Nokia Lumia 920 footage during live concert captures amazing video and audio

While we’ve shot video on the Nokia Lumia 920 a few times under somewhat ideal conditions e.g. quiet, well lit, there’s a good argument to be made that we haven’t seen too many “real world” examples.

From our Lumia 920 forums, member ‘mercilesskiller’ posted this YouTube video clip of a Seether concert at the Manchester Academy 2, Manchester UK. While the clip is only 58 seconds long and shot in 720P (the Lumia 920 can be bumped to 1080P), the result is quite stunning...

For one, the image quality is near perfect with very well balanced light. Obviously optical image stabilization (OIS) is playing a big part in keeping things non-shaky. But perhaps the biggest surprise was the audio quality. Anyone who has ever attempted to record audio at a concert knows how difficult it can be, with the most common result being distortion from the extremely high volume. Yet the Lumia 920 handles it near flawlessly. We’re seriously impressed with the audio fidelity here as the song is clear and distortion free. Truly remarkable stuff.

That great audio is most likely due to the reported inclusion of three high quality Rich Recording microphones. As we wrote earlier on the emerging audio technology:

"The 'High Amplitude Audio Capture' (or HAAC for short) microphones are able to record a broader range of frequencies than standard microphones. HAAC microphones reach 140 dB, which is a significant increase against traditional microphones. This leads to clearer audio being recorded with less distortion."

Indeed, that is exactly what this sounds like.

Pro-tip: If there was one area that could be improved it would be to turn off continuous auto-focus (CAF) in the Video settings, as pointed out in comments.  The CAF is a very useful tool but it can be distracting too, such as in the case where the camera is constantly hunting to find the right balance. But since this is a stage set quite far back, the camera could ideally focus once and be okay, which is why disabling CAF in this environment could actually improve the video experience.

Have you recorded some outstanding video with the Lumia 920? Or even just your Windows Phone? Make sure you share with others in the forums and get your credit.

via: Windows Phone Central Forums

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice video
  • - Is the camera on tripod?
    - NO, its Nokia Lumia 920 with OIS
    - Oh....?!.....
    Point is, look how steady video is lol
  • What? He already said it was nice... Or was there some creative censoring at work? :P
  • What isn't immediately obvious from the video is that the guy is actually in the middle of a moshpit while this video is being taken. ;)
  • Nice to see. Took my lumia 900 to Alestorm and Epica a few weeks ago and was quite disappointed. The video was grainy and the concert overwhelmed the recording capabilities rendering an unintelligible rumble.
  • ALESTORM!!!!  Yar! Love those guys.
  • I still have wenches and mead stuck in my head :)
  • I'm surprised by what the mics pick up without distortion
  • Exactly what came to my mind!!
  • Respect, really good quality for a rock performance recorded in the darkness on a mobile.
  • And apparently the 920s camera is a gimmick..... Hmmm.... This proves the opposite!
  • Look at those silly applephones
  • The 920 is so much better at picking up audio than the 900. Used my 920 to record some Dethklok at their concert in Chicago last weekend. Very loud and the 920 picked it up just fine, while my ears are still ringing four days later.
  • Love Dethklok...amazing in concert.
  • That's sweet! They are never in STL.
  • Yea I tried recording some Gojira and many others at Heavy T.O. with my Lumia 900 a couple months back, and the sound was just rumbles and hisses. The video itself looked pretty darn good though, minus the instability/rockiness. This video from the 920 on the other hand is absolutely incredible in every way, for a phone camera especially.
  • Had the same problem at alestorm and epica
  • That sounds amazingly good.
  • this is better than that metal video someone else posted.  Wish we could tell how far back the viewer was from the stage, to get an idea of the zoom capabilities (or not).
  • Really bad video captured by iPhone 5:
    Here's an HD iPhone 4S video for comparisson (crazier lights after 3:12)
    And here's another video filmed in HD with an iPhone 5:
  • Wow! That's horrible!
  • It was terrible!
  • I didn't think the first two were bad, but the last one...yea, that sucked. I thought the audio was fine too. Am I missing something? I wasn't crazy over the Seether video.
  • What bad about these? Im impressed!
    That Muse-concert is also much bigger and louder than the Seether-gig.
  • I went to a concert just yesterday with my Lumia 900; took videos like if it was the end of the world only to get home and find out that the audio sounded like crap. Today you post this? Damn you WPCentral, damn you! Is like of you are laughing at me.
  • I'm laughing too!  
  • Laugh it up!, lol
  • Wow. So great...especially from a phone. Now I want to walk up to Sunset Blvd to see ANY show just so I can record some clips.
  • A leftover Nirvana grunge clone of a band. But the audio and video was great.
  • Awesome quality, indeed! Very impressive!
  • Lol u can see the shitty quality phones up front
  • Focus was amazing at concerts. It looked much better than that, and I go to crazy EDM shows with tons of strobes and lasers. I can't wait to get my 920 to some shows...
  • Hi guys, check out my 1080p video from the Vans Warped Tour - it's shaky because I have unsteady hands lol! but it's decent quality and it was pretty dark there but still got great quality

