L900 never gets hot
  • No but I still having issues with my 710 losing connection
  • Yes, I've had the same exact problem described in the article.
  • No problems. Neither does my daughter. We have HSPA devices. i.e. is it limited to LTE?
  • hahhah I don't even have an lumia 900 and my windows phone 7.5 WiFi been working fine since I have the phone for 8 months now.
  • Nope
  • Absolutely, my biggest complaint!
  • I still have issues with my lumia 900. Even after the updates. I keep forgetting to wrote them down. But one of them will be the WiFi connection. Sometimes when I go through the apps fast, my phone freezes for a couple of seconds. Sometimes I will also have glitches on my screen.
  • Dude, seems you have very high expectations from a smartphone. 
    I have iphone 4s(considered benchmark by many of you, right?). 
    It also has this kind of intermittent wifi issue(that started recently), also does have
    hanging,app crash,stuttering, lagging, heating and other issues. 
    Some of the issues are rare, but some of them are not rare, but occassional. 
    Bottomline: You will always have some minor things like this going on every phone, no matter
    what OS is it or who made the phone. Only issue is when it becomes too frequent. 
  • No
  • No problem with my 900 in Thailand.
  • Nope. Not me.
  • No issue with my Lumia 900
  • I've never had any problems with this.
  • Daniel, I'm curious, and I don't know if you ever mentioned, but personally, do you prefer Lumia 900 or Titan II overall?
  • He won't say...
  • Never had issues here with all 3 units that I went through.
  • No Wifi issues but I still have the disappearing keyboard issue pretty often.
  • By the time I bought it... It was already fixed... I guess it is cause never had issues.... :dunno:
  • Is this about the bata test Nokia that said they were perfect.......lol they r ! Oh and Dan I had an issue iv never read about with my Nokia lumia 900 it froze one day and the battery showed empty and had a question mark and I couldn't touch the screen but I could use the hard buttons have u heard this problem yet
  • Never seemed to have problems. When the first update came out I couldn't even update the phone, got a error in Zune and had to factory reset the phone to update it. Now I have all kinds of data and WiFi problems. I have to reset the phone on an almost daily basis. Now with the newest update out, I still can't update it because Zune is giving me the same error as before. I do not want to factory reset my phone again since its a pain in the butt to restore all my contacts and settings the way it is right now. There is no help anywhere regarding this error code Zune gives me as well, I've even tried updating on a different PC. This lumia phone is starting to get on my nerves.
  • I've had this issue on my Omnia 7 since upgrading to mango. I turn off data (3g) when I am at home - this solves the issue (untill I go out side WiFi range of course). i do occasionally use internet sharing. I otherwise love Windows phone!
  • Nokia is barely surviving. Now this? And no, I haven't had issues with my 900.
  • Yes, I experience the WiFi drop periodically in my house. This has been happening since day one when the 900first came out. Typically, when this happens I turn off the WiFi and continue on via the cellular network. I also experienced the same issues on the focus s prior to the 900regardless of update level.....
  • As a matter if fact in the time jt took me to write mu last post, I was not able to save my message because of lack of communication the the internet -even though I am showing full WiFi signal in the house. So i just turned off WiFi and was able to post via the cellular network.....
  • Not the lightest issue on my Tango powered German Lumia 900.
  • No issues
  • I like to listen to Tom Leykis via TuneIn on my Lumia 900 when I drive home from work and the one major issue I have with my phone is when I use TuneIn (and some other apps that require data connection), the damn thing drops the connection like crazy, be it WIFI or  4G / LTE! Ive also seen where the phone goes into that no sim card detected mode for a few seconds. Its really driving me crazy! When Im driving its on 4G or LTE and itll cut out sporadically. Sometimes it plays fine for the entire trip home, most of the time though, it doesnt! Whats worse is when I carpool with my coworker, my phone keeps dropping the connection, but his iphone 4s doesnt drop the signal at all! Were both on ATT service so its not the connection. Its really annoying, especially when theyre talking about something really good on the tom leykis show.... Other than that, Ive had my phone freeze once or twice, but aside from that its been great! Even with these issues, im still glad I ditched my iphone for my L900
    EDIT: Forgot to mention, even at home, connected to wifi, when the phone sleeps, it drops connection, EVERY DAMN TIME!
