See this: Nokia shipped Lumia Icon review units in mega style

If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably already saw our photo of the Pelican Storm Case that my Lumia Icon came in. If not, here’s the background.

Basically, Nokia is a pretty savvy company. They’re also a lot of fun to work with. So when I came home last night to find this colossal box outside my door, I was a little…surprised. Just what did they ship me?

Opening up the massive case, it glowed red. Think Pulp Fiction (1994) when Vincent Vega opens up Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase. Luckily there was no 666 password and no mystery either.

Inside was the Lumia Icon and a pair of Purity Pro headphones, in Verizon Red, of course. And the rest as they say, was history. You have to hand it to Nokia, they go big for promotions, always eliciting a smile.

Missed our 4200 word review of the Lumia Icon? For shame! Go read it here:

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Lucky...
  • Giveaways here they come!
  • Wow! Wish they sold them in these boxes when you buy it in a shop...For a little extra price, maybe...☺
  • Do you get to keep that stuff? If so, how do I become a reviewer.
  • I once worked at a hardware site years ago and I used to get shipments every week. Only once in three years I had to return the goods. So usually sites like these get to keep the things. Dunno about Nokia though but I guess so.
  • Maybe Daniel will give it away as a WPCentral prize...or maybe not...
  • That's what we're all thinking.
  • Luckyyyyyyy!
  • now that is what I call a Case... forget about the protective cases out there... say bye to cracked screens!  
  • if you own a Nokia you already said goodbye to cracked screens ;)
  • I wish that were true. Dropped my 920 just right--flat on the glass--onto concrete and my screen shattered. But my replacement 1020 has been treating me well!
  • Lol same here 920 on concrete and the damage wasn't to bad, the touch screen worked 100% and I can't even feel the crack even if it's big and one straight horizontal line haha. I still replaced it though if I want any resell value when I pick up a new phone.
  • Less than iPhones though. I saw a recently purchased iPhone C (a peer's) that had become a splintery mass after presumably being dropped.
  • *Looks at cracked Lumia 822 and 928 screens. * Wish that were so :/
  • I have a shattered 1020 here that agrees, lol
  • My shattered screen on my L1020 disagrees completely.  
  • My 1020 screen broke with only a one foot drop on a tile floor. I still use it, as it was only a week old, but it has an ugly 1" crack on top right corner. Can't afford to fix it. :(
    920 can take more beating than 1020. No wonder it was called a tank. :)
  • Do you have insurance?
  • The deductable plus monthly cost is more than the screen replacement cost. I did mine, bought a screen on ebay for $150 really easy to replace (if you buy the entire screen not just the digitizer).    Insurance = $250 deductible + (7 * # of months you had the device) no thank you   I dont get why people pay for that.
  • I dropped my 920 down 13 hardwood steps,onto a hardwood floor, and it slid 3-4 feet finally resting under a closet door and my phone is still flawless.
  • Just like when I needed a hammer to nail in a loose nail, but could not find my tool box. I used my 822 as a hammer, and it is perfectly fine!
  • used my 822 as a hammer, and it is perfectly fine! there are videos on YouTube ;)
  • My L920 went down the steps of a train station (dlr - docklands light railway). My heart popped everytime it hit a step, the dude who kicked by accident really legged before i could get hold of him. To my surprise it was totally flawless.. It has nothing but a £1 silicon gel case on it lol. Oddly enough the screen got scratched by a screw.. Not visible when on though...
  • Haha your being funny right, my L920 has a cracked screen... Grrr
  • Yes I am.
  • Dang son, swag on!!!!
  • I want for a pair of those headphones so bad. Congrats.
  • You want to make my GF cry? lol
  • You'll make it up to her some how
  • Who's the lucky lady??
  • Someone's jealous? :P lol.
  • Daniel, did you perhaps miss the Glance feature somewhere in that pretty box? ;). Maybe it was under the headphones... (major disappointment)
  • When will it be on eBay?!?
  • Would have been just drop dead awesome if, to go along with all that red, there would have been a RED Icon as well.... We can dream.
  • Verizon Red Icon would have made the package complete.  Too many suits at Verizon. Not enough innovators with balls.
  • Any jobs going there !!! Lol
  • Those cases must have been the reason the Icon took so long to launch!
  • Oh, I see Monster headphones. This wouldn't be the same "Monster" company that rips people off with their £60-a-go gold plated (but totally pointless) HDMI cables would it?
  • No, different Monster. These are energy drink headphones.
  • xD
  • I so wish i had the CPU and GPU and DPI on the screen on my L 1020.
  • Same here!
  • Is there any way I can buy the Nokia Lumia Icon online and get it shipped to Chile? If so, can someone provide me a link? And last but not least, is it carrier unlocked? Would it work with a Chilean micro-SIM card? Thanks in advance :) EDIT: I'm also on getting the L1520 but I haven't made up my mind yet between those two models. I like the L1520 better, but it also seems to be more expensive. Anyways, if someone can answer the applicable questions above regarding the L1520, I would really appreciate it c:
  • With my very little knowledge, I can answer one question easily. Regarding Micro SIM. Icon has nano sim socket only. And I really doubt on a global variant as well. Until now, there is no 928 variant :-) You could try eBay global buy though :-) after the phone started shipping to WP lovers, of course. And Dani don't count :-/ he is a special "case"
  • Thanks for answering:)
  • If I got the Icon in that case, I would forgive the glance feature.
  • Daniel sell me the box!!
  • Daniel, what part of the country do you live? I'm shivering just looking at that picture of snow.
  • Whoa! Would love to have been on the recieving end of that...! 
  • that's what she said
  • Oh man!  How I would love to be sitting in a meeting and have my phone ring, then produce this case on the Table and open it up to answer the phone!  Step back Otterbox, the ULTIMATE Cell Phone Case has arrived!!
  • dannnng i want that
  • I personally can care less about the damn glance screen. I never use it on my 920 and don't see the point of it. Getting the icon very soon
  • new flagship wphone drops, 49 people comment.   rut ro
  • I wonder how much import tax i will have to pay... Bloody customs lol. Had to pay double the phone when i got my Verizon tp2 from ebay (cost me £150 in total... Won it at £70 lool). Yes, having that 3.5mm headphone socket was a big deal as the global variant didn't have it.
  • 1 - probably promo packaging. Normal people won't see that - specially when U get it from verizon store or whatever. 2 - If it will be Icons default packaging - you are paying for that... at least 30% of your phone cost. And ask yourself a question - what are you going to do with it? Use it for what? And what you usually do with any package? Exactly! Plus sends kind of double signal - if the phone is strong and durable - why such a heavy packing? :) I wouln't be surprised to see iPhone in such a case knowing how overpriced it is and that it's screen breaks every time you use touchscreen feature. 
  • Dude chill out :-) Don't think of the usability and others... I think Mr. Rubino is more matured... If ANYONE sent me a free phone with a color choice that's not available at that point, I will constantly talk about the thing non stop for 2 days, try and find ultimate way to show off for a week @ fb, twitter, LinkedIn, whatever... I would even sign up for Google+ to bitch about that dude. :-)
  • Way to go Dani ;-) Now update the 4000 word document I mean the article, with the update and take out one of the cons... But still NO love for cyan :'( :'( And ironically, they name our next update as blue :-/
  • i cant buyed? is yost for reviews?