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Rumor: Nokia's next flagship Windows Phone to be quad-core with kick-ass camera and more

My Nokia Blog is reporting on specifications the next Nokia flagship Windows Phone (possibly the RM-877) will feature. Mentioning sources familiar with company plans, it's believed that the device will indeed have a superior camera to what's currently available on the platform. That we can be sure of as Nokia is pushing optics even further, but what about the other entries on the specifications sheet? According to the source, Nokia is working on two different models of the EOS, which we've previously looked at numerous times.


One model is a dual-core version, while another features 4-cores, brining Windows Phone up to speed with Android (are we seriously considering 8-cores?) with Snapdragon 800 implemented. The next flagship Windows Phone from Nokia is also said to be packing the same battery as the Lumia 920 - 2000mAh. This is the reason for the two models as the impact on the battery with the four cores may be significant.

The screen is said to be AMOLED (1280 x 768), following the Lumia 928 and will better support the low-powered sleeping screen display. The camera is believed to be similar to the Lumia 920, but sports a 41MP sensor, Xenon & LED flash, OIS (optical image stabilisation) and the possibility of a variable aperture lens. This would be joined by "a more detailed" camera UI, similar to that on the PureView 808.

What's really going to excite consumers is the expandable internal storage with MicroSd support. This will be required with what the advanced camera would produce. Interestingly, albeit not the first time we've seen present on a Windows Phone, a Micro HDMI-out will be available. Finally, an FM transmitter is believed to be included. The flagship Windows Phone is said to be an AT&T exclusive when released, with a global launch up to three months later. It's quite the phone, should everything remain in place.

Some of this information corroborates details Windows Phone Central has managed to obtain as well, so we can add a little less salt with this, folks. So what are your thoughts, excited?

Source: My Nokia Blog; thanks, Prodigy11, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • I hope we don't have to wait for the phone until November 2013 or later, would be great if it comes out around mid-year and that would line up nicely with my upgrade eligibility.
  • Harrumph!
  • I'm sick of this AT&T exclusivity crap!
  • This is probably my next phone, assuming Nokia does not take another 4 months between announcement and release date.
  • 'Rumor', no official announcement yet, so if it takes 4 months from 'Rumor' to official announcement, it'll be around in November if you’re lucky.
  • You are not alone!
  • Agreed.  This only hurts Nokia.  I consider the 920 a premium phone and to see it on sale at under $100.00 at ATT and not available anywhere else is stupid.  If Nokia and Microsoft really want to make a dent on the high end they have to release it on all major carriers at the same time.
    There is no excitement about Verizon other others finally getting their version of the 920, none.  It isn't a new phone now, its just a higher end version of the WP8 they have had in stock for a while now.
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  • On the Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone page there is an image of a phone. Has anyone seen this before? Might it be one of the new nokia devices to come?
  • wow , that's would be awesome!!
    quad core sd800 ~full HD ~41pureview~wp8 smotheness ~Nokia sexy strong design ~ some new exlexusive apps and sof features
    ohh man that will kill every android flagship !!
  • They just need to find a way to pack in a 3,000 or even 4,000 mah battery to achieve perfection.
  • My thoughts exactly, instead of having a camera hump, give me an extra thick phone with a flat back and a  humongous battery! it will never happen though, because everyone complains about weight and thickness.
  • It could be done if they had a removeable cover on the back, although I'm not that bothered by that feature anymore myself since the external chargers like the NC-16 are fine for getting another charge in the field.
    On the specs though they sound nigh on perfect, a better camera (hopefully the 41MP although I'm dubious it can be that good), a zenon flash, the SD card (big feature for me) and a 720P screen fit well, not too bothered about the quad core, but at this point its more a case of automatically getting it with any new CPU design.
  • Need 2 things: 1) great day and night pics. 2) micro-SD slot.
  • Its not full hd
  • At this screen size, neither are your eyes.
  • No one needs Full HD on a phone. Over 300 ppi is enough for the human eye to look perfect, and it saves you A LOT of battery and processor power. The only place it is needed is when teenage children compare spec sheets to see who has the longer one...
