Nokia Lumia 928 available on Verizon website, black variant shipping May 20th

Verizon Wireless has the Lumia 928 listed as available on its online store. The new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia is listed for $99, when taken out with a two-year contract. The white version of the Lumia 928 is ready to order, while the black will start shipping on May 20th.

Nokia announced the new Windows Phone at its event in London and we've had some hands-on time with the Verizon-exclusive Lumia. So will you be picking one up?

Source: Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab); thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • Awesome! Buying this phone when I get my upgrade in July :D
  • Your gonna luv it!!!
  • +1
  • When is it available for in store purchase??
  • Picked mine up today in white.  Black wasn't available in my store.
  • Cool! I wonder how many others got one..
  • Same here. Got my white one yesterday, no black variant in the store. Having issues with the $25 GC though :(
  • I just came from my Verizon store and they had it. They have the 8x, ativ, and the 928... No 822. I asked them about the 822 and they said they were not selling that anymore, at least in that store.
  • I thought the 822 was a top seller. Maybe they pulled it because of the 928.. IDK.. Where are you located?
  • Verizon has an option to where you can buy a phone and pay it off in monthly payments up to 12 months I believe. I might take advantage of this :D
  • i hope so i will be going this weekend to try to see if my store has the phone so i can check it out ill be asking about the device payment plans. if its $500 it shouldnt take no time to pay that off
  • From what I've read about that you have go to a Verizon store to be able to do that. There are supposedly no option online for it.
  • To my knowledge, you are correct. I hate going into corporate stores, they barely know what a Windows Phone is :(
  • I know somebody that went to their local Verizon store and found out that if have had a late payment and had your service interrupted because of it recently you are not eligible for the device payment plan. I'm going to wait til Monday to get mine since that is when the back one is suppose to be in then.
  • I think I'd go with the white version personally. I have the black HTC 8X and I'm wanting a change.
  • The associate that helped me purchase my 928 today had the HTC 8X. Also asked him how the new BB was selling. He said it just sits there. ;-)
  • Yeah, the Best Buy I was at around 2 weeks after the Z10 launched was getting a few returned lol.
  • Picked up the white one yesterday from the Microsoft Store. So far I love it. 
  • Is there double tap? OS version number?
  • No double tap to wake, it is the current OS version (8.0.10211.204). 
  • Stopped by my local store yesterday and the sales guys didn't seem to know when they would have it.  Said "possibly by the end of the month". 
    When you release a hot new phone and tell everyone it will be available on a certain day, don't they pre-ship them to the stores?  I was hoping they would tell me they had 20 of them in the back and I just needed to show up in the morning and get one.
    I might order online, but was hoping to have it in my sweaty hands today!
  • That's what happened to me when I had my Trophy the day it came out they said they don't have it in stores. When the guy at Verizon was ordering it he said you shouldn't get one and get an IPhone instead.
  • that's what the idiots at my store tried to get me to do when i bought my trophy. i told them to buzz of and give me the damn trophy. they even had a guy come over to try and tell me features of other phones to convince me to get something other than the trophy.  was so rude. said they didn't want me to return it because then they would pay a restocking fee. i was like i know more about these phones than you, give me the trophy lol.
  • When I got my 8x, I showed up right when the VZW store opened, but had to come back after 3:00 when the UPS truck brought the shipment.
  • At my local store, yesterday, they said that they weren't getting any for stock - they said that it had to be ordered and they thought that this was the case at most locations. I don't know if this was just some misguided closing technique or if it was the truth, but I ordered anyway (should be here later today and I had a $25 off coupon valid at that location). 
  • So, my phone is in... but I can't pick it up quite yet because it's not in their POS so they can't actually recieve it in to inventory and, in turn, sell it to me. Way to be prepared, VZW. 
  • Just ordered mine in white from Verizon!
  • Btw, I used before buying from vzw to get up to almost $40 cash back for my purchase
  • Black is delayed?
    What kind of black magic treachery is this?
  • +1 for this comment!
  • I already bought my HTC 8x and stuck in the contract :-( is the cost off contract for Nokia be $500 ?
  • yes... you can try tradiing in your phone at MS stores. it may be cheaper.. or better sell it in ebay. you may get more.
  • rmichael75: I looked at the ms store website, couldn't really find any buy back options :(
  • It was $549 at the Microsoft Store off-contract. Got $25 off with Bing Rewards. 
  • Great! Thanks guys..i will definitely explore some more!
  • They had it listed for $499.99 (off contract) on the Verizon web site.
  • Wow, big launch, right? /s
  • Seriously. WTF. It's like they don't even want this phone but are being forced to offer it under some prior contractual obligation with Nokia or MS. I wish Verizon would pull the giant stick out of their ass. Even news sites seem to be ignoring this device and focusing on the 925. There's a really weird vibe around this phone.
