Nokia not to hit US with Windows Phones until 2012?

According to a report over at AdAge, Nokia is set to skip the U.S. and focus solely on Europe for the 2011 holiday season. We expect to see what the manufacturer has to offer consumers tomorrow with the unveiling of the Nokia 800 (Sea Ray), among possible other handsets. The above chart shows the amount of advertising investment manufacturers have made in the U.S.

We covered Nokia's plans a while ago where targeting Europe for 2011, early 2012, with their first handset is top priority. We suspect the U.S. will come soon after when volume rolls out with Russia being covered too. This is a logical plan of action with Windows Phone being the last life line for the manufacturer. Time to get the device and marketing perfect for one audience before targeting another.

Source: AdAge, via: DailyTech  Thanks goes out to Lesley for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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