  • Yes, but you can tell a difference in the quality of a 1080p screen vs a 720p screen.. The 1080p screen looks much sharper! So why would I not want the better screen? Top of the line isn't about what you need, rather what you want, no matter the cost.. This is something WP fans need to start realizing, and expecting, or those of us who want the very best will never get it... I think that its really pathetic that some WP fans will say that our platform doesn't need something just because we don't have it to justify why its not there.. Sounds like a bunch of sore losers to me.. My 920 has a 768 resolution screen, so if a more advanced screen is available when it's time for me to get my next device then I want it.. That's why its called a upgrade, and there's a lot of us who want our devices to be as future proof as possible.
  • 1080p is so last year, It should be 4K; 1TiB ssd.
  • Lol! I sense your sarcasm, but seriously, in the future if that's what it comes down to then MS and its partners must do what's necessary to be competitive.... I personally would like my phone equipped with a high power laser so that I can cook this Thanksgivings turkey with it.. Lol!!
  • Then all I would suggest is to go ahead and buy your "perfectly" designed phone and not wait for this one. Or send Nokia your completed designed phone with patent in hand and I'm sure they'll jump right on it. Oh yeah, don't forget to send them the market research with the millions clamoring for it. No sarcasm here. Just pointing out some suggestions.
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  • +100000
  • No. It does not. Your eye cannot distinguish between 1080p and 720p at arm length distances. The cost of battery life is not worth a trade off you'll never notice.
  • Yeah, but if hundreds of thousands believe that it's better, and are set on this being on their next device, then don't you think it's smart for MS and its partners to have this technology available.. You guys seem to be focusing on principle, and not reality, which is MARKET SHARE!
  • It doesn't matter if they believe it's better. It's not better. It's scientific fact, and it very noticeably impacts battery life and costs more to produce increasing end user cost. There is literally no benefit other than a spec box tick. It's a useless "upgrade" to any an all mobile phones. They won't increase market share implementing a useless spec upgrade that 100% of their customers won't notice. It literally does absolutely nothing to make a phone better, and it impacts battery life in a negative way, and increases costs for zero benefit. I really hope they don't do this, it shows they are more worried about hardware specs rather than making the OS comeptitive with every other OS from 5 years ago. They don't need fancy hardware, they need software improvements to make them anything other than laughably 5 years behind. And they needed them yesterday.
  • You're right if its not better then its not necessary. So that's your argument. But I ,like MS, understands that the average consumer has been mislead and now wants these features. So, in order to be competitive they must be available in WP whether they are very beneficial or not. That's just the way it is, its not my way, but that's the way it is and quad core processors and 1080p screens will come whether you, or I or MS likes it or not
  • I doubt it. There's a lot of work that needs to be done to support those devices, and if Microsoft doesn't see a benefit of supporting it they won't. Look how long they were at 480x800 or whatever it was on WP7 phones. 1080p doesn't get them a boost that is tangible, and those large phones with ridiculously high resolutions are niche devices. The last thing Microsoft wants is to put WP8 on niche devices.
  • You mean a niche device like the hugely successful Samsung 1080ps?
  • Right! They are acting like this is something that has never been done. To many WP fans are used to not having the most we can, and are now complacent, and satisfied. I just don't think MS should sit back and let stupid Google take all the market share anymore. MS has the know how to use these higher specification for good on a WP device. If any OS is going to take advantage of a quad core processor then its WP! So, why not use it? Why not do the absolute best? Why not expect more? And, somebody had a really good point in a previous comment about focusing on the OS, and refining that. Yes, further development needs to go into refining WP, and adding more features because we're not trying to make another Android here. WP can do it better, and that's why I always push for higher specs because I've seen how tastefully MS, and it's partners, implement them for WP. I stand by what I say!