  • I know it does not support wireless charging but does anyone know if Nokia already has a cover that will provide wireless charging?  I feel like I saw something for the 925 but not mentioned for the 928.
  • I believe that it has it built in, you just need to buy the wireless pad station thing
  • It is built in. The 925 is the one that doesn't have it unless you get the cover.
  • The 928 does support wireless charging out of the box.
  • No. I mean, no to I won't be getting one. No SD card, no new phone.
  • and now it shows out of stock.....that was fast. maybe Verizon should have ordered more of the black cause now I have to wait for it show in stock to do my upgrade. rules with line being owned by company I work for....
  • Purchased!  Woke up around 4am CST just cause i couldn't sleep, checked the site and noticed it was up so grabbed the white version.  Pretty excited for my daily driver to be a windows phone!
  • Have fun with it man!!!
  • Welcome aboard mate
  • Great choice bro. Got a Nokia Lumia 920 on att and this thing is amazing. Its been 6 months of happiness. But I've been happy since my hd7 to my Lumia 900 and now my 920. Windows phone is an awesome OS. Nokia just seems to add the perfect hardware and exclusive software.
  • Dude, I had hd7,710,900,titan,920
  • Ordered white version last night & used pick up in store option. Apparently they hold all charges until you finalize your purchase in store. This is great because I want to purchase the 928 on a Device Payment Plan & be ready for new windows devices w/o being stuck in contract. 10 hr work day please hurry up. I want it in my hands now!
  • I'd pick it up to upgrade from the 822 but with no removable battery and no SD card its a no buy for me.
  • I am torn for this exact reason... also to top it off I am on an unlimited data plan!!!  Decisions ... decisions!!
  • Yea same here but I have another line eligible for upgrade I could use to keep my unlimited since I bought the 822 at retail. I hate the fact that almost no newer phones have removable batteries.
  • Blame Apple and their retarded customers for this.
  • I think I may of found a loophole to upgrade and keep your unlimited data. I ordered the 8x at Best Buy Mobile, then renewed my contract a week later once my 8x came in, and for some odd reason, I still have unlimited data. I am now three months into my new contract.
  • This happened to my sister too. It took about 3 months for them to notice the mistake and then they took her off the unlimited plan.
  • Bummer, hopefully they overlook the mistake they made with me.
  • Well with wireless charging u won't really need to take the battery out. And trust me you will be fine with the 32gb of on board storage. Haven't filled my 920 yet and I have all the high end games.
  • I have a ton of Xbox games and constantly have to remove games, so I have them on my SD card along with all my music and pictures.
  • There's a thing called sky drive,
  • I'm really happy for Verizon Customers.
  • Cheapest off-contract price is at Verizon ($499) so far. Amazon shows $549 and neither Microsoft Store online or Best Buy are showing it in a search. I'm waiting for black. - sick of OEMs making White phones just to attract the iSheep (both to buy and to look) - annoying.
    Anybody have a link to it from MS if I'm missing something?
  • Does anyone know how to get the free $25 to spend in the MS store for the early buyers?
  • Hoping Best Buy gets them soon! I have enough in gift cards to pick one up!
  • I'm planning on going in today!! Will I get $25 MS store credit...?
  • Are they in stock at Verizon stores yet?
  • white is.. not black... black next week
  • I wonder if they fixed the dust in the front facing camera!!!
  • already fixed in 920.. if you send your phone they will fix it and send.. all new 920s itself come with the fix. 928 or 925 should not have the issue.
  • Ordered!
  • Ordered the black but so annoyed that the wait continues! This better be one hell of a phone!
  • Does anyone know if the 928 supports group messaging? My Verizon HTC 8x does not and it is a PAIN!!! Please give me some good news...
  • It does not unfortunately.
  • Ugh...I don't understand why!!! Group messaging is used all of the time...ATT has it, and Verizon has it on the iPhone...why not Windows?
  • It is coming in the next update (julyish)
  • Must be just gone for WP8, I still use it on my HTC Trophy (7.5).
  • Yup, I'll be replacing this 822. The 822 is an amazing phone by the way, no problems. :)
  • I called my local store yesterday, early evening, and they assured me they had both the white and black in the store.
    Of course, that was after I'd called the same store earlier in the day only to be told that they didn't know when they were getting the phone and probably wouldn't have it until a few days later or the following week, confirmed by her manager.
    Anyway, I'm going in later today to pick one up, we'll see if they have any in Black (or any at all, heh heh) or not...
