Nokia working with Zound Industries on more affordable headsets

Zound Industries, the company behind Marshall Headphones, Molami and Urbanears, is working with Nokia to bring consumers a range of affordable headsets, under the "Coloud" brand. Three new headsets have been customised for Nokia, including Boom, Knock and Pop, each with a unique design for those who wish to have a more personalised accessory for their Windows Phone.

Red Nokia Boom Headset

Boom - As one can see from the image, the Boom is for those who wish to enjoy some banging tunes without background noise. There's nothing worse than having to turn up the volume to uncomfortable levels just to hear what you're attempting to listen to. Sporting large ear pads and a padded frame, it's set to become your best friend with Nokia or Xbox Music. Priced at €27.

Knock - Pictured above as the article lead (the yellow one), the Knock is the lighter version of Boom. It's a more minimalistic approach to design. Priced at €22.

Blue Nokia Pop Headset

Pop - If you're not into headphones, there's the Pop. As an in-ear alternative, these earphones will cater for those who prefer a solution that doesn't include wrapping an accessory over the head and ears. Priced at €18.

All of the headsets come in cyan, red and yellow variants. Did you notice that all three sport flat cables, as well as a cool way of keeping them tangle-free? That's not all as you will be able to control music playback and answer calls with a microphone, no matter which option you go through. And yes, those prices are correct - we triple checked.

Source: Nokia Conversation; thanks, Jonathan, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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