We all know that Nokia Lumias tend to record the best audio in addition to photos and video. That’s due to their inclusion of high-amplitude audio capture (HAAC) microphones on their various devices, including their entry level Lumias.

Indeed, the Lumia 1020 has three microphones (like the 920) all positioned for ideal recording, except now Nokia has enabled full stereo ability—a feature that will be coming to other 9xx Lumias in the future via an update.

In a new video posted to their YouTube channel, Nokia puts the 1020 up against their competitors (we assume the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4) in a DJ contest. The phones were positioned exactly the same and only leveled for volume.

Granted, we’ve seen these comparisons numerous times ever since the 920 was released (we even did one against the HTC 8X), but this time with the 1020, Nokia is really taking the lead in promoting their rich audio recording abilities and tying it into the most common thing: recording clips from live performances.  Nokia and Verizon actually did start with the Lumia 928 to show this feature in various commercials and ads, but it now looks like the 1020 will have even more emphasis on this technology.

Source: YouTube