Nokia shows off the perks of using the Lumia 1020 over a DSLR

Have a Nokia Lumia 1020? If you do and you’re like us, you’re probably using your DSRL less and less. It’s hard to lug around big heavy gear when you’re out travelling and exploring. Which is why the Lumia 1020 is awesome. You get amazing photography with a camera that fits in your front pocket. Check out this great video from Nokia highlighting the benefits of 41 megapixels in your smartphone.

That video mirrors our usage the past six months. When Dan and I went to Abu Dhabi for Nokia World we didn’t take our Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D700 when we went exploring the city. Instead we took our Lumia 1020’s to capture the sights. Don’t get use wrong, DSRLs still have their place, it’s just that we’re really digging the photography prowess that is PureView

Source: YouTube

Sam Sabri
  • Look at Joe belfiores latest tweet! He says windows phone sales more than doubled over the holidays so I don't understand how Nokia got only 8.2 million
  • He said number of Activations doubled and maybe some people bought other windows phone devices and he may be lumping together all OEMs and windows phone 7
  • Ya that's what confuses me. Nokia is the only thing being marketed and the only ones on display so I don't know how other OEMs were able to sell more
  • They have to get micromax into business asap.
  • He was comparing numbers of activations of Q4 2013 to Q4 2012.
    He knew perfectly well that people were talking about those 8.2 from Nokia which IS a decrease in sales compared to Q3 2013. Basically he was trying to throw sand into the eyes of the gullible. Can't blame him for trying given his job...
  • So staying facts is "throw sand into the eyes of the guillible". I see how you developed your way of thinking.    He stated things from Microsoft's point of view, which is not just Nokia, so it wouldn't make sense for him to break out Nokia numbers independently. On top of that, financially speaking, analysts also tend to value YoY over QoQ. 
  • I waaaaant. :(
  • Umm.. DSLR right? As in Digital Single Lens Reflex...
  • Im facepalming over here....cmon Sam!
  • DYSLEXIA. Trust me, I'm facepalming too. I just slapped myself. Are we even? 
  • Mistakes happen, trust me I make them daily!
  • I was going to say the same thing!
  • Yeah? ;-)
  • I keep reading it thinking there was a type of camera I'd never heard of!
  • "I think he did a little too much LDS."
  • Agreed. 
  • Question.. How many Lumia 1020's have been sold compared to the 808?
  • I've bought one, one of my colleagues and his mother have one, and I know about five other's with them. So I'll say it's about double... :P
  • Probably triple.. Where do you live❔
  • In Norway, land of the midnight sun and so on...
    Guess they're selling quite well here, have seen a few in the wild and it's on the list at, which only sell the most popular phones. Personally know 7 people with a 1020 and more with 920's and other Lumias.
    Congrats on the 1520 btw, it's not here for another 3 weeks or so, but I think I'll stick with my yellow 1020 for a while, just a magnificent and amazing little thingy :)
  • Ps! Haven't seen a 808 live ever, so don't know how many there are out there?
  • Yeah, I'm really enjoying my 1520, and I still use my 920 everyday.. Both are great devices...
  • Couldn't agree more. I also took my Nokia L1020 on my Christmas holidays and the results were so good that my wallpapers on PC, tablet, smartphone and PS3 are all photos I took with the Nokia L1020.
    I don't feel any need to buy a DSLR and I have no intention to do it. I'll be using the Nokia L1020 as my camera for some years to come, regardless of which phone/OS I'll be using as a daily driver.
  • Cool video but "49.99$"...yeah, right...
  • Should of been $49.99* *2 year prison term
  • Don't blame this ad for being America based.
  • I was looking at upgrading to that today. It might just happen. Surprisingly it is actually a little lighter than my 920, and excluding the bulk of the lens it is thinner than the 920 too.
  • Lumia 1020 is just $49.99 at AT&T right now. 
  • I wish it were sold on T-Mobile.  Nokia would have another sale like yesterday!
