Like electricity? Hack wireless charging on to your Nokia Lumia 800

If you have a few minutes you can watch the video above of reader Oli Gill bravely modifying his Nokia Lumia 800 to enable wireless charging ala Palm/HP and their Touchstone charger.

There is no doubt that any of us, especially with the more high-end Lumia 900 would love to have this feature in our Nokia Windows Phone. In fact, we wonder if and when Nokia will take the big plunge and be the first Windows Phone OEM to do this officially. After all, if there was one hardware company that could do this on a wide scale it'd be Nokia (though HTC and Samsung are fully capable too).

We're not going to lie though, this mod is quite advanced and we're pretty sure we won't have the time or skills to do this. But we also know a lot of our audience is highly educated and love to do things like this, so for you folks, here you go!

Oh and Oli, if you ever want to start a small side business, we're sure many of us would gladly send you our Lumias to have this warranty-voiding hack. Anyone else?

Thanks, Oli, for the tip and video

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Sick! First comment. :-)
  • I would. Absolutely!
  • I feel a run on palm touchstones coming...
    Anyway, great job Oli and I look forward to the detailed directions... Maybe, I'll try it myself.
  • My word that's something I will pay much for.
  • Dang it. I have three touchstones from my old pre and no Nokia phone. Dang sprint.
  • I feel your pain...
  • +1 bump for your pain - I've got three Touchstones as well...not-so-lol...I miss being able to use them as well as "swipe up to close" for apps (using the back button five-six times just isn't as elegant/efficient a process)...
    Would love to see a manufacturer build this into their next lines of WPs...HTC? Nokia? You guys listening? You have customers that want to spend money on an accessory (hint, hint)...And while you're at it, can you include wireless bluetooth music transmission a la the latest version of the Touchstone for the Pre3 :)
  • This was posted a few weeks ago, should alleviate any fears :)
  • Awesomeness
  • I would love this capability as well.
  • It's rad and I'd love it, but it won't remove the need for USB cable as he claims since you'll still need it for updates. It gets us closer, though, for sure!
  • Tesla > Edison...
  • Of course! Have you check out Warehouse 13? There are heavy Tesla references in the show - quite entertaining, too.
  • Off topic, but where do you download that diagnostic app he is using. Is it an official Nokia app? Since getting my NL900 and reading this site in the last month, it isn't the first time I've seen this app either. Is it NL800 exclusive or Europe only?
  • Go to the dial pad, type ##634#
  • Try dialing ##634# on your Lumia ;-)
  • Oh, that's awesome! Thanks, Daniel and Mike. I was stumped not seeing this in the marketplace. Any other similar tricks or tips for the Lumia? If there isn't already an article (link please), Daniel, it could make for a good one... ;)
  • And you now know how to get in and change the battery if neceessary
  • Omg, so nice, glad I still have my Pre and Touchstone.
  • Can it be done for the L900 ? Or is just the 800 ?
    I watched the fast video, it's not any easy project. I wonder what other phones this could be applied to. Maybe some HTC phones or other models ?
  • If you do a quick google/youtuve search for "inductive charging phone mod" you will get lots of results. Watch the disassembly video i linked in the description, its not that hard as long as you do it all in the right order.
    My guess is it can be done on the 900 easier than the 800 due to there being more size to play with.
  • I hope that Nokia makes an inductive charger for their phones. I loved the Palm Touchstone.
  • Taking apart and soldering? Not really bothered.
    Cutting apart the frame? Pass :(
  • Not for me But it's very cool.. I would be to worried that I would mess it up, and be left with nothing of a device.
  • IT would be cool if Nokia would include this feature in furture models. As cool as it is, I need my phone for work. I can't risk a accident.
  • I did this to my trophy. It was a lot easier and less scary...
  • This is the one and only thing I miss from my Palm pre.
  • This just made me even more sad webOS devices are discontinued :(
    But, the TS is one of the things keeping me on my Pre2. It's way too convinent to have one installed in the car and at home to not have. This is totally cool though, glad to see someone made it work.
    Question: Does WP7 have an Exhibition mode like webOS? Wherein that when the phone is being charged, in this case on the Touchstone, it can show things like a clock or slideshow of photos?
  • He doesn't show the wiring from the coil to the usb port :(
    I'm going to try this on a Lumia 710, so far it works through the backcover without requiring anything more than removing the thin black foam, but that was the easy part, now I need to know the wiring to the usb port.
  • Why waste the electricity :(