  • No problems with my 900
  • On my HD7 I also have issues. There are other forums that also discuss this. I think the problem started when I started using shared internet connectivity. Now it is still there although I did not use this function anymore. I got the tip that it usually happens when both cellular network and WiFi are turned on at the same time. I can confirm that. As soon as I turn off cellular data or WiFi thr other connection works fine.
    Interesting enough when using shared internet I had to keep the connection busy by sending pings. Otherwise the connection dropped after some time of inactivity and the only way to be able to connect to the phones WiFi was to reboot the phone. Maybe this is somehow related to the first issue.
  • No no no :)
  • Yes, I'm on my third Lumia 900 (don't ask), and the only nagging issue after the recent firmware update seems to be when WiFi and Cell Data are on at the same time. Things seem to be much better when either one OR the other are on, but not both at the same time. I have installed the app "Toggle" very recently which allows fast access to Wifi and Cell data settings and it lets me toggle both (one "on" one "off") rather quickly.
  • I had issues until I set the APN to isp.Cingular Settings->cellular
    click 'add apn'
    Set to ISP.Cingular
    Click checkmark to save...
  • No issues with my hd7
  • It happens with my HD7... I have to shut down the WiFi and the it back on or shut the phone off and back on again..
  • I pretty much have this problem on my Omnia 7, and only a hard reset/taking out the battery and replacing it seems to fix the issue. In a way I'm kind of glad to know it's not just my phone, giving me a strange reassurance that it's not broken.
  • I have the same issue on my HTC Titan I and I tried restarting the phone every time until I read that some devices have issues using WiFi .and 3G at the same time. What I do is when at home I turn cellular data off and use only WiFi. It works all the time but is not how it should be. One thing I noticed is that after a factory reset, the problem went away. So I'm not sure if this might be related to a dodgy app.
  • They say 3rs times a charm. This is my third one and its working perfect. No connection problem. Only mad at At&t for slowing down my 4g after 5000mbs
  • No
  • I constantly have WiFi issues, even though my 900 appears to be connected to WiFi i will randomly drop all data connectivity, web sites,emails,marketplace etc. I've found it so annoying that I've turned my wifi off unless I am in am area with no data coverage
  • This is my second 900 and I still have WiFi issues, even connecting to at&t's WiFi. My wife's 900 works great. I have been chewing up my 5gig data plan quickly and am very annoyed. I love the phone besides this issue and will stick it out until I replace it with a windows phone 8 hardware this fall.
  • I have the same issue on Samsung Omnia7
  • I have a problem when I make a call it doesn't connect it happens when I haven't made a call for a few hrs. The other party connects but I can't hear them nor can they hear me and I'll call back 2 or 3x and then it connects ... A little annoying but I thinks its at&t..
  • I've got an HTC 7 Pro, and have found that OCCASIONALLY it'll go through a period of a few days when it'll connect to wifi but refuse to actually transfer any data through it. It'll have a good strong connection but web pages will simply fail to load, and the marketplace will just stare at me.
    I suppose this is an entirely separate issue, though, no?
  • I have issues with WiFi all the time...even after all the updates. I have found that when I'm having issues with WiFi working that if I turn off my cellular data....then WiFi works like a charm. So I do that everyday when I get home...only problem is then I miss all voicemails and mms since they rely on cellular data. Kind of a pain.
  • Same here, its good to know I'm not only customer experiencing the issue.
  • Never had a WiFi issue on my Lumia 900 or Focus =)
  • I'm still experiencing connection issue on my Lumia 900 after the first patch. I can not have WiFi connection bad Cell Data on simultaneously. It will work at first nut after going to sleep and waking up, my connection is super slooowww, you can say not working. I would have to disable my Cell data or WiFi to fix it. I gotten use to it but hope it gets fix.
