Nokia 'Stay Tuned' teaser trailer hits the web hints at augmented reality

With one short day to go before we finally see what Nokia has in its bag of tricks for us, they release yet another teaser, its too much, we know. Tomorrow of course is go day for the Nokia and Microsoft announcement in New York.

This one is very short at sixteen seconds, a lady walks down the street with her cans on whilst images of deals are superimposed on the shops. The information conveys the shops rating from Style Magazine along with “likes” from friends. The obvious thing to think here is of augmented reality, perhaps like that of Nokia City Lens that has just left beta.

Nokia might of course choose to highlight the final version of City Lens tomorrow to show it’s still fully supporting Windows Phone 7. What has us interested is the inclusion of “likes” on this teaser, there are currently no Facebook interactions in the augmented reality app. We wonder if that's on the way or just part of Windows Phone 8 on a core level. Exciting stuff.

We’d love to know what you guys think of this, do let us know in the comments bellow.

Robert Brand
  • Tomorrow can't come soon enough.
  • Can't wait! I bet it is city lens!
  • Is there live video broadcast ?
  • Hahahaha.....i live in the U.S. And the date '5.9.2012' came up. I originally was thinking, "Augmented Reality? More like a time machine..."
  • Lol I don't know why the date is different from what we're use to
  • Only Americans use that date format...
  • It was a joke...and we know. When you first glance at any date, you assume it is in the format you are accustome too.
  • I don't get it :-( like the first video ..but tomorrow will make my decision, on trying a. W8 phone :)
  • It looks like there's some sort of cue, either using audio or vibration, that alerts the woman's attention to the ad. Notice how she stops without looking at the phone while near the store.
  • I think she was alerted to the ad through the headphones
  • Also another video has been added with the same woman choosing from different coloured shoes. I would say a reference to the range of colours coming to the lumia range.
  • Today it's Wednesday, today it's Wednesday, today it's Wednesday, todayit'swednesday...
  • Fantastic other news!
  • This is GREAT!!! Finally I waited so long..
  • GPS or proximity based ads that alert you of deals when you walk by them. Who didn't see this coming? Who needs more electronic noise is my question. After this will come electronic coupons that automatically add themselves to your ecoupon wallet when you walk by merchandise. It will only get worse when they start advertising to your car based on location.
  • 16 seconds.. That means that the 820 will have 16MP camera lol!! Sarcasm off--> I am really excited I can't wait for tomorrow its a really important day for the platform and for Nokia. Hoping that the 820 hits T-Mo and VZW!!
  • I've never been this excited about a phone/s before. Today will be the longest day ever!
  • "You are now walking by "Choose Shoes". It's been rated 4 stars by Style Magazine. Two friends have checked in. Three thumbs up by friends. Walk in to hear current sales.
  • "You are now walking by a dark alley. Walk in to get raped"
  • I prefer "You are now walking by dark alley, walk fast."
  • Haha... Even better
  • What's up with the walk? It's a sidewalk, not a runway. At one point I thought she was going to trip. That said, definitely curious to find out what all the subtle clues mean. Tomorrow is going to be fun!
  • What if all of these videos were shot with pureview 920.