Nokia Lumia 920 rendering

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Update: An image of the wireless charging stand has now leaked as well. Image after the break.

With the Nokia Windows Phone 8 event only two days away, we're seeing a few more rumors surface on the Lumia 920. We've already seen renderings of the rumored device along with speculation that the new Nokia Windows Phone will have Pureview camera technology.

The latest rumors have the 920 fitted with 32GB of storage and have wireless charging capability. Neither are too much of a stretch with many wishing existing Lumia Windows Phones had the 32GBs of storage.

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The wireless charging pad for the new Lumias

The wireless conductive charging will be accomplished by placing a magnetic strip down the back of the phone. The 920 will reportedly support the Q1 wireless power standard and be compatible with chargers such as the Duracell Powermat. Similar technology existed with the Palm TouchStone charger and was even hacked onto a Lumia 800 back in April.

Both the 32GBs of storage and wireless conductive charging would be welcomed features to the Lumia 920. We'll be at the Nokia event in New York on Wednesday when all the speculation and rumors should come into better focus.

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