  • Higher specs do not equal better. We don't have the best we can get because Microsoft doesn't understand that while WP8 looks fantastic, the basic feature set is laughable compared to the competition. Please cite one, just one example of how WP8 could leverage a 1080p screen or a quad core CPU to make the OS better. Please. Explain to me how two more cores will make the OS better. All I can see is worse battery life, and an idiotic gimmick that 1080p's are better than 720p's at 15 inches. Even at 6 inches you, yes you Rodneyej, could not tell a difference. It literally gets you nothing but worse battery life and higher component cost. This isn't pushing the boundaries of anything but selling suckers a phone that they *think* is better, but in reality is nothing more than a price bump. If you think a higher resolution screen and two extra CPU cores is going to get people to jump on the WP8 bandwagon, you need to work for Microsoft. You both apparently are smoking the same thing, and its making you delusional. The OS is laughable feature wise compared to Android and iOS, and if that doesn't change (like with 6-8 months) I'm not buying another Windows phone. 2005 was a long time ago, pretty animations are great but they need software feature parity long before they need a useless screen resolution increase. I'm sure you believe that more megapixels means better pictures too, don't you? Numbers don't mean anything if the OS running on it was relevant over 3 years ago. Which is exactly where Windows Phone is firmly stuck.
  • I have the same view as yours, remember some even said android is better becoz the store has xxxx applications more than wp yet you only need an average of 15 applications on your handset, and most of them you won't even use them.
  • A quad core processor isn't about pushing the OS.  It's about having the muscle to push the apps and games.  However, since we are on the subject of the operating system.  OK so your current phone runs fine on a dual core processor.  Great!  How about the next version of the OS?  How are those people who had a WP7 and got upgraded to WP8 working out?  Oh, right, they couldn't get the new OS.  They had to settle for a half ass patched together conglomeration of an OS because their hardware wasn't up to snuff enough to handle the latest and greatest from microsoft.  What kind of specs are going to be nessasary for WP9?  A little forward thinking can sometimes be a good thing.
    As far as the whole arguement about 1080 vs 720 not being discernable at arms length or 300 ppi is the max a human eye can distinguish is a bunch of bunk.  That is nothing more than marketing speak from apple when they introduced the "retina" display.  The human eye varies from person to person.  Some people can't buy pentile sub matrix displays because its too "grainy" to thier eyes.  That's sub-pixels and they can tell the difference!  Will a higher resolution display drain the battery faster?  likely, but that is why battery sizes have been going up and up as core count and display density has gotten higher.
    I won't argue with you over the feature set.  WP needs work, but its sure come a long ways from WP7 and I am sure it will get much better.  I would also say that if you feel you don't need a quad core processor and a 1080 display, then don't buy a phone with them!  I am sure nokia will make plenty of mid range and lower phones with lesser features more to your liking and price point.  However that doesn't mean that there are not plenty of us wouldn't love a higher speced phone and would be willing to pay for such a beast even if you feel its not needed.
  • Are you replying to the right person? I agree with what you're saying. Its the others who preach about what WP doesn't need.
  • You cannot distinguish the individual pixels over 300ppi. You can't. You want to believe you can, but you can't. You cannot do it. If you think you can, you're lying to yourself or using a magnifying glass. I have 20/15 vision and I can't see them on the 920 screen without a magnifying glass. Also, your pentile argument is fallacious because they use different technologies to render the screen, and that fuzziness is a part of that. Not the screen ppi.
    Going to a 1080p screen gets you exactly nothing but requiring a faster CPU/GPU to handle the extra pixels being pushed, decreases battery life, and requires apps to be rewritten to support the new resolution.
    WP7 users got screwed by Microsoft, not the hardware being incapable. Microsoft seems to be perfectly happy to let Windows Phone and it's users die on the vine. Windows Phone 8 is a modern OS if we were living in 2010. We don't need new hardware, we need Microsoft to stop being a bunch of lazy asses and make an OS that is at minimum feature parity with the competition. Once they do that, then we can worry about the future. Right now they are living in the past, and completely content to do so it appears. If they don't become 100% basic feature euqivalent with iOS and Android, this will be the last and only Windows Phone I'll have bought. I don't care about quad core this, or 1080p that. I want my phone to act like a modern smartphone should.
  • How many of those sold compared to $99 or free on-contract phones? Yeah. Thought so. Exactly ZERO have been sold, because it isn't on sale yet. Admit it, you're one of the people that sees a bigger number and thinks its automatically better. I bet you own a 16 megapixel P&S because the 8 megapixel one wasn't as "advanced" or "worse spec wise" than the 8 megapixel one? Right? Yeah, thought so. You and Rodney would get along great, neither one of you have a clue what you're talking about, and then chastise the rest of us that do for being pathetic. You know what's pathetic? Neither one of you realize you're being duped. Even Rodeny doesn't understand that he insults us for not wanting every BS gimmick in the book, and then confirms himself that people are being misled that a higher resolution screen is better. Talk about out of your mind!
