Although we’ve covered a few cases and shells for the Nokia Lumia 1020, some of you high rollers are holding out for something a bit more premium.  In that case, the Noreve leather case is probably up your alley as it runs for $66 (49.99€).

The “hand crafted” leather cases certainly look high quality enough and feature a flip cover to protect the 1020’s display while also giving the case a hint of elegance. You can order the case “naked” or with belt clip fasteners to keep the 1020 by your side at all times.

Currently, the noir version will be available for shipping on August 23rd while the other color variants are up for pre-order (there is a massive selection of color choices, should you want to spice things up a bit).

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Want to get some expert feedback first? Then stay tuned as Windows Phone Central already has a case on the way. We’ll of course give it our full video and high quality photo treatment and let you know what we think. For now though, we’re quite excited about this offering as it’s the first premium, quality case for the Lumia 1020 and a positive sign of things to come.

Source: Noreve; Thanks Sean and Steve for the tips