NVIDIA's latest GeForce Experience Beta adds in-game screenshot capture, editing and 4K upload

NVIDIA has announced the latest GeForce Experience Beta, which adds in-game screenshot capture, editing and 4K upload support. Not only that, but there's also new enhancements for both Twitch and YouTube Live to help those who enjoy broadcasting their gameplay. Be sure to check out what's new in this latest release and give the beta a go if you haven't already done so.

So what's so special about this new screenshot functionality? From the Share overlay (accessed by hitting ALT+Z), you'll be able to not only view captured screenshots, but also edit them without leaving the game. Once you're happy with the end result, you're then able to upload said content to the likes of Imgur at resolutions of up to 4K. You'll simply need to login to your Imgur account within the GeForce suite and you're all set.

What's probably more exciting about 2.9 is the addition of some new controls for broadcasters. NVIDIA will now let you add custom overlays and graphics to your streams, as well as a live viewer count so you know just how many souls are watching you fail miserably to get past that tedious boss. All-in-all, NVIDIA has made the GeForce Experience Beta more inclusive for those who stream, as well as those who enjoy capturing those special moments, all without leaving their game.

Download the GeForce Experience Beta

Interested to learn more about what's new in 2.9? Check out the official blog post linked below.

Source: NVIDIA

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