Nokia Lumia 930 up for pre-order across Europe

The Nokia Lumia 930 has appeared for pre-order across Europe. The high-end Windows Phone device, available from Expansys and other retailers, is priced right around €530, though the price varies from country to country. And unlike some other retailers and regions, most Lumia 930 buyers in Europe will have the option of all four colors — black, white, orange, and green — when it comes to the smartphone.

The front of the Lumia 930 features a big 5-inch 1080p Nokia ClearBlack display, while inside you'll find a 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB for storage. On the back is a PureView camera with a whopping 20 megapixels, optical image stabilization, and a dual LED flash. That backside is a polycarbonate plate, framed in metal on the sides.

Here's a list of where you'll be able to order the Lumia 930 and how much it will cost you. All are pre-orders now with no projected ship date, though we're thinking it won't be too much longer.


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €534.99


  • Expansys: €529.99

Czech Republic

  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €594.99


  • Expansys: 4,125 DKK


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Amazon: €539.00 (opens in new tab)
  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Amazon: €579.00 (opens in new tab)
  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €544.99


  • Expansys: 160,110 Ft


  • Expansys: €609.99


  • Expansys: €539.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €594.99



  • Expansys: 3,590 Kr


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €544.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €529.99


  • Expansys: €534.99


  • Expansys: 4,983 SEK


  • Expansys: 671.42 CHF


Thanks to everybody for the tips!