  • I went through 5 920's through atty and just bought the gibbage 3D case for it. But I'm in the mountains with no service at all within a 40 mile radius. Verizon is the only option up here so umm have to sell my 920 and go with the 928 but haven't read much on it.
  • DONT  WORRY LUMIA 928 Is better in terms of specs
  • Called my local store last night and was told they had both black and white in stock. Got there when they opened today and they only had 2 white phones in stock, so I had to order the black for delivery. Does not ship till 5/20.
  • I just picked this up from the store.  I'm in DC and they only got 5 in today and there were only 2 left when I got mines.  I'm coming from the 8X and as soon as the phone comes on you notice a huge difference in the display.  The Nokia colors are so much better.  Other than that it seems to be the same so far.  It also has 32GB internal storage while the 8X only has 16.  This is another big difference.  I wish it still hade a micro SD slot but at least I can now get all of my music on my phone.  I haven't used any of the Nokia specific apps yet and since I just got it I can't comment on battery life.  The display alone is worth the cost of the switch.  
  • The biggest difference will be the camera, build quality, and OEM support. While owning a Nokia windows phone you feel the love Nokia puts in the phone and into windows phone. Its the definitive windows phone experience.
  • Agreed coming from an HTC trophy on Verizon to the 822. I notice a big difference in app availability. Glad I made the switch.
  • Some cities Comcast / Infinity is offering $100 debit you get the phone for free on a 2 year plan.
  • Wait Comcast is offering $100 card for buying the 928?
  • I'm in for 2.  Now to convince the other 2 phones in the family plan to step up, too.  Dunno if I'll be able to convince them to consider the 928, though.  They're more likely to make the lazy choice.
    Unfortunately, since 2 out of 4 are not grandfathered, I may have to drop my unlimited in order to get everyone on the same family plan.
  • Don't know why they are saying that the black one is coming on May 20th, just called my local VZ store and they have the black ones in the store now.
  • My local store said they had black as well but when I went in they only had white.  Didn't really matter to me as I will be putting an ArmorSuit protective skin on it when they are released on June 1st.
  • Just picked one up at Verizon in CT. They had four white ones and a black one on display. I had a 920 on AT&T that I got from the BUILD conf last year. Compared to that phone, this seems much lighter and thinner even though the specs indicate only a slight improvement. The glossy finish is unexpectedly easier to grip with skin, so it feels nicer in my hand. My 920 was a matte finish and has slid out of my hand several times and I never found it to be an advantage. So far, I'm happy to see Verizon hasn't junked the phone with their crap. Pretty much everything moved over from my online backup of my 920. Some apps refused to install and I still have to customize my tiles as they did not automatically configure themselves as they were on the 920. I also bought two wireless changing plates. Not much to say here, they just work. I also have this on order from amazon for my home stereo system: "HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System"
  • I just went to my local VZ store just to see it (waiting for the black, they didn't have one after all), I have to say...I didn't like the white one as much in person as I did in press photos. While the phone may have been easier to hold, the shiny, "plasticy" look was a turn off for me. Maybe the black one won't look as ...."unsophisticated" (I was going to say toy like). Nokia definitely needs to come up with a less slippery matte finish for this phone, at least for the black one. I came away still being a fan of my buddy's 920 as far as the looks go.
  • I have the Lumia 822. Awesome phone but I really want this one. Any tips in how to do it. I have a two year contract with it
  • Does anyone know if this is unlocked and if so does MMS work with AT&T network?
  • was wondering the same? If I can unlock my Lumia 920 and use it with Verizon, since its brand new. Plus att service doesn't work in the mountains like Verizon does.
  • this a.m. verizon in chicago they only had white in stock. i picked 2 of them up for my wife and i. goodbye at&t hello verizon. i bought it mainly for the camera (being a WP7 user already) and it doesn't hurt that verizon allows tethering.
  • Just ordered mine today! My upgrade isn't up until January next year and I'm too impatient. Can't wait to get rid of my Trophy. It's been a trooper but two years in the tech world is a long, long time. I got it in white and i got that sexy blue silicone case with it. $550 down the drain but here's hoping it's worth it, haha
  • Uuuugh!!! Decisions, decisions. So NO they don't have the black in the store which is of course the one I want, so more waiting. Thing is, should I pre order, or just wait and go into the store Monday and buy it. What would you guys do?
  • ehy i was just on another wedsite and they state which i went to verify Newegg is selling the L928 for $30 on contract & $520 off contract, Radioshack has it for $50 contract & and $540 off contract. Newegg seems to have the right Idea
  • Im in Tampa and I had a hard time getting this phone. Had to go to three different stores all saying saying all the phones were either sold or reserved. Had to settle and call Verizon and get it sent to me but at least I'll have it by tomorrow. Cant wait for this beauty to be in my hands.