  • Used to have the same problem with my LG Optimus 7. Doesn't happen on my HTC Titan. Wonder if the LG and the Nokia use the same WiFi chip, different from the HTC?
  • The problem tested its ugly head just the other day. I was on WiFi watching YouTube when I got a text from at&t saying that I burned through 65% of my allotted data. I checked to see if my WiFi connection was still there. Indeed it was. I was pissed if you can imagine.
  • This issue has been discussed at length on Nokia's support forums:
    Still no resolution for me and many other users.
  • I've noticed to connection problem a lot, only on WiFi but not from home. The only reason I notice it is because metro radio will stop playing and I have to shut down phone to get connection again. My fix is to turn WiFi off and run on LTE. It usually only happens on the free public WiFi signals. I've been blaming the bad WiFi, never suspected it could be my phone.
  • My 900 is connected to WiFi all day at work and at home and it never drops. Works fine but this is my third 900. I had issues with messages not coming to my phone and the hardware buttons not working properly but now everything is fine
  • This looks to be related to http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/winphone/forum/wp7-wppics/wp75-chooses-data-connection-over-wifi/9a618d7b-6ac9-4c43-8181-28482fb207b6   Where the issue is described as Windows Phone not using the WiFi connection  but the Data connection instead. There are 2 conditions where you actually notice the issue. 1. When your Data conneciton is really slow (otherwise you just think it is using Wifi, but it is not) 2. you have used Internet Sharing at least once (somehow screwing up your connection profile. The lengthy thread also described the issue is known to Microsoft without knowing where and when a fix rolls out (Concerning to hear this on Nokia 900, which is running Tango right, that would mean this is not fixed in Tango) I had this on my Omnia 7 after "hakcing" internet sharing onto it. to get rid of it, I reset to factory, without Internet sharing and havent seen the issue since. My Wife has this on a Trophy, which has Internet Sharing and we used it. A tool like WinPHone Info can help you determine what the "Current Interface Type" is, so that you can see if you actually have the problem (you might not experience it if Data is really fast).
  • Had the Wifi Issue before the update.
  • My girl has the Lumia 900 (Black) no issues at all, with anything actually.
  • No issue for me
  • None here
  • I had this exact issue with my LG Optimus 7. So far so good with my Lumia 900.
  • No Wi-fi problems with our 3 Lumia 900's.
  • Personally I never get dropped on my wp, but it happens all the time on my ipad2.
  • Same problems. Sometimes have to turn the phone off. When wifi on, even in free range, slows/stops lte.
  • I've never had WiFi issues with my Lumia 900. It has other issues though... :( camera button doesn't wake it like it is supposed to (like other WP devices), and the volume levels are completely messed up. I'm giving Nokia faith to get the volume item fixed, but I almost returned it and picked up a Titan II instead because of that alone.
  • Man I hate that.  I used to love being able to wake my phone up and go right into Camera Mode.  ...
    I just checked it and it works now.  There's a setting in Settings >>> Application >>> Camera  where you can enable and disable "press and hold camera button to wake up phone.
  • Never had issues with my Titan... but with my Lumia... when it goes to sleep... it's almsost like it disconnects from the fastest network and wait... when I wake the phone I usually have to wait 5-10 seconds before I can go to a website or something.  Very annoying.
  • My wifi seems sometimes like it is a little slow to reconnec to Wifi but it never doesn't reconnect.
    Last weekend I was in Vegas and the 3G/EDGE networks were completely jammed for both my iPhone and Lumia even though both were getting full signal.  I tried LTE and it would not work at all, while still showing full signal.  I didn't know that many people had LTE on AT&T already for it to also be jammed. 
  • So, I'm on my 3rd 900 (one one day one replacement and one that was my fault), while my girlfriend is on her second. My first two had the wi-fi issue (that was before the latest update) while my third does not or rarely does. My girlfriend never had a problem with the first, but her second does have the issue when it wakes from sleep.