  • Yeah, aside from the camera bulge, the 1020 is a thin and light little thing. Always amazes me how its able to have a battery that lasts so long, when half of the internal space is practically being consumed by that camera senor. It's truly a feat of modern engineering, and I can't wait until Nokia pumps it up with a 1080p display and a Snapdragon 800/805 processor!
  • If I'd break my current WP, I'd get the 1020 in a heart beat...just the thought of a 41mp camera in my pocket is amazing. Just can't justify it with my current love/WP.
  • While God forbid something happen to your precious WP, I would agree that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is incredible! Even beyond its camera prowess, it's still a great overall phone! Highly recommend!
  • Id get a 1020 if my 920 broke in a heartbeat. I almost did anyway but the lower res screen in 1020 along with the same processor convinced me to wait for the next version. Come on 1020 with full 720 or 1080 screen and snapdragon 800 :)
  • Snapdragon 805 with an hdmi out :)
  • This, plus wireless charging (direct) and I'm upgrading.
  • Lower res screen? The Lumia 1020 is rocking a 786x1280 screen just like the 920, how is it low res? :o
  • Its not lower res.. The screen actually looks a bit better on the 1020
  • I love my 1020
  • Me too, only another lumia with a 41 megapixel and a snapdragon 800 processor would make me replace it (and hopefully a 1080p screen), but until then, it's a keeper :) 
  • I almost miss my L920... But the camera is soooooo good.
  • Just curious. What makes you almost miss your 920?
  • Wireless Charging?
  • The 920 is a great phone...
  • Great video.  Hope to see commercials of this soon.  The one of the 1020 at the kid's school play got old real fast.
  • Battery for a power user like me is it's only (albeit minor) flaw
  • At least the Camera accessories add some juice... Should be able to last few hours of Photography&Filming
  • Ha. That was funny where the man slipped near the tree.
  • Thanks Nokia for making it available for Verizon and T-Mobile customers too. :P
  • This^..............I would have bought the phone @ launch had it been on Verizon. Unfortunately, im now waiting for the 929, for what seems like forever - only thing is, that Id rather have an updated version of the 1020 if i had any inkling of a feeling that it would come to Verizon.  Even when it does get updated, it will probably only be on ATT, which is mind boggling insane.  ATT must be paying Nokia some serious cash to keep the phone all to themselves.  It is holding back the platform.  i hope that Microsof sees this, and releases the Pureview on all carriers simultaneusly. 
  • This is exactly where I am.  Where I live, Verizon is the only viable option.  I want the 1020.  I'm going to be watching the 929, but it will be the first time in several years that I'm not buying on day one.  I'm still hoping that one day soon, the 1020 variant will come.  If not, then I'll be looking for a phone around the end of the year.  For now, the 928 is my driver, from day one.  Before that, 822 from day one.  And before that, Trophy from day one.
  • Yeah ATT is paying them some money but can they really be paying them the price of three times the sales Nokia would have if they released the phone on the three biggest carriers in America? I doubt it. But I would've got this phone on T-Mobile especially with the prices I pay for monthly usage being way cheaper than ATT and Verizon. So what I'm hoping for is a 4.5" 1080p screen variant with the 1520's internals to be released later this year. That would be the perfect phone for me! Are they really gonna use that mighty 41 megapixel sensor on just one device? Maybe but I hope not. I would love to see this phone in my hands without having to jump through hurdles or pay a lot of money up front to buy it off contract and still have to unlock it. Nokia, make the rest of us happy.
  • what a dumb ad! oh c'mon really, using tele lens to take whole scene? there are PRIMES n WIDE. there's also fuji's X  series which more compact for daily use
  • you don't want to be bothered by bringing 2 different peripherals, right? and by using 1020, you can immediately share photos you've captured!
  • I agree with you on sharing part.. but at least make some sense..i never bring such monstrous lens to capture portrait(unless for paparazzi) . a 35mm/24mm is enough for my daily or during travelling.
