Nokia name to continue on Lumia Windows phones for 'some time'

Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia handset division is now complete from a regulatory perspective, but there are lots of questions on the table regarding branding and proper names. For instance, the new name of the former-Nokia division in Microsoft is Microsoft Mobile (the ‘Oy’ just means ‘Ltd.’).

But what about the name Nokia on Lumia phones?

The question is a legitimate one as the brand Nokia certainly carries more weight than Microsoft in many parts of the world (although the opposite is true in the US). So far, Microsoft has been unclear on what will happen with the name, but the official @Nokia Twitter account is now saying that the name ‘Nokia’ will still appear on new products for “some time”.

In a response to a direct question about the naming scheme from dated April 25, @Nokia responded with an affirmative on the label continuation:

“We’ll continue with Nokia-branded products, as Microsoft has licensed the Nokia brand for some time”

In a follow up question regarding Lumia devices specifically, @Nokia answered:

“Yes. Lumia, Asha and Nokia X ranges”

That sounds quite definitive to us, although we suppose with the complications in merging teams, specifics could be lost along the way. For now though, it sounds like we’ll have future Nokia Lumia phones, but technically “made by” Microsoft Mobile. Such a move makes sense for marketing reasons, as a clean cut transition in branding could easily backfire, whereas a gradual changeover away from the Nokia brand would be preferred.

In a question to Stephen Elop during today's AMA, Elop answered the question about names:

"...but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go forward smartphone brand"

Elop here could be referring to the forthcoming Lumia 630 and Lumia 930, which will presumably have the Nokia name intact. It's not clear about devices coming out later in 2014, however.

So how long the name Nokia will be used is unclear, though it may be decided upon by feedback from consumers and when Microsoft feels their brand is strong enough to stand on its own. In other words, the usage of ‘Nokia’ is not perpetual.  That’s especially true since Nokia as its own company, running the HERE Maps and other smaller divisions, will continue separately from Microsoft.

We’ve reached out Microsoft for comment about the usage of Nokia on future Lumia phones and will follow up accordingly.

