Xbox 360 Dashboard + Nokia Lumia

In what seems like an obvious venue for pushing one of your flagship partner's phones, Microsoft and Nokia have evidently begun displaying Lumia ads on the Xbox 360's Dashboard.

The adverts appear to be localized, meaning if you're in the States you'll be hard pressed to find them. But at least in Europe and perhaps elsewhere, there's a good chance you could catch it.

Advertising Windows Phone on Xbox 360 has always seems like the most logical way to ramp up sales of the slow, but growing mobile OS. The Xbox is one of the top selling consumer devices (with the Kinect holding a world record), so riding on its coattails just comes across as the best choice. And while we think this is a right step, it is really just the beginning of what we think Microsoft should do with Xbox and Windows Phone.

Our advice? In every promo image or advert you have, place a Windows Phone next to it.

Source: @alextaylornet; via TheNokiaBlog; Thanks, @XB_Mod, for the tip!