Nokia updates App Highlights for Windows Phone, changes a few things

Nokia has released an update for App Highlights, which has now been bumped to version It's a rather minor update that changes a handful of things within the app itself, including the alteration of the highlight layout from landscape to portrait. For those who are unaware, App Highlights is a solution from Nokia for consumers who are seeking more content from the store that they may have not yet come across.

We didn't notice anything else that appeared to be new in this release. More collections were added in a previous update, but the change log still remains present today. You can download App Highlights from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: App Highlights

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yeah...the Red Stripe Deal section is gone.
    I assume Microsoft hasn't discontinued the promotion? If not, well, then it's a terrible change to the App. It was the only thing I used it for.
    Also, it now changes your region to that of your Marketplace, even if you have your phone set for another region (mine was set for the UK and I was now forced to change it). So it renders the App useless as the info it gives you know is the same you can get directly from the Store.
    EDIT: Just did an experiment. It's the forced changing of region that eliminated the Red Stripe Deals section. For some reason, Nokia thinks some regions are first class and others second. Yet, if I uninstall, reinstall it while the region is set for UK, then change the region, the App maintains the UK settings even though it shows stuff in Euros and recognizes the new region on the top of the App.
  • "Red Stripe Deals" is under "Collections" on my app. I'm in the US if that could be the difference.
  • Nop. Nothing here. It's completely gone. The only thing I'm unsure is if the change of region that the App forced has to do with it disappearing. Which is stupid since every region has access to the Red Stripe Deals.
  • I still have it under Collections. (just updated , USA)
  • I'm in Ireland and I still have the Red Stripe deal section
  • Whats the difference between collections and categories anyways?
    also got no idea why that app highlights should work better than the store itself. tried it once but didnt see a reason to keep using it
  • Too bad they didn't change the layout to resemble App Highlight Social. One of the best I've seen....
  • There is an Update to Metrotube as well... Does anybody knows what it is?
  • Google compliances.
    Kidding, I have no idea.
  • presumably, this:
    EDIT: and I cant update. It throws error c101a7d1 and when I uninstall the app it asks me to re-purchase :-/
  • What's the difference between "App Highlight" and "App Highlight Social"?
  • Check them both out, you'll see. I prefer social. The layout is incredible, plus its a really cool concept. Its like a pseudo-social network for sharing lists of apps.
  • Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try it out.
    BTW, if you liked App Highlight Social better, did you uninstall the "non-social" app?
  • i know i did. Highlights Social still has collections, but allows you to create and share your own, as well as view apps recommended by others and seems to have better search then the Windows Phone store itself.
  • what's the difference between this app and the social one?
  • Not only does Highlights Social have improved collections (Grouped under the Nokia account of your region: NokiaUS for example), but allows you to create your own collections and share them with others, as well as view collections from other users and follow them so new additions to their collections appear on the "Feed" tab. Not to mention an AWESOME UI and search better then the Windows Store itself. Like App Highlights on Social Steroids. I use this more than the store.