Source: @Nokia 1, 2; Thanks, Jeremy M., Zapella T. and wolandy2k, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Wohooo!! THAT'S faster!
  • Before reading the title, looking at poster image made me think that WiFi toggle and Cellular Data has arrived in Action Center. Oh well..
  • The Wifi toggle is in the notification center. You can select it in settings.
  • I'd say It's too slow. WMPoweruser reported this on Friday, Wpcentral is always late and makes too many mistakes. Rubino should read WMPoweruser more often and learn from them how to do his job.
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  • Time zone is what does matter dude.
  • Awww man!  I'm going to sit back and watch the fireworks that Rubino is going to light up in your arse!  This is going to be fun!
  • Lol!!
  • Why do you say that? Everybody has to accept constructive criticism. I read both sites, and wpcentral is always behind the other site. Besides, I saw Rubino a couple of times in the Windows Weekly podcast and he looked like a nice guy, even timid. You are the second people I *hear* saying that Rubino has bad character, maybe It's some kind of passive aggressive behavior. See the definition in Wikipedia.
  • Lol!... Wow!... Ok.
  • Yeah, how dare wpc source information to get accurate news...the hacks!
  • there's almost a 12h difference between EST and South Asia.
  • WMPoweruser also had news about the Lumia 1820 and the 8.1.1 update. Oh wait, those weren't real. WPC (usually Rubino) and Tom Warren on the verge tend to have the most accurate information. If it takes a little longer to fact check, so be it. Also, they probably wanted to wait for the Elop AMA to see if they could get any confirmation.
  • Might I suggest Microsoft to buy the rest of Nokia or at least pay them handsomely to license the brand to Windows phones? Nokia brand still is strong in a couple of markets.
  • That would have been the logical step. And seeing the restrictions that were imposed by regulators on the current deal, it would most likely be a deal to be vetoed by the authorities.
  • This is pure conjecture on your part (as usual!): "most likely be a deal to be vetoed by the authorities"! The restrictions you mentioned are normal in these types of acquisition and nothing extraordinary!
  • The US SEC has repeatedly held Microsoft in antitrust violations, and even forced Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft mobile to be split off from Microsoft. In short, the US looks for every excuse to torpedo a Microsoft merger, and Finland likely would've objected as well, given the name value that Nokia has. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • LOL! That's ancient history. We are now in the year 2014. As for Finland, it did not object to Microsoft buying the Nokia D&S. In fact, they were one of the first to give their approval. They probably realized that Microsoft is way more palatable than some Chinese phone OEM buying the D&S.
  • Microsoft should've bought Nokia completely and kept Nokia separate
  • It would make more sense just to use Lumia instead of Nokia, Lumia is the line of windows phones from Nokia.
  • Silly, I know, but I have an attachment to the Nokia name. Grew up with it. First cell phone I saw, used, bought, texted, played Snake on :) The day the Nokia name will not be used on a phone will be a sad day for me :(.  I at least hope that the last cell phone under the name Nokia will be a true flagship phone that I can buy and keep to remember the old days.  I already feel so bad loosing my Nokias my parents bought in the 90s.
  • I have a feeling that it's the 1520.
  • Apple and Android fans also uses the argument(Nokia brand going away) as a Victory for their camp.
  • Not using the Nokia brand seems like a markting misser to me. Looking at myself: I find it cool to be have a Nokia (that old solid brand that's getting cool again) against all 4S, S4 and 5 users.  I always use the Nokia brand to make that statement. I don't want to have to say that I have a Microsoft Windows phone, because this sounds too old school (although I enjoy using the OS). I know it's only a name, but only a name can make big difference (why did nobody buy a Maybach?).   
  • Because Rolls royce ate it's sales and everyone knew its just an S class underneath and it looked like a Ssangyong. lol
  • That's exactly what i mean: if yoy buy a Rolls Royce the brands speaks for itself. If you buy a Maybach you don't want to have to explain that it is in fact a super Mercedes. (agreed on the looks though ;-)
  • Go nokia
  • So it looks I will still be rocking a Nokia Lumia. As I figured to all the negative people who were against the merge.
  • You figured out wrong.
  • Microsoft never stated that they weren't going to utilize the Nokia name. Got to love the internet and their assumptions.
  • Most of that comes from the fact that even reader of this blog don't seem to understand what was actually bought. These things were explained in the press releases back in 2013... Nokia owns its own brand, MS licensed Nokia brand for certain amount of years on feature phones (meaning S40, Asha OS). Microsoft wasn't ever in a position to have Nokia branding on smartphones. 
  • Unless things have changed or an extension was given. At least according to Elop, it doesn't sound like a new naming scheme is ready yet. Then again, there aren't too many new Lumias on the horizon (630, 930) and who knows about Superman and Goldfinger.
  • When the original deal was announced in September 2013, the deal specifically excluded Microsoft from using the Nokia brand on smartphones.
