Nokia Russia video walks through coffee shop Wireless Charger manufacturing process

Nokia Russia has published a video on its YouTube channel that runs through the manufacturing and installation of wireless charging units in partnered coffee shops. The company has entered into a partnership with the Red Espresso chain of coffee shops in Moscow to offer wireless charging stations for customers to charge their smartphones and other devices.

Since Nokia makes us of the Qi standard when it comes to wireless charging, the stations that have been installed in coffee shops can be used for other compatible hardware. As well as Red Espresso, Nokia has also partnered with Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, and Virgin Atlantic who will also offer a similar service.

It's not just companies who are looking to use wireless charging for customers to make use of, but also consumers are getting into the DIY realm. Windows Phone Central reader Andre Schneider has managed to alter his coffee table to enable Wireless Charging by resting his compatible Windows Phone on top.

Source: YouTube; via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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