  • No problems with our Lumia 900's (we have two). I initially had the problem with one, but the update fixed it.
  • I still have issues after the latest firmware update. But this is when the issues happen. First off, I have a hidden SSID using WPA2 security. I have seen the following behavior when I use it. Plugged into the AC power, I have lost connectivity with Data connection and WIFI on after being asleep...When I switch off the Wifi, it works. To get the wifi to work consistantly I have to turn off the data connection. When I leave the data connection off, I am able to surf via Wifi in the evening and in the morning as well, leaving the phone plugged into power overnight.
    It seems like there is a conflict on where data flows(or doesn't) when you have power and wifi/data on at the same time.  I believe I haven't had the issue with the phone off a/c power... only while plugged in. It is like the phone doesn't stay connected with it goes to sleep while plugged in, and doesn't try (because it doesn't think it needs to) to reconnect to Wifi. But this only happens when the 3g/4g connection is turned on.... doesn't make sense!
  • Yes, WiFi is on but quits transmitting data. Very annoying. Even though I love the build quality of my 900 I am having a hard time seeing myself buying another Nokia if this problem doesn't get fixed. I never had WiFi problems with my focus, so it has to be hardware driven.
  • I don't have any problems on my Lumia 900 with the wi-fi. I do have a problem with the service though. It always says no service where my service providers name should be. Tried switching it off and on again and it comes back for a while then goes again. I even switched service providers coz I thought it was them but it's still the same. Does anybody else have this problem?
  • I think the issue her is with Att lte.. The problem I noticed is when I'm checking in with foursquare.. Sometimes my l900 says location can't be found.. My 710 worked perfectly with tmo... Oh well...
  • No issues, two weeks on :)
    Now if this was a poll about the Focus S WiFi...
  • Nope
  • For those of you having this problem I would recomend changing your WiFi mode of the AP you are connecting to, to B/G or G only and see if it clears up.  I had mine intially set to N only and I think I was having the problem you guys are seeing/experiencing here.  Once I changed it to G only the problem completely dissapeared.  Now, I realize the WiFi Radio in the 900 is 'N' but I wonder if if some earlier home Router/AP's that were using a Draft N standards are the culprit as they don't conform to the official IEEE standard that I'd assume the WiFi Radio in the 900 does?  I have two dual-band AP's in my home so I keep the 5GHz on N and the 2.4GHz on G and have seen no problems since making the change.
  • When connected to WiFi and Cell Data is ON I lose Data Connectivity...
    If I turn Cell Data OFF... WiFi Data works perfectly.
    I have made it a habit to use ConnectivityShortcuts to toggle these setting when I need to switch between WiFi and Cell Data.
    This problem occurs on ANY WiFi network while Cell Data is enabled.
  • It's a nice phone, very sexy as phones go but, it's loaded with bugs... It just seems that for all the good I read, there is almost as many issues.
    No wonder why Verizon wont get it :(
  • I never had any notable WiFi issues until the recent update. Now I have some along with some random reboots as a bonus. Plus the issues with tue capacitive buttons remain.
  • I do have dropped and slow Wifi re-connection when the screen locks.  I really wish the Lumia had the option to turn off the screen lock like HTC Titan.  I contacted Nokia about this - it was one reason for me to switch from Focus in the first place - and they explained the Lumia originally had this feature but it was changed to a max of 5 minutes with one of the first updates.  Hopeful the "never" option returns with a future update...
  • Never had an issue with Wi-Fi on my Lumia 900.  Weirdness. 
  • Never noticed any data issues, but I've only had my 900 for a couple weeks and I'm not an intense data user. If my WiFi comes and goes I probably wouldn't notice so long as my emails make it in to me. 
    The Camera and Speaker however suck giant donkey balls. 
  • Just purchased a white Lumia 900. I'm having problems when I press the power button for the phone to sleep. The wifi seems to d/c or become idle or something and so only when turn it back on I get all my notifications (whatsapp,emails,fbchat etc). I haven't updated anything yet since I only JUST purchased it. Any recommendations?