    On smartphones, we’ll be seeking to create a unified brand across Lumia and Windows. But we understand that the Asha and feature phone range will carry on the ‘Nokia’ branding.
    -Tuula Rytilä, 2013/09/04.
  • Smart move Microsoft.
  • 'Merica
  • I see.
  • In capitalist 'Merica, banks rob you.
  • Lol!
  • I say Microsoft should buy the Nokia name and let the old Nokia change its name. The Nokia name is more known for its hardware, which it doesn't make anymore.
  • Problem is... You can only buy what is for sale....
  • Everything has a price and everything is for sale. #MakeItRain
  • For Microsoft to buy the Nokia name, they would have to buy Nokia. You can't buy a companies name and make it change just because you want it. Nokia is still and independent company and it would be very very stupid for them to sell the name to Microsoft. Because the Nokia brand is what will help Nokia survive without its D&S division and eventually return to the mobile phone market in 2016.
  • Nope, BMW bought the Rolls Royce name to use on cars. Rolls royce still exists as an engine manufacturer and is very profitable. Microsoft should have licensed the Nokia smartphone name also.
  • That's an entirely different business. Aero engine Rolls and car Rolls are two separate companies.
  • But it's the same branding. It's what sharpmango is saying, even though Microsoft now owns Nokia's handset business, they should keep the name, because a large amount of people know the Nokia brand, it was a first phone for many people, and the brand carries weight as a reputable manufacturer of durable phones. A new name wouldn't have the same brand recognition, it would have to fight from the bottom to the top which Nokia already did with the Lumia brand. When a person sees my L920, they ask if it's "the 40 megapixel phone" it isn't, but that's brand recognition at work. BMW kept the Rolls Royce name because that name carries weight. I think that the Nokia name will have the same effect with some smart marketing
  • The thing is, as Chris Sandiford already mentioned, it's different business. The only way Microsoft would have to get to use the Nokia name was IF the deal had been similar to Google's deal with Motorola, where Motorola was divided into two companies: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. So you'd need to have a Nokia Mobile and Nokia Solutions for example. But that's not the case, because Nokia only sold a division to Microsoft. Nokia's R&D, patents etc, stayed with Nokia. They were not sold to Microsoft. In Google's case, Motorola Mobility got all those things.
  • Good news. And a smart move.
  • What about their exclusive apps? shouldn't their apps not be by Microsoft corporation instead of nokia corporation?
  • Elop said: We have been building a lot of app's that have been specific to Lumia, but now those people and efforts will transfer to MSFT. We believe that these types of capabilities are critical to differentiation, so you will see these themes continue.
  • Wait, I didn't realize that they also bought the Nokia X phones too. Does that mean that they're forfeiting the royalties from other Android OEMs or do I not understand how this works?
  • Your understanding of this is not quite clear to me. They are charging others (licensing) for their IP. This is irregardless of what Microsoft does with its own property. In fact, making a product using your own IP (which Microsoft was already doing before the X) even prevents accusations of trolling, which Microsoft is not in these cases.
  • From what I understand, years ago, Microsoft got into a legal battle with I believe Sun Microsystems over something to do with shipping a "Java" that wasn't quite Java. I guess Sun Microsystems wasn't allowed to ship it, so I assume, neither is Microsoft. Since Microsoft is collecting fees from Android OEMs since they're technically using IP that was stolen from Microsoft, that would mean that Microsoft can't use this "stolen" IP since it would be anti-competitive against other OEMs. If they did use it, it would forfeit their licensing agreements. At least that's how I understand it.
  • A company can create a products and license it to others. There is nothing illegal or anticompetative about that. I don't remember what happened with Sun, but Java was open source and is still used. Sun sued Microsoft because they made a forked version of Java that violated the open source license.
  • Yes, apparently they have forfeited the Android royalties the moment they also acquired the Nokia X (and apparently will keep it). Which could also be good to convince other OEMs to come to WP since they can no longer say "No. We already have to pay your royalties for using Android." 
  • I always figured that it would work out the opposite way where OEMs would go "since we pay you less for using their services, we'll just push Windows Phone instead". Damn. That's a shame they gave that up. Nadella must be very convinced that they can make more money from phones compared to the $8 billion a year they were suppose to be getting by 2015.
