Nokia 'Stay Tuned' teaser trailer hits the web hints at augmented reality

With one short day to go before we finally see what Nokia has in its bag of tricks for us, they release yet another teaser, its too much, we know. Tomorrow of course is go day for the Nokia and Microsoft announcement in New York.

This one is very short at sixteen seconds, a lady walks down the street with her cans on whilst images of deals are superimposed on the shops. The information conveys the shops rating from Style Magazine along with “likes” from friends. The obvious thing to think here is of augmented reality, perhaps like that of Nokia City Lens that has just left beta.

Nokia might of course choose to highlight the final version of City Lens tomorrow to show it’s still fully supporting Windows Phone 7. What has us interested is the inclusion of “likes” on this teaser, there are currently no Facebook interactions in the augmented reality app. We wonder if that's on the way or just part of Windows Phone 8 on a core level. Exciting stuff.

We’d love to know what you guys think of this, do let us know in the comments bellow.

Robert Brand