  • I think there's currently only one Samsung with a 1080p screen, and that's S4. Which is not even for sale yet. That said, with the marketing machinery working behind that line of devices, it would sell tens of millions devices with lesser screens too. 
    Very flawed argument you have in there.
  • So which is it? You say that a 1080p screen is sharper, when it in fact is exactly NOT sharper because you literally cannot see a difference, or are people being misled by the industry? You call us pathetic for not wanting a feature you say people are being lied to about. You've disproven your own statements, and then insulted those of us that are smarter than you apparently are by knowing its a bunch of marketing BS. Stand by what you say all you want, but you're simply wrong. A 1080p screen and a quad core CPU aren't needed and only serve to sell a phone at a higher cost and negatively impact battery life. What's needed is for Microsoft to get off their asses and push updates to drag WP8 into 2013 from all the way back in 2009-2010. A smartphone OS that doesn't even allow me to set an email notification sound? Yeah, a quad core CPU will fix that all right. *eyeroll*
  • Exactly!!!
  • You are misleading when it comes down to what the average consumer wants. Let me define what the average consumer is first for you: The average consumer is your sister or brother or any other person who does not know the difference between a 1080p/720p resolution or the difference between a dual/quad core SoC. The average consumer is NOT the person who reads tech articles or go on fan sites to read about the latest and greatest technology. The average consumer purchases mobile devices either out of (word of mouth from others or simply for aesthetic, user experience reasons). However unfortunately, it is impossible to overcome the issues surrounded by the spec loving (another name comes to mind here)/out of touch with the mobile world salesman who is trying to sell the device to the average consumer. Ah! You guys need to get out more and realize that mobile technology in terms of hardware have already peaked. (Unless we talk about ram...I'm starting to see DDR3 modules pop up in mobile hardware)....There is no reason why you guys should be arguing on whether or not 1080p or 720p resolution is any better. I guarantee you that any device under 5.5" (which in WP world there's not) you won't be able to tell a difference. -Unless you A) have a magnifying glass and have no life and count all the pixels with your flawed human eye. or B) delude yourself into thinking you are seeing a better picture on your tiny 4.5" screen from an arms length away. -which most people do btw. comment is just to clear the air on what the average consumer is.
  • You just reminded me of Sony at CES this year with the Xperia Z (1080p, 5"). They had a magnifying glass so you could place your smartphone next to theirs and be blowned away :-D
  • How about releasing a phone with a 720 display and tell everyone it's 1080? : )
  • Lol!
  • My arm is always bent when I use the my phone. Anyway, if 1080p we get apps that can push that too screens with HDMI out, need quad core for that and 41 megapixel picture processing.
  • A quad core has nothing to do with HDMI out, that's the GPU. Instead of wasting space and battery life on a useless quad core CPU, they need to spend that effort on a much improved GPU. That would be better suited for process those unnecessarily large photos, and do it faster with less battery life hit. And 41 megapixles is yet another stupid marketing gimmick. Sensor size and low light capability are far more important than pixel counts.
  • 41 megapixels is not a gimmick. Read up on the 808.
  • It is to me. I don't care how many megapixels it has, I want to know the quality of the images. Saying it has 41 megapixels doesn't matter to me in the slightest. And I wasn't talking about Nokia specifically. Higher megapixel numbers *are* a marketing gimmick.
  • Not everyone read at arm length.  This kind of mentality is one reason WP is loosing out to iPhone and Android.  MS needs to give their users more than what they want and need.
  • QUOTE: "those of us who want the very best will never get it".
    Smart design is all about compromise: you can't pack all the best in, and you don't want to, otherwise you'll end up with "The Homer: the car designed by Homer": ...and if you've seen this episode you know how many Homers were sold! Personally, I see no sense in going higher than 300dpi with display technology, if this means sacrificing battery life, so 720p is fine up to 5 inch displays. And I would not want a display larger than 4.5 inches anyway. Ideally, 4.3 inches for one-handed use.