  • Well, it may actually be more profitable to have their services on Android devices. If you just think about how popular Office for iPad was, I think you can see that there's definitely a market on Android and iOS for Microsoft services.   Not only that, it may also help with the current Google aversion towards offering their services on WP. If they move to compete in the services business, it will be in Google's best interest to offer services on the WP market, even if it has only 4%. Microsoft can get people on Android to use their services so Google would be unwise not to try and snatch WP users to Google's services too.   I, for example, would gladly ditch OneDrive for GoogleDrive if only for the simple reason that it offers me, free of charge, more than twice the amount of storage Microsoft does. The only reason I don't use it is because Google doesn't make it available on WP and WinRT.   On the other hand, were I currently on Android, I would certainly keep using Outlook instead of Gmail.
  • Yeah, I suppose it could still work out for them. If they can sell a lot of these and make the case to OEMs that "hey, you don't need Google's services to be successful", then that could push people toward AOSP and away from GMS (which is already happening, but Microsoft could be the catalyst). Then make the case of "hey, instead of maintaining your own OS, come use ours". I guess we'll have to see how this plays out.
  • Do you have a source for this? Microsoft can offer their OS for free if they like and they can charge android oems for licenses to use their IP. Why would using an open source OS effect how they license their patents? It the complete opposite of what you said. Now they can say you can use WP for free and it will cost you more to use android since you have to pay license fees. That is the incentive to make WP. If both are free, the incentive is to use android since it has a more mature app store.
  • Considering that Nokia X run a FORKED version of Android, I don't think they have to pay royalties at all...
  • It's still Android. Google still owns AOSP.
  • And they made it available on an open source license. They can't stop one company from using it. If they don't want MS from using it, they would have to cancel teh open source license and make the whole thing proprietary.
  • It has nothing to do with Google. Google doesn't give two sh*ts about what Microsoft does with AOSP. It's Microsoft that profits from Android handsets, not Google that profits from Microsoft using AOSP ;)
  • That's it! The new brand ----- Xphone heh
  • They did purchase the rights to the Lumia brand so simply going from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia seems fairly benign to me, but I know others will feel differently about it.
  • It's relatively benign to us, because we know what's going on, but consumers seem to have a "big brother" feel to Microsoft. Nokia is seen as a maker of solid hardware, even I personally bought my phone because of Nokia, not because of Windows (I look more into well made hardware than software) the Lumia brand is familiar to us, but the general public knows about Nokia, not Lumia.
  • I really wonder how Windows phone would sell in India without Nokia name. So it is good of MS to continue using the name and they should license the name for ever.and they can build surface phones with the help of Nokia as that Google does with nexus.
  • The Nokia brand will "still be used for some time" but "not for long"...? Is it just me or do these two statements contradict each other. Glad the Lumia line is going to continue though.
  • It sounds like nothing has been totally decided yet, but the next phone from Microsoft Mobile may still be called 'Nokia'. According to Elop, a replacement name has not yet been selected.
  • when Nokia split its tyre comany from the main company the tyre comapnies name became "Nokain". So I think it would be a great idea if the phone are branded Nokiam, Or Nokiac, or Nokiar (my favorite) or some variation thereof :P
  • I was thinking it had something to do with the fact that the 930 has already passed FCC testing and been seen in the wild, and manufacturing is already occuring with the Nokia name. No reason to skew the branding by re-releasing the 930 with the new name and further dilluting the product line... I suspect the 930 will be the last WP Nokia phone, any phones released over the holidays will be the new name. But we'll see... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I was watching NBA playoffs yesterday and all I saw was the GS5 and the 5S commercial, how in the world can MSFT convinced or make people pay attention to WINDOWSPHONE if MSFT wont do something like that, Samsung did it,apple did it, why is it so hard for MSFT to advertised on their own, they rely on CARRIERS to advertised which is crazy,ATT don't do it,tmobile sucks, sprint is worst,and Verizon mehhhh, all this wonderful high end Lumias are forgotten and people aren't aware of em, I have been on WP since 2010, rocking my 1520,but please MSFT or wpcentral can you please tell those guys to do something about it, this MARKETING is not working REALLY!!
  • During regular season NHL games in the US the Lumia Icon had many commercials, with that fake snowboarder.
  • Samsung is a major partner for the NBA that is why you see Samsung everywhere. Microsoft is a major partner for the NFL. What an NFL game and you see all kinds of MS commercials from Surface to Windows Phone.
  • Not sure if you only watch NBA/sports but Microsoft is doing way better during advertising than in years past. They do a great job during every season of the walking dead which is one of the biggest shows on tv right now but comparing them to apple marketing campaign is just going to keep making you mad Microsoft isn't ever going to push phones the way they do
  • Good move microsoft... Without the name nokia, MSoft cannot succeed in india
