Nokia Touch Update

Nokia never fails to impress us with the little options and configurations the company adds with its system app updates. This latest release (version for the Touch system app on Lumia Windows Phones enables a new setting for consumers to toggle, which affects the vibration feedback caused by hitting the capacitive buttons. You're now able to simply turn the vibration on and off.

We actually speculated that this would happen back in September, so we're glad to see it finally arrive.

This setting affects all three buttons – Back, Windows and Search. It's a small alteration with a massive impact on the user experience. Say you don't wish to have your hands massaged while holding your Windows Phone and hitting the capacitive keys, or perhaps you'd like to have the phone completely silent, including any motors running to provide haptic feedback. It's a minor update with a cool new feature.

You can check for updates on your Lumia Windows Phone or hit this link to manually grab the latest Touch release. It's worth noting that a prompt will appear for you to reboot your Windows Phone when changing this setting. Do you prefer to have the capacitive key vibration feedback on or off? Sound off in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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