Nokia launches Lumia Windows Phone line-up in India

The Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phones have arrived in India. At a press event in New Delhi, Nokia announced the launch of the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 Windows Phones.

The Lumia 920 and 820 will be available tomorrow from select local retailers for Rs. 38,199 (about $700 US) and Rs. 27,559 (about $505 US) respectively. The Lumia 920 will be available in black, red, yellow and white with the Lumia 820 being offered in red, yellow, white, black and cyan.

The more affordable Lumia 620 won't be available until early next month in magenta, yello, cyan, white and black colors. Pricing wasn't available and is expected to be announced closer to availability.

Source: Symbian Tweet (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone for the tip!

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  • Nice
  • Yey it comes to India.. But WP is not that common in India till now.. Hope WP 8 sets a trend :)
  • Lumia is being purchased by people I know. Not necessarily high-end versions. But low-end versions are being purchased.
  • yea a few will have lumia's .. Not many will go out there with their minds made up to get a WP :)
  • Next: Nokia Mars launches Lumias WP8 before Nokia Brazil make any announcement. :/
  • Late February, or begin of march. MS will make an announcement here, 2 options: WP8 launch or Surface RT.
  • And we still only get black 920 units here in Canada. Wtf. It would be great if Nokia can catch the love of the Indian market. If they get both China and India aboard, that is gonna be HUGE.
  • Wheee, have fun with them, India! :) I'm still patiently waiting for them to arrive in Croatia. Soon. Nokia Croatia told us (officially) that the 820 is arriving in January, with 920 to follow "soon after". On T-Mobile at first. Pricing unknown, naturally. WHY is pricing always unknown until the very last? :S
  • I think they should supply the demand for places out of stock before they even start expanding further... Im just lucky I have my Lumia 920 already... Hahaha...
  • What?!? India gets a 920? And Verizon still doesn't
  • Wtf is that supposed to mean??
  • Lolzzz
  • The slow expansion and stock issues seem to suggest Nokia can't produce these things fast enough, whether thats due to overwhelming demand or just supply issues.  Either way, that actually shows their exclusive carrier strategy is a good one.  Until they can meet the demand for the 920, why not get special deals from exclusivisty with certain carriers?
  • Getting a white one this weekend..i just hope they have wireless chargers with or otherwise..
    Sucks that cyan isn't widely avilable or that Cali blue isn't on NOK
  • Yellow and red not yet available though here online this moment in India...!!! Waiting for Red one :)
  • Do chutki sindhoor laga le apne phone pe raam babu :)
  • Lol. I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Awesome news, attacking two large and growing markets is key to nokia's success. As a Nokia shareholder (small fry haha) and wp8 user I hope it does well in India and China. I also hope they ramp up supply and distribution to meet the underlying demand. Plus, Nokia seems to have something coming soon to Verizon, and AT&T is doing very well pushing wp8.
  • guys, its available at , the price is Rs 36499   around $665. 
  • Nokia already has a very strong hold in the Indian mid range market... If Nokia and WP combo works out here. Then Nokia is back in the game :-)  
  • I was waiting so long!!! Fr this phn!! :D
  • Yello? Never heard of it.
  • What about the old lumia owners waiting for the 7.8 update
  • Go to any Nokia care, they would update it to 7.8 for free... or just wait till MS does it sometime in next month....
  • next month?? can't wait till that. i will go for Lumia 620
  • Awesome!! I was waiting for this! Price also looks decent!
  • Stupid, Stupid Nokia.
    Selling the 920 slightly HIGHER than rivals...and then delaying the release of the potentially game changing Lumia 620 to February (it seems). If they could get their act together and sell the 620 for the promised $250 - $280, they'd sell MILLIONS of these, boosting WPs marketshare and helping their share price.
  • Its retail at Rs. 36,499 (, a collegue of mine had a Rs. 36K offer at a Nokia Priority dealer...(BTM - Bangalore)
    Should i move to the 920 from my HD7...oh yeah...but the price hmmm, i'll wait for the 2nd generation WP8 and of course atleast till MWC to see what it has to offer.
    BTW the HD7 is still going rock solid after 2 years if you ignore the inferior camera n audio.
  • Damn, price increased to Rs. 36,997 within the last 5 mins....sounds like high demand.
  • Hi rajashekarann ... the price of lumia 920 is bit slashed i also bought one from snapdeal .... you can use a promo code and can get the the discount upto 1000rs and its already cheaper at snapdeal ...  awesome phone  Ping me for promo code...