  • Pls don't call it a Xbox Lumia when they decided to rename it...pls
  • Agreed. Also, don't call it the XBox phOne.
  • It shall be called the Microsoft Windows Phone Series XPhBone
  • Bingo
  • That's a bad name for the next Microsoft phone. Bingo Lumia. /s
  • Dude I didn't give a name. I just showed my excitement that for dinner time Nokia the name will be there.
  • At this point I'm much less concerned with the use of Nokia on the devices going forward as I am with using Lumia.  I think THAT is now the branding that people are associating with the devices that pretty much own the Windows Phone market.  I'd rather focus be placed on ramping Lumia up as the in-your-face name.
  • Thank God!  People know Nokia.  Lumia as a brand is considerably weaker than Lumia...
  • +520
  • People in India buy Windows phones only because motly because of 'Nokia'. people trust Nokia here more than they trust Microsoft.
  • They trusted them so much thru tried rapping them on taxes. Apparently Nokia didn't trust India as they've closed the plant down!
  • Why is the whole world worried about India? Nokia or Microsoft cant take business decisions on the bases of what people in India like for a name. They are a big market... Yes. But they are not the only market.
  • Dude nokia is belief, nokia is passion here and has won hearts with their phones here from the begining. That's y a big market. Like how apple os big in US
  • Yea Nokia Lumia 1200-1225  lol
  • They will face a huge sales decline in India as we have a mindset towards nokia brand. Conversation goes like this: Person a will ask which phone do you have?
    Person b will say Nokia.
    And that's all what it will impact Microsoft imo if they remove the nokia thing from the phone...
  • No. It's the same thing, just a different name. That's why Microsoft and Nokia are advertising it so it won't have a big impact on things like you're thinking it will. It's really not that big of a deal.
  • The thing is... Only a well informed indian buyer would go for a lumia... The average indian still prefers a Nokia feature phone.... On which the Nokia branding will continue
  • Well then that person doesn't need a smartphone, if he cant tell the difference between a smart and a feature phone. They can buy Asha or whatever that will retain Nokia name brand.
  • Does it work this way for smartphones. Nokia doesn't exactly dominate the smartphone market in India.
  • Doesn't dominate but wants to so the name should be there
  • I sent that question but it wasn't answered.   Microsoft's social networks teams posing as "Nokia" did say that, but what they said goes against the legal terms of the deal.   Furthermore, Eflop's answer falls in line with the terms of the deal: "the Nokia brand is available to Microsoft to use for its mobile phones products for a period of time, but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go forward smartphone brand"   - "the Nokia brand is available to Microsoft to use for its mobile phones products for a period of time" -> a 10 year license for use on phones based on the S30 and S40 series.   - "but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones." -> the Nokia brand can only be used on former and current Lumia devices, which means Microsoft can keep using it on the 1020 and the 1520, and will be able to use it still on phones like the L630 and L930. However, they will not be able to use it on phones not made official prior do que completition of the deal. Which means the likes of "Superman" and "Goldfinger" should not come with the Nokia brand already.
  • So you are commenting on the terms of the deal in septmber that has changed alot from then? And you have seen the term of the final deal. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • First the deal didn't changed A LOT. And the changes made to the September deal were announced by both companies (the factories situation etc). There was absolutely no word on any changes regarding brand usage and so, therefore, we must assume that there was NO change in the terms of the deal. Furthermore, as I explained in my comment, Eflops answer seems to confirm that there was no change.   Otherwise he and Microsoft would be claiming to the seven winds that they would still be using the Nokia brand in the future. Microsoft knows that it's the Nokia brand that sells the phones. They're not that dumb. If they could, of course they would use the Nokia brand for quite a long time.
  • Usually deals like this have a transition period. They might not have a long term deal in place to use the Nokia name on smartphones. There probably is a clause to use the name for a year or two until the transition is complete. It sound like Elop's comment confirms that.
  • The wording of the deal was pretty clear. It basically said that they could keep using the brand on existing phones (like the 1020) and on other phones that were being developed until the closing of the deal. Which is why the 630 and 930 will still come with the Nokia brand on them. However, we shouldn't expect any other phones with the Nokia brand on them.
  • Wait, you're the "guest" who asked about the naming? Dude, you're famous! CNET even wrote an article about Elop not answering you.
  • No, it wasn't me. I asked directly about the terms of the deal. It didn't even show up (not sure if they even received it...I tried to send the question through the Surface and f*cking IE kept refreshing out of the blue. I had to send through the phone. But it wasn't answered. Lets see if it will show up in the upcoming "Q&A" blog post.
