HERE Maps Update

Nokia has updated both the Windows Phone app and web version of HERE Maps. The company has published a new article on the official blog that details multiple challenges when it comes to cartography. That said, we're more interested in what the team has added in this maps update. Today's update for both Windows Phone 8 and is painted as a significant milestone.

We previously looked at the suite with the new LiveSight feature, but today it's more about the detail and coverage of the mapping service itself. It's worth noting that this isn't an actual app update, so you'll not receive a Store notification that a new version is available. This is an internal update, handled by the HERE Maps app. To see about getting the latest update to the maps, head over to Settings > Applications > Maps and hit "Check for updates".

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It's really neat if you're using the new Nokia Amber update with GDR2 (Lumia 925 anyone? Our review is coming soon, I promise) as only specific roads and other map features that have been updated will be downloaded - this saves bags of time and data as it's not required to install whole countries anew. 

HERE Maps London

So what's new in this update? We've got better maps for Tunisia, Senegal and Cyprus. Good news if you reside in those locations. The team has added roads and broadened overall coverage in said countries. Buildings have been added in Croatia, including 1.86 million building outlines across the country. Lastly, we have expanded public transit data in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, making it easier to navigate systems when out and about.

What's more is if you're a corporate customer who utilises HERE mapping. Nokia is providing more information on how trucks and fleets can navigate the world. They'll be able to see which roads have weight and / or height restrictions that will have to be avoided. To close off, the company notes that more is on the way for mapping with updates for other platforms, including Symbian.

You can download HERE Maps from the Windows Phone Store on supported hardware and check out the web version at Thanks, Sourabh , for the tip!