  • Don't see how the quality can be amazing if it's not even in stereo
  • To what benefit? That makes no sense. Stereo recording works if you have two microphones separated enough from each other so that it can better ascertain certain audio qualities not detectable by mono recording. How are you to do that on a phone and actually have it make a difference? It's like saying "I want Dolby Digital my headphones!". it completely misunderstands sound theory.
  • The Dolby headphone technology does virtualize 7.1 surround sound as does beats as well so it is possible.
  • Still, how can you expect worthwhile stereo recording from a phone, where two recording mic's would be at MOST half a foot apart (that's being quite generous)...? It's just completely redundant, and in no way would it be better than a mono recording from the same device.
  • +1
  • Well, lets use two phones, I will write an app that will use BlueTooth so the phones can be connected together but can distance itself from each other for better Stereo Imaging and record in Stereo using both phones as left and right channels and the Video File with stereo sound goes directly to SkyDrive for download? :) Uhm nope sorry my code writing for WP is not that good yet. :D
  • Virtualization is a marketing gimmick.
  • turtle beach has been making money off of it for years. and as far as i can tell, they're doing it right. I wouldn't exactly call it a gimmick. But then again everyone loves beats and yet an audiophile would never go near them...
  • Daniel,
    Have you heard the difference between HAAC recording capabilities of the Nokia 808 PureView (stereo) and the Lumia 920 (mono)?
    The difference will surely make you change your opinion. I've heard it. Having stereo recording capability on the phone is a significantly noticeable difference.
  • I'm sorry to have to burst your bubble here, but most gigs like these are mixed in Mono for a number of reasons, the terrible accoustics of most venues being one and mono will transfer way more energy at less volume. What you may perceive as 'stereo' imaging usually is just reflections, general time alignment errors in Line Array or multiple stack setups or a slight processing of the mono signal from the desk.
    For all intends and purposes Stereo imaging in cases like these is next to pointless and is way too much work to get right so it's just not worth the effort and time to setup. Also and as indicated the distance between microphones on a phone is simply too narrow to provide proper imaging anyway.
    So there. And yes, having done live sound for well over 25 years I consider myself qualified to judge.
    Oh and also, getting 7.1 Dolby from two speakers which are less then an inch from your ears is physically impossible, they can trick you into thinking you can, but you can't.
  • Every camcorder I've ever had recorded in stereo.
  • Actually it records the same signal twice, two mic capsules less then an inch apart will not record a proper stereo image.
    But this is getting off topic and a pointless discussion.
  • No. It wasn't dual mono. It It was 2 channels, a left and right channel. Not the same channel split.
  • What he's saying is that because they are so close together they are virtually recording the same thing.
  • Well.... We'll see how my Lumia 920 holds up when i go to ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013!!!
    That's the true test. Womp womp womp....
  • Another iPhone 5 video for comparisson -- Yeah, I'm a Muse fan. :-)
  • The video is horrible it's not worth watching. Crap, Crap, Crap
  • Remember when recording concerts was illegal?
    That video was absolutely stunning.  I put in one earbud just to check it out, and had to put in the other one just to confirm what i was hearing was truly that remarkable.
  • Video is steady, and the sound is good, but man, it seems to have trouble focusing....impressive for a smartphone camera, but mind blowing.......not quite
  • Read the rest of the post... I clearly address that, explain it and even mention how it can be avoided.
  • Well as far as I know spotlights can be extremely difficult to properly capture for camera's (certainly tiny phone ones) since the high intensity of the light and in general a great spread and depth. Would switching off the auto-focus acutally work against spotlights? I think it would just appear blury still due to all the intense lights.
  • wow, so defensive
  • Seriously if u want a 3D Hi Def camera go work for a tv network. This blows away every smart phone concert footage I have ever recorded.
  • To be fair, I own a couple of high end mirrorless camera known for their great video (Olympus EM-5 for one) and if you don't disable C-AF as suggested in the article, this is exactly what will happen.
  • Fantastic can't wait to get my hands on my 920 !!!!!!!!
  • I tried using my son's 920 at an Alice Cooper concert this weekend, but pretty much everythign is a big blob of white due to the lights ont he stage, what settings shoudl one use to both take pictures and videos under such a scenario?
  • That's an incredible camera. But it doesn't change the fact that it's a douche move to film a concert with your phone. 
    Seriously. Stop doing it. 
  • Lame comment.
  • "But it doesn't change the fact that it's a douche move to film a concert with your phone. "
    Says who? Lots of shows allow open recordings these day. Who are you to say otherwise?
  • Says someone that is sane enough to enjoy the concert, not checking a camera every second. 
    That aside, VERY impressive recording abilities for the L920. 