  • The Homer..LOL!!! Hilarious.. That's funny that you thought of that.. Seriously, you make it sound like it would be hard for Nokia to engineer this phone with a 1080p screen, like its some kind of technological miracle that has never been done before. And, maybe there are some people who want a screen larger than 5inches, so what's wrong with having that available for those people? I don't want to see WP be cheapened like Android, but It sickens me to think that WP fans can be so closed minded, and brain washed like Apple fans who have learned to accept mild technological excitement. I think there's a few different types of WP users here, and they all have there place.. Average users who by chance chose a WP device, not knowing what they were getting into. Then you have people who love their devices, and choose them based on a more conscious decision. There's the more dedicated WP fan who is interested in more advanced devices, and is content with whatever MS, and its partners do. Then there's the diehard WP fan that really wants to see the hardware, and software, pushed to the limits.. You'll never hear the diehard fans say things like "Overkill" "We don't need" "Enough Apps".. Die hard fans are the reason we have the Lumia 920 today.
  • It's people like you who are brainwashed. Just like you, I despise the argument that we don't need more powerful hardware. We do. Bigger numbers on the spec sheet don't necessarily make a more powerful phone though. I've directly compared a 1080p 5" screen to my L920 and it is not noticeably sharper. I would much rather have higher FPS in games, which in contrast to the imagined sharpness improvement, is very real. That is then noticeably more powerfull! That the average Joe doesn't understand this tradeoff is to be expected, particularly since the industry has no interest in educating consumers (ramping up pixel counts and calling it a day is the easiest way to sell more crap). We on tech sites should understand.
    The same is true of the quad core BS. Cores three and four will achieve nothing but improve marketability, but if that helps sell WP then I'm not opposed, because the OS can at least completely deactivate them (assuming it's a qualcomm 800), so they have no negative side effects when not in use... that is not true of 1080p displays.
  • If you think I'm brainwashed and don't have the perspective that you have then obviously you don't get my point. I never said that its my belief that these things matter as far as performance goes. Tell me where I said that! Your so caught up on that that you will never see the reality of the market, and what its going to take to compete.
  • Your posts aren't consistent on the matter. Your earlier posts suggest that running in the specs race results in real technical/performance benefits, while your later posts seem to claim otherwise. Anyway, there are two paths WP might take: a) concentrate on making devices that truly offer better performance, which will often require that companies invest in marketing, sales staff training and consumer education (like HTC with their ultrapixels), or b) concentrate on optimizing the spec sheet without regard for practical benefit, often times sacrificing technical superiority in favor of marketability (13MP smartphone camera, Samsung's comical 2x4 SoC, 1080p on small displays). I don't mind improving marketability, but it should not commit us to technical mediocrity.
  • @rodneyej I do agree with you actually. Sure, none of those spec bumps are going to result in any tangible performance improvements, but people can't deny the fact that WP needs these spec bumps to improve the overall marketability of WP. When a consumer are comparing between 2 phones, the information that are usually made available for them are the spec sheets on the brochure. This is why OEMs lists out the specs on their websites and sites like the PhoneArena exists. So while specs means nothing for WP, but it does means something when consumers are comparing between the current flagships. (Remember the single core on our 1st Gen devices and how we always need to tell other non-WP users that dual cores aren't needed due to the highly optimized OS?) And let's be honest here. Would you still settle for the current Lumia 920 if Nokia released a new flagship with quad cores and a 1080p display? No? Guessed so, because that's how technology works. There are always people looking out for bigger and "better" things on the market, and as a company, MS and Nokia can't possibly overlook this.
  • Its funny because these are the same guys who said WP didn't need 720p screens, or dual core processors.. Lol.. Now they want accept anything less. Seems a little hypocritical to me...
  • Which is faster Galaxy s3 Quad core exynos, or the s3 american version with dual core qualcomm?
    American version is slighter quicker, but not discernable to the quad core. Not all cores are equal. Dual core lumia 920
    is approximately equal in speed to a galaxy s3. Qualcomm is one full generation ahead in core speed. DOUBLE.
