Nokia pushes out Play To app for Lumia 1520 owners, streams to Xbox One

One app that was missing support on the 1080P Lumia 1520 was Nokia’s DLNA-enabled Play To. The app was ‘not available’ to download, presumably due to no display resolution support. Now, Nokia is remedying that by releasing Play To version 3.0 beta.

We just installed the app on our Lumia 1520 and connected it to our Xbox One for a fantastic streaming experience. Photos, video and music were able to show up on our 55-inch TV right from our Lumia phone with ease. Compared to earlier experiences, streaming content was much faster and efficient. We’re not sure if that’s the new Snapdragon 800 processor or the improved Xbox One, but we like the results.

Version 3.0 also brings these new features over the current 2.x version in the Store:

  • Support for all WP8 resolutions
  • Slideshow support for images

Play To works with various DLNA-supported devices including Xbox 360, Xbox One, various TVs, Windows 8 PCs and laptops and more. It does not work with the PlayStation 3 (or we’re guessing 4), though Nokia does have this to say:

“Play To doesn't yet work as a digital media server, so unfortunately it won't work with PS3.This is a feature we plan to introduce in some future release. Streaming of music is also limited to local content which is stored on the device.”

Regardless, Lumia 1520 owners (and future Lumia 1320 ones too) can now enjoy Play To and DLNA support for their Lumia phone. Pick up Play To version here in the Store.

Don't have a Lumia 1520? Just use the current Play To app found in the Store here.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

Daniel Rubino

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