  • Says the person person standing behind you, who's being forced to watch the concert on your (very impressive) screen. It's not a question of "allowed,' it's a question of courtesy.
    (Sorry for the tangent, by the way. I really am glad that this person recorded the concert so that I got to see the camera in action.) 
  • I live recording bits of a concert to expose friends to a live show, to taunt friends who had to work, or just because I want to show people how close / far away whatever I was.
  • Wish I had my 920 for Slipknot a couple of months ago
  • ROCK ON!! lol i wanna see them live
  • So maybe the Lumia 920 will come to T-Mobile subsidized after the 60 day ATT exclusive? Either way I'm waiting to see if it will or I'll get it unlocked if nothing comes out. This is THE phone to have.
  • Its 6 months not 60 days
  • For What was Nokia thinking! Are you sure it's not 60 days of exclusivity? Well then.....I guess I'm saving up to get one off contract.
  • positive, 6 month exclusivity period for att
  • Unbelievable! Nokia dropped the ball on this one. They created the phone everyone wanted and limited it(in the US at least) to one stinking carrier. Well I still want
  • I can testify the audio and video is amazing... Went to a concert (Rock, Hip Hop and then some Dubstep) and it reproduced all three genres pretty good... I will upload the videos to youtube to you guys can see...
    [UPDATE] Here are the uploaded videos... [Rock/Alterative] [Hip Hop] [Dubstep]
    These were taken all on the same night and were recorded @ 1080p... Enjoy!
  • Wow that's impressive
  • pretty 8x does quite a nice job too ;) trans-siberian orchestra:  
  • Test
  • Received.
  • Test fail :)
  • I gave a friend my 920 to video my band last wekend and for some reason there were skips/missing frames. I dont know why as I had recorded previously fine and since. When I have a chance I am going to try and reproduce the problem.  Maybe there was something running in the background eating memory or I had calls coming in that effected it. As I wasnt the one recording it I dont know.
  • Just turned the CAF off on my 920. Is that the only way to focus though? Seems like if that is not on then I can't manually focus on anything. I half click the button down and nothing changes...?
  • Tap screen to focus, but it will take the photo
  • Right, in picture mode, but I'm talking video mode. If you turn off Continuous Auto Focus, then it never focuses. It just is focused...
  • Can't wait to try this on Muse next Feb.
  • Awesome, which city? I'll be trying the same in NYC. 
  • That is some seriously good phone video. (Can't wait to get my 920 on Australian release day)
  • The clip was awesome, but audience seemed sedated. Going to need an app for that :)
  • Any way to test it against wind sound,you know, where you hang it out of a train window to catch the rhythm of the wheels but at the same time avoid the wind sound.
  • Holy shit. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these amazing phones. Hurry up & make more Nokia, and take my money! Haha.
  • Judging from all the Youtube live videos, this video is mighty impressive. We know video capturing with OIS will be good but most of all there isn't much distortion with the SOUND. WOW. 
  • When you said "stunning" did you mean "blurry".    The color reproduction is cool but is it me or does the autofocus keep readjusting which seems to make the whole video blurry
  • Read the entire post.
  • Recently went to a wiz khalifa concert here in san Jose. I had an 8x with me and my fiance had her L920. We both shot video and I of course started to compare exact same shots. Both stills and video. There were pros and cons of each for the stills. However the video, knees down goes to the Lumia 920. We also shot video with an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5 we were there with other folks. Just didn't compare. By the end of the night I was shaking the L920 just to see how far I could go with the OIS. She ended up sharing her videos with them so that they could post it on their social networks. Almost wish there was a watermark.
  • Pretty good quality video, but it's too bad Seether went to crap after Karma and Effect.
  • NICE! finally something that can compete with the iPhones audio. I would love to test this at Ultra music fest in March, some dubstep and trance would push the limit :) my Evo LTE records amazing, and i mean absolutely amazing, but once that bass drops the audio just boom! horrible :(
  • Compared to the 808 sound quality, this is disappointing, guys must definitely check some of the concerts recorded with the 808, you will agree with me.
    I presume that the hardware is similar to that in the 808 but only mono is enabled in this firmware.
    I hope Nokia will enable recording in Stereo just like in the 808.
  • I'm highly impressed(by the video, not that shit band)! I normally go to metal and rock concerts, the quality to distortion that is presented would normally destroy the mix on my phone, hence why I'm impressed with the quality of video and sound the 920 recorded. I was go into wait til Verizon finally got their effin 922, but I'm going over to shit&t. Oh well, the price I pay for a top tier phone.
  • I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, but this concert video recorded with a Nokia Lumia 920 makes me want to try ;-).
  • Nokia Rich recording compared to Galaxy SII and Iphone 4s and a DLSR:
  • I recorded footage at a Flo Rida concert last weekend on my 920. Footage came out pretty damn amazing for a smartphone camera. The only problem was the phone doggedly refused to keep the shot in focus, resulting in most of my footage coming out really blurry. :(
  • Wow.