  • Perhaps the intention was humour?
  • Good ad, but I'd still use a DSLR. I'd like to see video compared from a DSLR and the 1020.
  • here you are.
  • When we are on vacations, It's common to bring along a dedicated camera. Most of us will satisfied with pocket camera. But when we on some occasions that did not planned to take pictures, smartphone cameras is the only way to go. And this 1020 is a great one :)
  • I think the ad is intended for non-professional photographers buying a DSLR just for the image quality. 1020 doesn't really match it, but comes close for many casual situations. Also, more time is saved due to the 'zoom later' phlosophy. SLRs are all about proper framing setting up right before the shoot, which is cumbersome.
  • "SLRs are all about proper framing setting up right before the shoot, which is cumbersome." How is that cumbersome, you obviously never used a DSLR before!!
  • I picked up my 1520 and my wife has the 1020 now. She has told me that unless there is a better camera she will never want to upgrade her phone.
  • I like it but u cant do this   ;) love my lumia dough
  • They sell Lumia dough now? To make Lumia bread? Awesome!
  • Haha
  • Entirely banking on camera features is not enough. some of the basic features like attaching multiple docs , pdfs for working professionals must be there
  • Sorry guys, I'll have to be the naysayer once again. I really wish Nokia wouldn't make ads like this one. It might convince some stupid people, but really, if you ask any real photographer out there (which probably spent money on gear like in the ads) they'll simply say that it's bullshit. I have myself a Canon T2i and a Lumia 1020. Yes, the photo quality of the Lumia 1020 is the best among smartphones. Yes, you can take it on situations that you'd perhaps otherwise take a stand alone camera in the past. But no, the results are not nearly as good, there are tons of situations where a Lumia 1020 would never replace a dSLR, and the video make it even dumber by shoving huge tele lenses on some of those situations, along with huge tripods and such. First of all, the image quality on the Lumia 1020 is good, but it's not as good as on a dSLR, even if you have RAW DNG to work with. Yes, I've tested it myself. The 41Mpx thing is nice to make some ammount of zoom, but you end up loosing some sharpness and quality - no questions about that. With a huge tele that's mostly used for sports photography (the ones you see tourists using for some reason) have very high quality optics to capture stuff at a distance. Lumia 1020 is great, but it can't replace a dSLR main function which is being able to switch quality lenses to get different effects and perspectives. Touchscreen manual controls will never compare to physical configurable buttons. After fiddling some with manual mode on the Lumia 1020, it's just been the case that I mostly go back to full auto, or partial auto. Because it's a drag to deal with it. Not even close to the experience of pulling focus or zoom on real lenses. Lumia 1020 has a considerable lag for high quality pics, and this lag increases a damn lot when you put it to capture RAW DNG. This is something several dSLRs don't have. If we're talking tripods, they are usually needed for dSLRs in low light situations, to capture long exposures, or stuff like timelapse, hyperlapse among some other techniques. Lumia 1020 does some of those (or can do with a given app), but you'd also need a tripod anyways (thus the optional case with a quarter inch hole). For daylight or good lighting situations you can use a dSLR handheld just like the Lumia.  To be noted: There are SOME situations where you could replace a dSLR with a Lumia 1020. It'd be more accurate to say though that it replaces point 'n shoot cameras, because for most of those situations you really don't need a dSLR in the first place. People carry it around either because they don't really understand their needs to match with the camera purchase, or because they don't want to buy a point 'n shoot just for it. If you are taking tourism photos with a dSLR for some sane reason though, it wouldn't be replaced by a Lumia 1020 by any means. The ad ends up just giving even more hate fuel for pro photographers, trolls and haters. People who never shot with a Lumia 1020 and is just waiting for yet another deceitful campaign to take shots (pun intended) at. I'd agree with it far more if, for instance, it compared tourists and amateurs using a dedicated point 'n shoot camera, and then using the smartphone for some other thing, and then Lumia 1020 owners using it for both. It's a convenience that has it's compromises but is totally worth it. Unless you really need the best image quality possible from a high end point 'n shoot, or something like a micro 4/3rds.
