Nokia Video Upload

We’ve been seeing more and more previously 1GB-only apps and games head south to the 512MB zone and today it’s Nokia’s Video Upload app (previously known as YouTube Upload). The app was released a few weeks ago with the Lumia 1020, giving those users a quick and easy way to upload their videos to their YouTube account, including title and privacy restrictions.

The app though was restricted to the Lumia 1020 but since Thursday, when Amber/GDR2 began rolling out, the app has had its restraints removed. Indeed, not only can 512MB devices now run it, but any GDR1 device without Amber can download it as well (we haven’t yet tried to see how well it works).

That’s great news considering the current situation with Microsoft’s YouTube app and Google, as it leaves those with Lumias only a few other third party options for sharing videos to YouTube.

The app itself is simple enough, so 512MB devices are also fine running it, including our Lumia 625.

All Windows Phone 8 Lumia owners should be able to download and use Nokia Video Upload here in the Store. Thanks, zhoulhas, for the tip!

QR: Video Upload