Nokia Pro Cam Lumia 925

Good news if you’re looking to ramp up your photography skills on the Lumia 925, as Nokia is now allowing the Pro Cam app on that phone. Previously, the advanced photography suite was only available for the Nokia Lumia 1020 but it was also known that it would trickle down to the 92x series later.

Today, we can confirm that on our Lumia 925 we can install and indeed use the app. We also suspect that Lumia 928 users may be also be able to use it as well as those on the Lumia 920 who have received the combo GDR2 + Amber updates. In order for the app to work, it requires some OS modifications and the Amber firmware that those new updates bring.

Pro Cam is Nokia’s advanced suite of photography tools that enables users to control their camera’s white balance, focus, ISO and more all with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Other tools include bracketing (multiple exposures) and a timer. While the app is a necessity with the Lumia 1020 due to its advanced camera, it’s obvious that those with a Lumia 92x device could also benefit due to their PureView cameras.

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Lumia 925 users can head to the Nokia Collection to pick up Pro Cam right now by following this link.

Update: As confirmed in comments, if you have Amber on your Lumia 920 or Lumia 928, you can indeed install Pro Cam. Thanks, jgbstetson, for the tip!

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