  • I couldn't agree more.  As much as I like my yellow nokia 1020, it is not on par with my 12 years old nikon d50 dslr.  I am not a professional photographer, but I can definitely beat anyone using 1020 in speed, lighting, and color.  I never bother to edit tons my photos, but I know what is stunning first shot look like, whether they are macro, action, portrait, or landscape.  But to say a point and shoot reach the plain of nikon dslr, you know no art at all.  I am sure my lumia 1020 is a stunning piece of technology in 2013, but not yet an ultimate craft of art as some would like to believe.
  • My 4 years old EOS 550D is a lot better than nokia's 1020 camera. That’s why I buy nokia 920, it’s have better IPS display than 1020, it’s have wireless charging, and is coasts less. What about camera? 920 is enough for always in pocket camera, to capture some incident or docs, or something interesting on the way. However, in other case, I prefer my 550D (in future i'll buy EOS 6D), or if you want small camera something like EOS M with 22mm optics, it’s really small, and shoot better than 1020.
  • No dude, just no. the 920's camera is horrible compared to the 1020 (i have owned both) and I would never accept a camera of the 920 level as my daily point and shoot anymore. To carry two devices like you propose is so inconvenient that its completely out of the question.
  • I dont carry 2 devices, I just take Canon if i know that I will sooting. I dont say than 920's camera is similiar to 1020, i just say thats enough. So if I in vacation and go for a walk, i prefer take Canon EOS M2 (or 6D), because its better camera. and leave my 920 in the pocket with full battery.
  • You are completely missing the point of the ad, which never states that the 1020's camera has better quality than a dslr. It shows that it is much, much more convenient to carry and use and its shots are more than good enough for holiday pics and other casual scenarious. I'm a professional photographer but I will never carry my canon mark III daily or even when I go on holidays, its just to cumbersome not to mention risky (from theft)
  • Dude, nobody reads such a long post! lol
  • Hello, I am Mr. Nobody.
  • :D
  • Agreed
  • Sorry, can't help it! Lacking the powers of summarization... :P
  • Is marketing. Samsung added lots of sensors to their phones too, but yet how many are really using them all? And sometimes, I'm really thinking that I'm carrying a DSLR with me too.
  • Xsport
    Oh man, you really don't take a joke do you?
    Everyone knows that a LDRS takes way better pictures in most situations, but this is all about convenience, I don't carry a big DSLR around in my pocket at all times. But the überly beautiful Nokia Lumia 1020 in all its yellowly fantasticness is with me at all times, ready to take on tasks that my RSLD can't help me with, since it's standing ON A SHELF AT HOME because it does not fit into my pocket and therefore only are with me on those occasions when I'm planning a photo trip, then I'll bring my LSDR with me...
    But between the trips with the LSDR, a Nokia Lumia 1020 is certainly the best companion to bring photo wise :)
  • +1
  • I think, you're absolutely right. For me, a camera where you cannot adjust the aperture, is not a replacement for any other camera. That's something even point-and-shoot cameras can do and it's one of the most important settings for a photographer who wants to get a nice pictorial design. Therefore, for me, the Lumia 1020 is great if have no camera with me and see a scene I don't want to "loose". But if I know I will make photos (and being the first time in a foreign city you know that, right?), I'll always take a real camera with me.
  • Blah blah blah blah blah. The best camera is the one that you have with you. You will have your phone with you 99% of the time, but a DSLR only if you plan ahead and carry loads of gear with you. That's the point of the video. Of course you don't need a tripod and all the lenses too, but it's still hard to carry such a camera inconspiciously. Nothing screams "tourist" more than a big camera, and you're probably more likely to be a target for theft. It's far easier to carry a mobile phone around with you to take photos. You'll never shoot a wedding with it (although someone did) but for on-the-move stuff it's perfect.
