Nokia Software Recovery Tool is the latest to be rebranded with the Lumia name

Microsoft has been very busy rebranding the software that Nokia first developed for its Windows Phone devices when it acquired Nokia's Devices and Services division in April. The latest app that got the change isn't technically a Windows Phone app but a Windows desktop app. Specifically, the Nokia Software Recovery Tool has now been updated with the new Lumia Software Recovery Tool name.

While Microsoft's official download page for the app still shows the old branding, the new name is now live in a recent update as noted by many Windows Central readers. Lumia device owners can use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to reset and recover their phone software if their phone is experiencing software related or software update problems.

Have you used the app in the past to help fix problems with your Lumia smartphone?

Source: Microsoft Thanks to the many folks who tipped us!

John Callaham