Nokia releases Mobile World Congress 2013 app for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has released a Mobile World Congress app for this year's event. The GSMA recently launched its own official app for the event, but the Finnish manufacturer has a follow-up to its 2012 version. With two available apps for MWC, which one is best to use? Both apps are great companions to take along to the event, but should you own a Lumia Windows Phone, we'd recommend checking out Nokia's offering.

Just like the GSMA app, users can use the Nokia MWC solution for Windows Phone to view exhibitors, speakers, agendas, as well as tracks for conference, featured programme and seminars. A full map is available for offline use, just in case you don't have a data plan to cover your visit to Barcelona - the last thing you want to happen is for more bills to stack up on top of the mini-fridge raids.

Nokia MWC 2013

With the available content at hand, the app allows room for personalisation, with users able to select favourite speakers, customise exhibitor selection and create a unique event list to follow. There's always the need for a break from MWC too, which is where the augmented reality experience comes in. Nokia have bundled the AR functionality to show nearby POI (Points of Interest) and venues. And of course, Nokia is going big at MWC, which is illustrated with the Nokia App Developer Conference.

The event is a huge opportunity for attendees to network and meet new faces, and the app sports NFC sharing to conveniently fire out your contact details. Probably our favourite features of the app are the Live Tiles and lock screen. Attendees will be reminded of upcoming events at the conference with nothing more than a glance.

The official MWC app isn't a bad offering, and focuses more on a broader audience, while Nokia is clearly hitting hard with Lumia Windows Phone. Windows Phone Central will be on the floor to provide you the latest news. It's going to be a big one.

You can download Nokia MWC 2013 from the Windows Phone Store. Available to Lumia Windows Phones only.

QR: Nokia MWC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Downloading right now
  • Wp8 only. :(
  • The RBS banking app is released too. Now give us IE 10 please.
  • Can't download it on my L800. Is that a WP8-only app? If yes, that's really moronic
  • Actually is not really... This app is heavy on NFC capabilities. Almost to the core of the app. So it kind of makes sense. And I say that as a proud Lumia 800 owner.
  • Proud Lumia 800 owner who right about now wishes he had a Lumia 920 :p
  • I agree, moronic. Who's most likely to be interested in new Nokia products at MWC, WP8 or WP7.x users?
    Loads of NFC features? Great, for attendees, but naff-all use to anyone got going to MWC for sure.
    An app to give Nokia fans up-to-the minute news on new products at MWC as they are announced would create an instant buzz around them and build demand. WP7.x users are more likely to be ready to trade up to a new product than WP8 users, surely.
  • This app crashed my Lumia 620, had to take battery out, uninstalled
  • As a faithful Lumia 900 user I'm grateful for all of the support Nokia provides the 7.xx community. Having said that, it looks like we are getting to the point where the 7.xx crowd is getting pushed aside. There is no mention of the MWC2013 app being win8 only. I fear that this will become more and more common. Another year to go on my contract, then I can play in the Win8 pool.
  • look at it this way: by the time you upgrade, wp8 will get rid of all the bugs, it will get new features, and nokia will have more slimmer and more tech in their hardware.
  • +1
  • Currently only wp8 version is available. We will have wp7.5 version coming out later this week without NFC and lock screen as it's not available in wp7.5. This app will definitely looking after both 8 and 7.5 users.
  • Oh, that's good news. You posted this while I was in the process of slagging Nokia off in my earlier comment! Well done for keeping WP7.5 users covered. After all, we're most likely to be in the market for new Nokia kit right now.
    But why can't you write apps smart enough to work out what features the users phone has and implement accordingly instead of needing two different ones?
  • Doesn't WP8 use a different kernel?
  • Thank you, Judy!
  • WP7.5 users, download this version:
  • Thanks for the app... Gud for L800...
  • I'm so hype about this!!! Nokia EOS!!!
  • I love nokia. I love my 920. My next phone will be nokia even if nokia drops windows phone :)
  • I just want Feb 25th to hurry up!
  • WP8 only?!? Way to screw over a WP7.5 user Nokia. Total douche move!!!
  • lol, it relies on NFC, WP7 does not have NFC support.
  • Wp7.x users download the official mwc app by geniemobile..Just search for mwc on the marketplace.
  • Freeking region reaction!!