  • You take this ad way too serious,
    As all Nokia ads it has a funny element in it. And be honest everybody understands that there is a difference between the two...
  • LOL at the guy fumbling with a gigantic lens. Is that a 400mm?
  • that is exactly what i'm trying to pin point haha.. it's just crazy man.. 1020 is great phone camera and comparable to any point-and-shoot but can't match dslr/rangefinder/mirrorless camera quality in terms of bokeh, extreme lowlight, fast moving subject, strobe light and so on..
  • Yes, and no. I'm actually using a mirrorless so it isn't that bulky. While I use it less now, I definitely still bring it almost all the time. The Lumia 1020 isn't cut out for catching spur of the moment things. It's slower. And I cannot deny the greater DR and details I can get from a DSLM. But seriously, almost 50% of the time, the 1020 is enough.
  • "don't get use wrong"? LOL
  • Nokia yes its a great phone, but plz stop makeing ads where you compare your product with some thing esle,.. Please try to be Professnal not immture like this.
  • Um, no. The 1020--my phone--is better than a point-and-click in every way, but my (old?) Canon DRXT (with OIS lenses) beats it for photographic quality and versatility. I'm not talking megapixels here. It's a trade off I'm willing to make in most cases, but when I do pull out the Canon and use it well, I'm amazed, still.
  • It better focusssed on the decision moment too take that bag along. The family has to be patient u grab this big DSLR they always waiting for u to get finished if not u have too sprint again. Especially when u decided too change lens. The moment u go for a diner on a vacation the big bag stands a lot in the way and  its a big value target for thieves. The moment u just have this big camera with u but u cant. Or moment that people get out of the way for your big camera or where it isnt allowed for copy rights sake. Where pockets are allowed where the stealthy use of a 1020 works more conveniant. Indeed my D50 with 17-55 and especialy my 300MM cant be beaten.
  • A humoristic way the camera mans wife doesnt want u tooo focus on photography while together on trips. So u bought the lumia 1020 to compromise. And withouth she noticed u bring superb photo's and she wonders when u made them. Man i should be in this buissness.  
  • Huh?
  • DSRL? Wat.
  • A DSLR is better quality than the Lumia 1020, however... The best camera is the one you have with you. And since you always have your phone with you, it is awesome to have one with an amazing camera. I hope I can get a high end Lumia soon.
  • Still happy with my 808, but hoping that the Nokia 1820 will continue the PureView camera quality while adding an SD card slot. Then I might jump ship to Windows Phone, despite its flaws. Please, Microsoft: add an SD slot and automated sound profiles to make the 1820 comparable to other flagships.
  • New phones come out in a few months just wait
  • Why the heck is she holding the phone vertically in the pic? I HATE when people take all their iPhone photos in portrait....
  • She's probably instagramming
  • um.... Ok I really don't know what all the fuss is about comparing the 1020 and Dslr/Slr cameras... Everyone is so afraid of change or that their super expensive, super inconvenient, huge, bulky "professional" cameras could be beaten by a tiny little Windows Phone! In the end a camera is just as good as the eye and mind behind the lens. Steven Alvarez with a 1020 will take better pictures then any of you with any DSLR setup.... Ok calm down guys, maybe not all of you but any DSLR. Nokia and National Geographic both agree that the 1020 IS CAPABLE OF MATCHING AND EVEN BEATING DSLR CAMERAS if you know what you are doing. I have had my 1020 for almost a month now and yes, I agree, the camera is not perfect and it has let me down, but I take a ton of pics every day and every day I have a WOW moment when reviewing my pics either on the phone or on the PC! I still believe the imaging algorithms can further increase the quality and detail of the output. The Black update was a step in the right direction but there's still room for improvement. Bottom Line.... If you take time to learn the camera and get a feel for it the Lumia 1020 could well be the only camera you ever need.... Ok maybe not ever LOL, but you get the point :) OK..... Let the stone throwing commence!!!
  • Quantity isn't a quality.
  • What's with the way he pronounces Nokia?