Nokia updates Smart Cam for Windows Phone 8, adds new filter and more

Nokia has published an update to the Windows Phone Store for its Smart Cam app. Debuting on the Lumia 925, Nokia's camera suite is the next step in photography while on the move, enabling consumers to set the app as the default camera lens and then edit the snaps taken by the impressive Pureview shooter.

Here's what's reported as new in version

  • New effect: Motion Focus
  • The last edit session for each of the five effects are saved
  • Speed improvements
  • Updated with support for more hardware

You can download Nokia Smart Cam from the Windows Phone Store. Note that you need to be running the Amber update from Nokia. Thanks, Martin, for the heads up!

QR: Smart Cam

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • I really wanna test this...although im curious if this app can switch to video as quick as it does in the normal camera app
  • So this is for the 0.25% of Nokia customers who have the L925 because they didn't bothered to release Amber to everyone else yet. For those that, like me, have this app on their L920 (or whatever), it won't update. They've corrected the store issue so even though we have the App on the phone, it will not recognize that and allow the update. So we'll have to wait for Nokia to finally release the bloody Amber to update the app.
  • Your point being? Nokia had already said that Amber will come in July or August. I guess there is just no pleasing some people. You guys will whine no matter what Nokia/MS do.
  • My point being that, since Amber is already out with the 925, there's absolutely no reason not to release it immediately for the other inferior and superior devices.
  • The Amber update on L925 is not fully finished, so it may contain some bugs, though.
  • absolutely? are you in IT? They need to QA this on every device. You don't know what's going on at the offices of MS/Nokia. I don't think they have a business reason to hold out, unlike Apple(siri).
  • Display+touch update as well
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  • Is tomorrow the release day of the amber updates in uk. Pls tell me it is 11th July. Pleeasseeeeee
  • Most probably in August.
  • +1. It's on August, while 11th July will become the announvemwnt day of Lumia 1020.
  • Display + touch updated fr lumia 925
  • Now available for 1GB of RAM only. :(
    but me 620 512 MB. Ho ho ho.
  • Amber updates only, not 1GB RAM devices.
  • Chitsanuphong is correct. Even though the latest update requires amber, Smart Cam never worked on 512MB devices. When it was first released in the store and 920 users were installing it, people with 512MB devices, like me and my 521, were given the "Requires 1GB of RAM" error.
  • Ah, shame. Then the app must be updated to make it worked on all devices with 512MB RAM, not just for yours, but also for my 620.
  • not compatible with Lumia 920, right?
  • Not yet, until L920 gets the Amber update.
  • Is this app only for 925 atm and being added in Amber or can my 520 just not run it ?
  • The current update is for amber, however, the Lumia 520 (& 521) only have 512MB ram, and the earlier version of Smart Cam was incompatible due to requiring 1GB of ram or more. So long story short, it cannot be installed on the 520 till the 1GB ram requirement is lifted.