Nokia: Lumia 920 heading to Vodafone and O2 in Ireland this coming Friday

The Lumia 920 is on its way to Ireland, according to a tweet published by Nokia. The Windows Phone 8 device is set to be available later this week on both Vodafone and O2. Vodafone previously published a Lumia 920 support page, which led us to assume the handset would be picked up by the network.

On a rather humorous note, O2 Ireland has the Lumia 820 listed as coming soon with an image of the Lumia 920 as a placeholder. Whether the mobile operator is also expecting to stock the Lumia 820 as well as the 920, we're not quite sure at this point in time.

Vodafone doesn't have the flagship Nokia Windows Phone listed on its website yet. Be sure to keep an eye out at your local stores and the website on Friday.

Source: Twitter (Nokia); thanks, Dave, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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