  • Picked up white one today. Awesome phone!
  • Ok, long time Android user here, currently on a Samsung GS3 with Verizon. I've been following/considering WP for a while (actually bought my wife an HTC Trophy over a year ago and she loves it). I'm kind of getting board with Android and I don't think there are any apps at this point that are show stoppers to not have (some though that I would definitely miss like the Optimum app (my cable provider) and the Lexus app to interface with my car). There are however some specific things I do with Android that work really well. Also, I really like the Lumia hardware and with a 3 year old daughter the great camera/video are a huge plus. My questions to you WP8 veterans.
    - Navigation and voice commands. Can you use voice commands on WP8 (or specifically the Lumia 928) to trigger navigation. For example, in Android I can say "Navigate to Joe's Crab Shack in Hollywood California" and it will find the address and start the navigation app. It works almost flawlessly (as just about all voice commands in Android).
    - Can you install different keyboards other than stock?
    - Any good Podcasting applications (that you can search and add channels and stream via LTE)?
    - Any news applications similar to Pulse (which I understand used to be on WP but now isn't)?
    Thanks all, and enjoy your new 928's :)
  • I haven't used WP8 yet, so I'm not familiar with the WP8 apps you can use that aren't in the 7.x store. But I can tell you that you cannot change the stock keyboard. The upside of that is that the keyboard is actually pretty damn good on its own,  but if you want something like Swype, you're out of luck.
  • Visited the big Verizon store in Buckhead Atlanta this morning about 30 minutes after it opened. They had the 928 on display, though the door greeter did not know if they had it or not. The first person who came over was using an 822 and was waiting on getting a 928 herself from the company.
    They had just gotten the phone in the day before and like basically everywhere they only had the white version in stock (why they didnt focus on producing more black ones first is beyond me). She tried to sell me the white one and when I said no she tried to get me to buy the white one with a cover on it.
    My most recent phones over the last 9 years or so that I can remember:
    Blackberry (one of the old beasts right after they switched from blue to black)
    Blackberry Tour
    iPhone 2G
    iPhone 3gs
    iPhone 4
    HTC Trophy
    I had been at that same Verizon store a week before and luckily there was a Microsoft rep that just happened to be on site. We talked about phones, smartglass, xbox. I was ready to upgrade the Trophy for an HTC 8X, luckily he mentioned that the 928 was coming out just a week later, I hadnt realized it was that soon. I showed him my Trophy that I had upgraded myself to 7.8, which wasnt supported by Verizon and we had a good laugh (the Trophy actually works like a champ with 7.8 I would recommend looking into it if you still have that phone).
    I also showed him my wifes bricked 920 that was constantly rebooting with a Windows Boot Manager error right after showing the ATT logo (which is actually fairly common I guess with those phones). We went to the Microsoft store later that day and they had no clue, the manager accused me of trying to jailbreak it and they wouldnt help. Bad on you Microsoft for that. I ended up going online later and using some no longer available tools from Nokia to reflash the thing myself. It's been working great since however even though my wife drops the phone like 3 times a day.
    After visiting Verizon today, went back to work and spent a couple hours looking through the web at all the phones Verizon sells. Looked long and hard at the S4 particularly. In the end I ordered the black 928 online. Hoping it arrives really quickly!
    Windows Phone 8 is a beautiful and easy to use OS. I am a big fan of the xbox achievement integration and the live tiles home screen blows away both iOS and Android, especially Android's menus which are just a confusing mess everytime I need to hook up a new employee's random Android phone with company email, put them on wireless, or change their email signature.
    Windows Phone still lacks in a lot of areas however. Especially when the average iPhone user at my company says "Oh that is a cool looking phone, does it have BlahBlah app?" and I have to often say no. Also many Windows phones cannot take screenshots or do proper group messaging.. These are the types of features that a normal consumer just expects are available on all phones at this point. Keep working Microsoft!
    Really long post, but at the end of the day I chose the Nokia 928 as my next phone and i'm excited to be with Windows phone for the next round!
  • I forced the 7.8 update on my Trophy as well and I agree, it definitely works really well. The only thing I've noticed is a little more lag between pressing the tile and the flyaway animation playing, but that's pretty minor to an otherwise flawless experience. With regards to the screenshot thing, I believe that's a native WP8 feature now and any dev-unlocked 7.x phone can take screenshots with a sideloaded ScreenCapturer app. I have a .edu email so I was able to get that DreamSpark and AppHub account for free and unlock my phone that way. My 928 arrives on Monday. It's kind of a bummer that they'd release the phone on a Thursday and then offer free two-day shipping; it's effectively doubled because of the weekend. I can hardly wait. My phone i's Tennessee right now, ha.