Norton 360 review: Breaking down Plus, Standard, Deluxe, and more

Norton Antivirus Hero
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Norton is a huge name in the world of online protection, having been around for decades as a leader in antivirus software. As such the Norton 360 offering — now updated and including a lot more than the previous iteration — is more powerful than ever and works for greater protection against modern online security issues. That means this is not only an antivirus system, but it also comes with a VPN and more to help protect your privacy online. Picking the right one for your needs can be challenging. This review breaks down the Norton 360 offering so you can clearly see what each level offers to help you decide which is best for you.


Norton Antivirus Plus

All the basics

This is the entry-level option which starts at $39.99 for the first year and then jumps to $59.99 annually. While this does get you antivirus protection and a firewall, it will work only on a single device. That said, you do get protection for the likes of spyware, malware, and ransomware, as well as personal information protection online. Plus there's 2GB of online cloud storage thrown in to sweeten the deal. And you get a password generator to help keep your identity and online accounts more secure.The Norton Virus Protection Promise is a big draw as that means, should your device contract a virus that Norton can't remove, it will give you all your money back. A nice gesture but not very helpful if your device is then useless — but likely more a way of showing the company is that confident this won't happen. So if you only have one device that needs protection and can use the cloud storage and password manager extras, this is a great tier option.


Norton 360 Standard

Get a VPN and more

This second tier up offers everything above but also includes a VPN and webcam security. This will cost you $39.99 for the first year then $79.99 annually. That cloud storage limit also gets a boost here with 10GB of storage. But it's that VPN that really adds value, keeping your location and personal information secure and allowing you to appear to be anywhere in the world — ideal for watching geo-restricted content.The PC Safecam, as it's known, means nobody can get unauthorized access to your computer's webcam so you can relax knowing your privacy is being maintained. There is also dark web monitoring so if your email address appears there you'll be notified.


Norton 360 Deluxe

Perfect for the family

This tier means paying $54.99 for the first year then $99.99 annually. For that bump up you get all the above plus a good chunk more at this tier. This is where you get cover for more devices, five in total. That means you can protect your computer, your smartphone, and those devices of your family or friends whom you share it with. The cloud storage limit also gets a boost right up to a sizable 50GB.This is a more family-focused tier as it not only adds more device cover, but it also includes parental controls. These let parents monitor their kids' online activities as well as control what videos they have access to, websites they can visit, and searches they can carry out. There's even the option to track what they download onto their smartphones and to GPS track them.


Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

Cover your identity

This price jumps up to $99.48 for the first year then $149.99 annually, thanks to another system being thrown in, called LifeLock. So you get all the above plus 100GB storage online but also identity theft protection. LifeLock is a standalone product that is built to monitor the web and alert you if your details are being used suspiciously — helping you avoid fraud or identity theft. Your credit history is monitored, with alerts if a new account is opened or a loan is taken out in your name.With a Million Dollar Protection package you're covered should identity theft leave you out of pocket. The real-world translation of that is $25,000 for reimbursement and up to $1 million for lawyers' fees. You also get data breach alerts, in case your data on an organization is compromised.


Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage

Premium protection

Yes, there is yet another tier, but this is very similar to the one above, only charged at $191.88 for the first year and $249.99 annually after. For that, cloud storage is bumped to 250GB, you get cover on up to 10 devices at once and reimbursements are up to $100,000. There's also transaction monitoring with banking alerts and court record scanning. One for those with serious wealth to protect.


Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Complete coverage

As the name suggests this is the top-end package, reflected by the price at $299.88 for the first year and $349.99 annually thereafter. For this you get all the above plus 500GB storage online, $1 million of personal expenses, three-bureau credit scanning, and 401K monitoring. A tier for the wealthy individual then.

Should you buy Norton 360?

Norton is a big name in this sector and as such offers some seriously competitive cover with a very smart antivirus and malware protection system. Thanks to all the tiers it's among the best antivirus software and suits many people. But if you want a specific type of cover that falls between tiers you may find yourself paying more for the one above and getting features you don't use.

While the lower-end tiers are ideal for individuals who just want some online protection there is that mid-level option aimed at families. The top end is more for high-net-worth types and is priced accordingly. So if there's a tier that looks right for you, it's a safe bet from a company with lots of experience protecting people online.

Luke Edwards