  • That's true, and I've seen evidence of that. But, the thing I like about the quad core processors is that they tend to have upgraded GPU's, and that's something that WP could use especially if we start to see more powerful Xbox games. I wonder if Modern combat 4 would have even better graphics on a quad core WP device. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • If you have a L920 this phone is not in your upgrade cycle your phone would be the next flagship after this one.
  • Future proof? Who holds onto a phone longer than a year anymore?? Seriously sell the old one to and use the proceeds to fund your new phone.
  • True!!
  • @ramrac Bulls eye, dead center.
  • Splash!
  • Well one thing is for sure that I'll be getting the quad-core phone!!!
  • shut up and take my money!
  • Which is faster Galaxy s3 Quad core exynos, or the s3 american version with dual core qualcomm?
    American version is slighter quicker, but not discernable to the quad core. Not all cores are equal. Dual core lumia 920
    is approximately equal in speed to a galaxy s3. Qualcomm is one full generation ahead in core speed. DOUBLE.
  • No 1080p ?? O.o
  • would you really notice the difference on a screen that small?
  • Screen size isn't mentioned in the article
  • You can't tell the difference in 720p and 1080p until roughly 40". So unless the screen is 40" it's not going to matter.
  • That's not true at all, viewing distance also plays a big factor.
  • are you planning on using the next phone like google glass? I bet even then you won't notice the difference
  • His comment said "until roughly 40 inches" which is wrong and that is what I was replying to. In regards to phones, some will notice the difference some won't. For him to flat out say you can't tell the difference until 40" is nonsense as it will vary from person to person.
  • agreed on the tv comment, on a phone no one will notice
  • This is not true, I can very obviously see the difference between 720 and 1080p on my 22"monitor. That said, on a sub 5"screen it's obviously overkill.
  • I would love to meet you guys in person. That way I could have two identical devices side-by-side only one is 720 and one 1080. I would be willing to bet money you couldn't tell me the difference. I sold tv's and computer monitors for a couple years, and on very rare occasions could I tell the difference. At any distance. 
  • You must have terrible eyes... 720p vs 1080ps stupid low res on a monitor.... I use monitors all day and on a 720p monitor you simply dont have enough pixels to do work effiecently... Because of this i have even larger resolution than 1080p on my monitors (yes they are expesive but he up my productivity) ...
  • That is completely irrelevant. Obviously 720p is not ideal for computer work.
  • Well that might be due to 4:3 pull down. Anytime you run a display at a non-native resolution it goes through pull down to scale it which can make the image "blurry". So if your monitor has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 you'd have to find a 22" monitor with a native resolution of 1280 x 720 to compare them side by side. I can usually tell the difference between all the resolutions on PC sized monitors but I also look at and configure different resolutions all day
  • Unless they'll make it a TV/monitor sized you won't see the difference on a phone sized screen, don't remember the exact number, but after something like 330 ppi the human eye can't detect the difference.
    This is a perfect example of people wanting things, without realizing whether they'll make a difference or not. 
  • the human eye can't see the actual pixels anymore, but you most definitely CAN see a difference..
  • No,but they said the screen would be the same as the 928 which I believe is a 4.7" screen. Even if the screen is greater than 5", would you really notice the resolution. I don't think you would. The 1080p is only valuable for marketing purposes. It does nothing for actual usage.
  • I would like to make them increase it to 4.7, but not make it feel big, like the nexus 4. 4.7 with 1080p would be ass kicking!
  • Well, you can forget about 1080p because it's no different than viewing a 768p screen. It has no advantage whatsoever over a 768 screen. Also, forget about ever having a quad core device. A quad core processor will absolutely not have any advantage over our current dual core 1.5GHz phones, even though the graphics processors tend to be much better.. According to these guys the NL920 is maxed out. Besides the camera there is no need for any future WP device to have improved hardware specifications. The 920 has peaked as far as hardware can go, and WP fans would be appalled if MS, and its partners were to advance any further,, because there's no point. We already have the best! Remember, if its the most powerful WP device at the time then nothing else, in terms of hardware, on the market is better. This is the best way for us to think moving forward and Nokia should just stop at the 928/920 and sell these devices for the next 4 years as they are. After all, no matter what the competition does its never better than a WP device.. This thinking should get us far!
