See this: Nokia shipped Lumia Icon review units in mega style

If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably already saw our photo of the Pelican Storm Case that my Lumia Icon came in. If not, here’s the background.

Basically, Nokia is a pretty savvy company. They’re also a lot of fun to work with. So when I came home last night to find this colossal box outside my door, I was a little…surprised. Just what did they ship me?

Opening up the massive case, it glowed red. Think Pulp Fiction (1994) when Vincent Vega opens up Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase. Luckily there was no 666 password and no mystery either.

Inside was the Lumia Icon and a pair of Purity Pro headphones, in Verizon Red, of course. And the rest as they say, was history. You have to hand it to Nokia, they go big for promotions, always eliciting a smile.

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Daniel Rubino

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