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • When in India??
  • Do smell the roses?
  • Nope, cherry
  • When in Rome :D
  • When the Nazi party is voted out of EU. They just won the election last week! :(
  • 930 describes the problem with Nokia's phones in US. Its inconsistency. Releasing 920 first in US and then abandoning US completely for 930 is one of the reasons why WP will remain just "another OS". Yes, there is Icon but it runs on a completely different network. Just give everyone the same devices.
  • Just give me a replacement for my 920 :)
  • Nobody's gonna GIVE you anything.. Now, you can PAY for one when it comes out, but there ain't gonna be no handouts goin on round hear❗❗❗ :-o:-o:-o:-o
  • I agree.  Why isn't there a 930 for the US market?  And why is the Icon VZW only?  Rubbish.
  • I think Daniel has answered this one numerous times, it's because the other carriers aren't asking for it. They could easily ask for a variant but haven't. Verizon is the only carrier stepping up this year with possibly three or four new WP that have or will be coming out. The Icon, Ativ SE, W8 and possibly the LG device.
  • Thanks.  I'm just newly following the Windows Phone scene so I've missed those previous conversations.
  • No worries, welcome to the WP scene. As you can tell, it's a very passionate userbase. 
  • Daniel is also suggesting that 'Goldfinger' will be released in November, that it is one of the best phones so far, and there's a possibility that it may be released on multiple carriers.    So the carriers are thinking, why should we go out of the way to get the 930 early when Windows Phones are not our top selling devices and they will have a new MM/Nokia in a few months as well as multiple  WP devices from other OEM's. This is what the crystal ball tells me, please excuse me I need to go bet on the horse races. Read through the comments carefully.
  • Because you American don't want to pay full price for phones
  • We're getting better about that.  No one in my immediate family is using a subsidized phone at this time.  We're all on Moto Xs and Gs.
  • Good for you, but you seem to be a black sheep in the US market
  • It's a slowly growing movement.  Would you go for a subsidized phone if you had the option?
  • To be tied for two years? I don't know.....
  • They really are slacking. If the icon is exclusive why not design something different? Could they have been stupid enough to sign an exclusivity agreement that says no other 5" Lumia could be released? And Verizon also got a 5" Samsung, either the other carriers don't give a toss or someone signed the wrong deal.
  • That's kind of hard since each US operator basically wants a device tailored to their network or they won't buy.  
  • Don't worry. We'll get a slew of mediocre devices or ones that are totally niche instead of an actual normal yet premiere device that everyone wants.
  • Totally agree.  The lack of any "buzz" about new devices in the US is stunning.  I've been a WP user from day one, but I hate to admit that I'm beginning to get more and more interested in what Apple is going to roll out in the fall. If you look at the content of WPCentral since the 8.1 announcement, it seems like it is less and less about Windows Phone and more about everything else.  Either Microsoft and their partners are getting better about containing leaks, or there just isn't anything to look forward to.
  • Goldfinger in November.   We should start getting some information and leaks in the not so distant future.   There's no need to eclipse the release of the 930 with news about a device that won't be released for another five or six months.  August, September we should see buzz building and we should get a better idea what Goldfinger is... this is what my intuition is telling me
  • In case you have not realized this yet, the problem is not Nokia, it's the carrier system in the US. Manufacturers are forced to kiss ass (unless you sell millions like Samsung or apple) just to get carriers to sell their phones. The exclusivity is a form of ass kissing. Obviously Nokia/Microsoft would love to release on all carriers
  • If only everyone could afford to buy the phones contract and sim free. Then the carriers could kiss our ass to get our business :/
  • The icon is your 930 ... Blame the US carrier subsidized heavy market for that
  • You forgot Centralpoint :P
  • I think you have Sweden (SEK) and Switzerland (€) the wrong way round!
  • Those are the prices provided by Expansys. * shrug *
  • Yes they swapped the places. But no problem just klick on the link with prices in SEK :-) And whats even better... The price is 4900SEK in the store, but when youpreorder and go to the checkout - the price is lowered by 1000SEK!! So if you preorder right now the price would be only 3900SEK! preordering rigth now...
  • Can't wait to get this phone. UK. Good price aswell.
  • I'm getting one for my wife in Germany. If only it had double tap to wake and glance I might think of one for myself but as it's not better than my 1520 I won't.
  • I think there is double tap to wake
  • It does.
  • Thanks, I thought it didn't have it, I wonder if it will ever get glance?
  • Ireland = The most expensive country on the list. What a surprise!! Im gonna need a bailout from Germany if I buy a 930! Too expensive!
  • hilarious....
  • Still no love for Canada. Come on Rogers, wake up already! There's more to the phone industry than iPhones and Android phones.
  • lol but teh anjroyd haes teh marqut shair!!!!!!1111eleven That's what business men see. Useless crap like market share, not user satisfaction, which is why they push Android trash. And yeah, I think most businessmen do indeed talk like that.
  • So looks like no carriers are picking this up and subsidizing it and on top of that no WhatsApp available.
  • all chinese phone is batter then nokia ..... there is no whatsapp... wt the hell is that..... It's such a shame on you (nokia)...i think i waste my money to buy it
  • Shhh. Just...shhhhhh
  • Nah I think I will pass on this. Will wait for the first proper flagship Windows Phone to release from the newly formed Microsoft Mobile.
  • €610 how are they justifying that one.
  • Yahzee its a whopping 600euro from Malta. Unlucky to live here I guess :/ would be better off with a 1520. Its got glance, microSD, double tap to wake, and its about 400euro! I guess it would be mad to pay an extra 200euro for a smaller screen with a lot of functionality missing, lol
  • Does anyone notice the 920 in the background?
  • I'd say it's a 928, got the xenon flash and squarish edges
  • That's 928, I recognize my phone))
  • This phone would be $5000TT in my country so I would sell my 920 for $1800TT and put the rest of money
  • Waiting for the next generation... Hopefully thinner and including an sdcard slot and maybe also more colors like cyan... :) or even removable covers... *dream*
  • Till then my 920 will do just fine :)
  • Yes, the next generation for me as well.   If Goldfinger does not have a SD Card Slot I will set in my mind that some people in MM/Nokia are &^$$&(()^%#$#.      However I have no idea if it will follow the polycarbonate Nokia tradition.
  • Indeed next gen for me too. I have a good feeling Nokia and MS are looking to make a big splash with their first phone together. A lot of people will be watching.
  • better to buy Lumia 1520 for 422-434 euro and free EU delivery in
  • +1520
  • Only if you like the stupidly big size of it. Some of us don't ;)
  • you are wrong... is not that big how you think... after few days all other models is too small :) and also 1020 not that big and much lower priced and better than 930...
  • I'm not wrong. I've used one. It is easy way too big. As for the 1020, it's nothing to do with the 930. That's like comparing the S5 worth the Galaxy Zoom.
  • I think so! But my slim jeans aren't agree... :-\
  • Ireland the dearest . Typical!!!
  • does anybody think its safe to buy phones from hongkong off ebay? they are very cheap from there, the lumia 1520 is about 370euro only and the seller's reviews and feedback are all superb..
  • No way. Don't even think about buying online from Hong Kong or China. A friend of mine tried to buy iPhone before from online in China. They didn't deliver, they ran away with the money.
  • +920 Orher friend of mine suffered the same problem!
  • Well there is always the ebay buyer protection guarantee in that situation. You are able to open a case against the seller and ebay will give you all your money back if something such as you said happens
  • Unfortunately, it wad not from Ebay.
  • if you live in EU, go to and check prices...
  • Portugal - Expansys shown price 544,99€, real price of you pre-order 558€
  • Add Russia 24990 rubles + dt-601 gift + 10% off for students
  • Belgium 499
  • So far that's a rumour. I highly doubt it's true since phones in Belgium are always way more expensive than in Germany. Furthermore, no Belgian site is selling the phone, let alone for that price.
  • When in Dubai?
  • F**K Spain!! Always the last!
  • I may have mentioned once or twice, ahem, that MS needs to make the phones available in all colours, YAY, they have. A big step in the right direction, imho.
  • WHERE IS THE UNITED STATES on this list??
  • 199 on Verizon
  • Dude, read them titles. 
    You guys have the Icon with basically the same specs. ;)
  • But it only works on VZW and it's MVNOs. Insufficient to to say the least.
  • The Norwegian price is 4 468 NOK.
  • The lack of an SD card slot is a deal-breaker for me, but at that price in the UK, I'd be daft not to get a 930. But, I'm going to wait to see if Microsoft launch something else...
  • I wish Daniel could answer one question about Goldfinger, and it's the issue you are concerned about.   Will there be a SD Card Slot?    I am going to assume that it also has a 5" display like the 930, in fact I am going to assume it will be very similar to the 930, but I hope to god it has a SD Card Slot, and I also expect no capacitive buttons.    Glance capable, unknown wireless charging and good styling, and we have a worthy flagship. The big question is what is the styling going to be?   The rest of the equation is simply does MM/Nokia know their customers, if they do they will come up with a phone like I've mentioned.
  • The UK price is very expensive. Convert the UK price to Euors at c. 1.20 exhange rate and it's better to buy overseas.  What is Expansys playing at?  But if you know them perhaps you wouldn't use them, eh?
  • Tesco mobile in UK offer 920 for £12.50/m on 2yr contract. Pay £84 upfront for the phone and you can upgrade to any of their sim only plans after 30 days.
  • Hmmm, in Switzerland via Expansys for 671.42 Sfr without tax or from Digitec for 599 with tax. Which one should I take?
  • jeez work with me Microsoft... let the next lumia come to att. im overdue for an upgrade and Im waiting. So hurry the F*CK up
  • Hi all,    I am just curious if I buy a Lumia 930 in Spain, will I have problems if I decide later to use a UK SIM card?