  • Read the reports man. You literally cannot see the difference. If it's retina, its good enough.
  • Trust me, I can tell 720 from 1080 while playing games on my computer monitor. Viewing distance plays a big part. On phones though, yeah it doesn't matter.
  • (deleted)
  • 1080p is supposed to be for note sized phablets.
  • Don't listen to these guys.. Listen, for the sake of WP gaining more market share I hope that we will be getting multiple devices with 1080p screens, and whatever technology that the average consumer thinks is necessary.. Its not about whether its right or wrong for the average consumer to believe something, rather that the fact they they are sold on high specs is a reality, and this is never going to change. In order for WP to be competitive in the eyes of the average consumer, which is not anyone on WPC, MS and its partners must play the game that unfortunately has been laid out by a horrendously cheesy OS that holds over half of the market. Its not selling out on MS part, rather its having devices at every price point, and that are suited to every individual.. Maybe I don't want, or think I need, a 1080p screen, but if there's a market for it then I hope you and the others get it.. We also don't need $2mil supercars with 1000 HP that get 5MPG, but they make them because that's what some people want, no mater what the cost is. As soon as MS, it's partners, and the fans realize this WP will gain popularity, and receive the support that it desperately needs from developer's. NEVER SAY WP DOESN'T NEED SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WANT!
  • Rodneyej is exactly right. So many WP fans say WP doesn't need this or that only because it doesn't have it. Its ok to admit WP has some downfalls and some work to do, otherwise it'll never get better. WP is still the best even with its downfalls so just think how awesome it would be without them! GS3 is ugly but has way more than my 920. Its light and fitted to the teeth. We need more toys and higher specs. We need to play the spec game a little if we ever have any hope of being a major player. That is the reality of the world. You can fight it and be left behind or adapt and thrive. The core WP experience wont change but it does need something more.
  • Yes. You only get what you expect. We should expect WP to be pushed to the limits. That way WP will fall right where it needs to be.
  • The best is subjective. Right now I think it would be a great OS in 2010. We are still missing very, very basic features smartphones have had for 10 years. Playing the spec game is going to be a losing strategy. What it needs is feature parity with iOS and Android. It doesn't have that, and a quad core CPU isn't going to do a damn thing to change that. If you think that's true, how many people are howling for Instagram? I know people that refuse to buy an Windows Phone because it doesn't have Instagram or the Twitter app they want. Tell them it has a quad core CPU and 1080p's and they simply won't care.
  • Now, that I can agree with.. Although I think WP devices should continue to innovate on the hardware side, a serious amount of work needs to be done on the OS,, and marketing.. Lol!!
  • Half of the Android marketshare is cheap Gingerbread devices. Most efficient road to market share IS NOT in the high-end segment.
  • Yeah, that's true. I agree with that..
  • Sounds great, but when will Nokia learn if they want success in the US, they have to release it to at least the biggest carrier! VERIZON!!!!!!
  • FTFY: When will Verizon learn if the want success with Nokia, they have to be interested and pay the higher $$ than AT&T!
  • THIS!! ^^
  • That's not very smart then. Verizon has a consumer base that Nokia wants access to so I'd rather have them take a little less dough upfront and penetrate the market than rely on AT&T only and see the sales languish.
  • Actually it is smart...It's all about economics man.  If I was a CEO of Nokia, -a company that is losing revenue and is barely showing any positives in the short run---I would be doing the same exact thing.   Nokia gets payed way more $$ with exclusives because of the high subsidies.   Just look at how long the iphone was on AT&T.  AT&T liked the iphone exclusivitiy to get more consumers over to their network.  It may not get the product known in the long run, but they sure are covering their asses with getting more money in return from these carriers who dish out $$ upfront for exclusives. Until Nokia sees a full consecutive Q1-Q4 postive return on revenue, I doubt these exclusives will go away. 
  • Its not Nokia's fault, all US carriers demand exclusives, Samsung and Apple have the power and can do as they like but Nokia is not in that position yet.
  • I'll bet T-Mobile won't carry it.
  • +1, only thing I like about AT&T is their selection of devices.
  • +1.  Seriously.  This drives me nu