Use your main camera for selfies with the latest Nokia Glam Me update

Nokia has released another update for its Glam Me app on Lumia Windows Phones. If you're not familiar with the name, it's essentially a solution for those who enjoy taking selfie shots of themselves and sharing said results with the world. We previously saw the app receive 1080p treatment in the wake of Windows Phone 8.1, and today Nokia has added a few new additions.

We've received word that version of Glam Me includes some UI alterations, as well enabling users to select the auto-selfie option from the main (rear) camera. It's a neat little update, but be sure to hit us up in the comments should you be aware of any other changes. Check out version 2.0 of Glam Me on the Nokia Collection – Lumia Windows Phone required.

QR: Glam Me

Thanks, Pratham, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • too bad it cant be used by lumia 520 user.Otherwise it would be anice to have app
  • Actually it can now since it'll be utilizing the rear camera as well.
  • Have you tried to install it? I have used Glam Me on a Lumia 521 and that is pretty much the same as a 520.
  • Yeah its works fine on my 520. I Uninstalled it because it wont allow you to edit saved photos.
  • ok i will try it now.
  • Fuck selfies.
  • Couldn't agree more
  • ^this
  • But how do u fuck selfies? >ㅁ
  • You have to take one, and then fuck one. It is quite difficult though, because these annoying so called "selfies" are literally everywhere captured almost every second by teenagers that think they're cool.
  • Some day, someone will make an update for that :D
  • And James Franco.
  • What the duck guys.
  • Too ugly for selfies? Kidding, lol.
  • I knew somebody will write this :D
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  • Ok. But first lemme take a selfie.
  • Agree. Stupid, narcissistic BS.
  • Can it reach there yet.
  • if u fuck selfie, then aren't you fucking yourself :p
  • :O That's some plot twist right there xD
  • That's why my question :) How?
  • Selfception
  • I hope this stupid fad dies off...
  • People have always and will always take pictures of themselves. I just hate the term "selfie." Why does there have to be a word for everything now?
  • +920
  • Let me take a selfie, first
  • #letmetakeaselfie
  • Haven't used this app in ages but will check it out now
  • I still get yellowish bug woh front cam. Anyone still facing the problem?
  • My girlfriend's 920 always has the yellow tint in her front cam pictures. Does this app use a different algorithm?
  • What's the point of this app
  • To take pictures of your self. It's explained in the app description and in our article.
  • Is it good than mirror cam app?
  • Dan, you're surely die-hard fan of selfie :P
  • It takes a selfie with your front camera (now rear camera as well, apparently) and the app "glams" the picture (ex. Smooth skins, whitens teeth, etc). So for selfies, its better than just using the camera by itself.
  • To advertise your face to people of the opposite sex in an attempt to mate them after a matching and selection process
  • Now I can take selfies form 41MP Main cam
  • Duck others.Like a Boss
  • ^THIS !!!!
  • .... and show your pimples, moles, freckles, blackheads and pores in high resolution.
  • I've been using the wall mirror (and above-the-bed mirror) all the time.
  • Imagine that one blown up to the full size.
  • This is great! I can't use the front facing camera in my Lumia 920 because it fulfilled with dust.
  • Not only that the pictures come out ugly with the FF CAM.
  • Go to Nokia. They'll fix it for you. I had the same problem. (though I never use the ffc, it was annoying me to see the dust there).
  • The Nokia Care of my city is horrendous!!! I hate it!! I already went there three times and they never fixed anyone of my phone problems!! And I know other people that have the same complain about this Nokia Care!
  • Unlucky bud. Our UK care centres are's why I have resolutely stuck to buying Nokia for years now.
    They even replaced a 620 I dropped down the toilet at below cost price (£25) as a gesture of goodwill.
  • I never got a problem here in Natal (I supose youre brazilian too). If you have a problem, speak with nokia on their support site (theres a chat in there) and also via twitter @nokiasuporte. Usually they pay more attention when youre an engaged  user. It will probably be fixed outside your city for what it matters.
  • Perfect for all the 920 owners with dusty ffcs :/
  • mine is 6 months old and I don't have that problem.
    Apparently Nokia will fix it for free if there is.
  • I wonder why the Special selfie mirror hasn't turned into a hit. U don't have to hold a phone to make a selfie. Only problem, its not pocket size and bathroom only. The mirror auto posts it to twitter or facebook. Go to google and type in "special selfie mirror" to find it.
  • I'll use the rear camera, but first let me take a selfie.
  • Lol
  • Nty
  • Why is there NO call duration on wp8.1 You can't tel how long you have been talking on the phone.
  • Why is there no steak in the produce section?
  • Fine shows fine dont really understand?
  • Doesn't headshot already do that
  • I hate this app.. It sucks
  • Groupies are the new Selfie :)
  • .
  • From Asha to Lumia
  • I would like to have the Voice Guided Selfie ability that Nokia's Asha lineup has with their latest update.    
  • I want a selfie command like in Asha (and it's available on my language too!) right, left, upper, lower, ok! And it's capturing automatically.
  • Ha! You posted it one minute after I posted it. It would be nice if Microsoft Mobile brings that feature to Windows Phone.
  • HTC Inspire had something like this because it had no front-facing camera. I was always amazed at how well it worked. Except the Inspire didn't prompt you. It just took the pic automatically when it detected your face.
  • first, let me take a #SELFIE =)
  • O oh.. It's an awesome app..
    I loved it.. Nokia rocks with this update...
  • Hmm, my mom has this app on her 620. I want to check it out on her phone and then see if I want it on mine.
  • back facing screen. enough said.
  • I don't use the front facing camera because of the terrible camera algorithm. The front facing is too yellowish. I look like a Simpson
  • With great update comes great functionality...
    Edit any photo in the gallery not just the FC photos... :P
  • How to take a selfie with the main camera when I can't see what I'm taking or composure?