Nokia rolls out a worldwide update for HERE Maps

Nokia today announced an update for the HERE maps solution on both Windows Phone and Android, which should be hitting handsets from today. The update includes support for turn-by-turn navigation in new regions (and improvements to the feature itself in supported markets), as well as improved map coverage in others markets. But wait, there's more.

Other improvements affect inland water (lakes, rivers and ponds), and public transportation has been revamped in Kaohsiung, Taipei, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Singapore for accurate tracking of subway, train and tram lines. It's essentially a well-rounded feature pack update, and one we recommend you download once it's available.

It may take a few days for the update to trickle through to your smartphone, but do let us know if you've received the update. You can check by heading into the HERE app and going into settings to check for map updates (settings > applications > maps > check for updates).

Source: HERE

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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