  • Imagine this ' Microsoft Lumia'
  • Meh.
  • If 'Microsoft' is branded or etched anywhere on the phone, I will not be purchasing that device.
  • Wouldn't it be a bit long to go on the front of a phone?
  • OnePhone tbh.
  • Lumia One
  • My 920 doesn't show the name Lumia on the exterior. Maybe some variants do? But when asked what type of phone it is I always say Nokia Lumia, ignoring the model number.
  • No Nokia Lumia has any mention to the "Lumia" brand anywhere. Nor the OS, nor the hardware. And most people I know and have heard around Europe even cut the "Lumia" from the name.
  • If you check it on "About" settings you will see: Model: Nokia Lumia XXX
  • Not on my phone. ;) You can change the name of your phone you know?
  • If you check again, there's two fields "Name:" (that I can change) and "Model:" (that you can not change).
  • I know. And my L1020 says: Name: Nokia 1020 (I named it) Model: Nokia 909.   No Lumia to be seen.
  • Bad for you, my phone show me Model: NOKIA Lumia 920. Also on the side of the little blue box. So I think you can't say "Nokia has any mention to the Lumia brand".
  • He was referring to on the device itself.  There's no Lumia branding on any device.
  • "Nor the OS"
  • When someone asks me I'm only answer is Lumia. Sometimes I add "running Windows phone 8"
  • Sweet! My guess is eventually a brand new brand will come out...the beauty and fun of marketing ;)
  • And now that I delve in, yep, that's their plan from what I gather. Hehe...go Microsoft!
  • Isn't that what they said? They are looking at alternatives. Maybe Surface phone. Who knows!
  • So Asha and X will retain it. Madness sense since they're still during with feature phones.
  • Wait, why would we need a replacement name? I thought the merger was supoose to help shorten the name, and we already have "Lumia", which is a established (niche) brand, I don't think we need another tag attached to it. Well...unless maybe Surface, Surface Lumia is not too bad.....but I still think Lumia along is better.
  • Yeah, I don't mind the "Lumia Surface" either! sounds kinda new age...
  • Just a simple tag "Nokia" makes the phone trustworthy....thats the power of brand!!
    Mebe on the right hand corner on the front screen they can have Nokia and on the rear end Microsoft Mobile...#randomthought
  • I believe they said they weren't using Microsoft Mobile as the brand. It is the company that will hold Nokia's purchased assets, Microsoft Mobile Oy.
  • Awesome!!!!
  • Love my Lumia! Converted my girlfriend from an android phone to a Lumia 928... She is impressed!
  • I won't buy phone without "Nokia" brand it there :)
  • Neither will lots of people ;)
  • Short-sighted much?
  • So, the hardware and design doesn't matter? Just the logo on the device matters? Very narrow minded. Especially since most of the people who created the Nokia smartphones will be creating the new phones.
  • Cool but Nokia name will buy u more handset than changing it...
  • If this is allowed from Nokia ,I suggest to Microsoft to use Nokia brand because it is more valuable than Microsoft in mobile device
  • So I think my Nokia Lumia 930 will be one of the last "Nokia's" come June this year.
  • I don't want a MICROSOFT phone! They should keep NOKIA!
  • What I want to see now is gigantic jumps in innovation from MS. It will keep confusion low with less model numbers and will turn heads.. We all know MS has the tech and know-how to tower over the current competition (they have been there and done all this) Now is their chance to use it. WOW THE WORLD MS! 'Release' what the competition hasn't even dreamed of yet!! We know you've got it, No more catchup!!
  • My guess is that they'll introduce the Surface name for they're phones and push that hard in the US especially. Nokia Lumia will still exist for a while until Surface or Xphone catches on
  • I know alot of people like "this" but tbh... I would LOVE TO SEE "Microsoft or Surface Phone" on my device...
  • I really don't understand why they can't just continue on with the Nokia name intact from here on in. They did it with Skype and some other companies they've acquired and it makes just as much sense to do so in this case.
  • They can't keep using the name, because they didn't buy the company. They only bought its "Devices and Services" division, basically, the phone division. Unlike with the Skype acquisition, where Skype became part of MS, Nokia still exists as a separate company, just not making phones. To make it more confusing, they actually did license the Nokia name for non-smartphones (their Asha line). So in some cases, they are allowed to keep using the Nokia name, just not on smartphones, which is what most of us here at WPCentral care about. DJCBS believes that's because Nokia is outsmarting MS and plans to return to compete with them in smartphones in 2016. I think it's just because Microsoft wants to build and leverage its own brand for its flagship mobile devices running Windows Phone and didn't want to dilute its Windows brand, in contrast to non-smartphones. For feature phones, which don't matter to MS, they'll just stick with Nokia's brand (or maybe even get out of that business). Of course, it's also possible that we're both right.
  • But I really don't think people at Nokia would find keeping their name offensive!
  • If you sold your car with a bumper sticker or custom license plate with your name, wouldn't you expect the new driver to take your name off the car? You wouldn't want to risk if he parks in handicap spaces, moons other cars as he passes, or drives like a granny in the left lane (or whatever is the fast lane in other countries). The Lumia name can go with the phone division, but Nokia is still its own business and probably doesn't want people confusing MS' future decisions with them. I agree with the sentiment that it would help MS sell phones in many markets (not so much here in the US) if they kept the Nokia name, at least in the near term while they work to build up the separate Lumia or Windows Phone brands, but not clear that either MS or Nokia wants MS using the name going forward.
  • Exactly mate!
  • I'm fine with "Nokia" remaining but "Lumia" has got to go.
  • It's not a Nokia unless it has the Nokia name on it
  • Yes. And HTC-Sueing M2. ;)
  • Personally I would love/prefer the NOKIA branding. I don't want the legacy to end :/
    *nostalgic* already :')
  • Without Nokia brand. Microsoft would lose a big part of Chinese consumer. As far as I know. Most Chinese buy WP because of Nokia
  • Again, what is the market share for Nokia smartphones in China? Microsoft might lose a small part of the market. They will have an opportunity to market and try to grab a bigger with a marketing push for their new brand. Most likely, Microsoft is probably hoping those Chinese OEMs that signed up to make WPs will help increase the market share in China.
  • Not just in China, but in Europe and other parts of the world as well. I'm in Canada and Nokia was a major reason for me jumping into Windows Phone. I'm wondering, though, how long Microsoft will use the Nokia name.
  • I dropped HTC for Nokia after a loyal 6-7 years, as they were the only other quality handset manufacturer in my eyes, when HTC started dropping the ball a couple of years back... Looking at the surface line, I can't see Microsoft Made handsets being of any lesser quality... If anything I can see the quality rising dramatically, due to the difference in financial status of MS compared to Nokia's recent times..
  • That is also true for European markets. Actually that's true for ALL the markets EXCEPT the USA.
  • So if I'm not mistaken, Microsoft bought the Hardware division of Nokia which means that unless Microsoft is allowed to use the Nokia name, then there won't be Nokia phones being made (at least for a while, I can't imagine MS was stupid enough to buy their hardware division but allow them to continue to compete in the same market).  What are you Nokia lovers going to do when there are no phones on the market with the name Nokia on them?  
  • Name should be "Mic-Nokia" or "Lumia-soft" :D :P
  • I'm a bit torn between keeping and dropping the Nokia name. I'd like to have a Microsoft-made and branded tablet and phone (you know, consistensy), but I fear for the consequences should they drop the (strong) Nokia-name.
  • I think they should brand the new phones "HARRY'.  As in the Harry 920 or the Harry 630
  • Microsoft won't be keeping the Nokia name because they are shrewd enough. They bought a part of Nokia so that they can start their own line of mobile phones just like the Google Nexus line. They just feel like making phones now, irrespective of whether people want to buy it or not. I just want them to have a more global presence and shed that 'US only' outlook.
  • Google's Nexus line isn't produced by Google nor by Google-owned companies though. The Nexus 5 is produced by LG. And there's rumours of HTC also producing a Nexus phone.   The only company Google used to own - Motorola - never produced a Nexus phone.
  • This topic is a thorn in my side. Microsoft needs to do some market research and watch how the Nokia brand sells over MS. Microsoft Mobile is not synonymous with success. Nokia on the other hand has a long history of outstanding even iconic products.
  • Glad they'll continue to use Nokia's name, at least for a while. The brand recognition is strong... Could be strengthened...
  • While I loved my Zune player and have nothing bad to say in its regard, I hope we don't see the Zune brand reemerge as being a Windows Phone.
  • Motorola sold off their handset business, and then the remaining independent of the company is now releasing handsets again. Perhaps the remaining stub of Nokia also plans to, once their exclusivity period ends in early 2015. Though without the design team, they'd simply be "me too" Android or WP handsets made by a contract manufacturer using mostly off the shelf designs.
  • I have some suggestions...
    They better find a good brand name...
  • Microsoft isn't stupid.
  • They should make
    1.Lumia Surface 1820
    2.Nokia Lumia 1820
    Then release them to the market to see what the consumers want judging by sales!
  • It's good to hear that Microsoft is going to use the Nokia name in transistion only. Whether you like it or not, the Nokia brand is a dying one and should be removed from Microsoft phones as soon as is feasible.
  • They have to make both phones with the Nokia brand and a new one, that way Microsoft will be able to see if the new name is worth it.
  • "Nokia" is much more well known than "Lumia". Over here, few people know or care about Lumia. They only know Nokia.
  • if that name ever goes from the phones.... i ain't gonna purchase it
  • Just like it was said about India, here in Brazil, an immense smartphone market, Nokia is still really valued as a brand.
  • Good no one would have bought a Microsoft branded phone. At least Nokia still has brand recognition and loyalty. Posted via Windows Phone Central App