Nvidia releases GeForce Experience Share beta to help you team up with friends

Nvidia has launched the company's GeForce Experience Share in beta. Players in-game will now be able to invite friends to either join up cooperatively, or take the helm altogether and focus on beating the game. Nvidia's suite also packs in streaming functionality and easy upload features to really get social with your recorded footage.

The company announced on the official blog the latest beta, which includes the new ways to share gameplay. Be it taking advantage of friends for aid or streaming to thousands of viewers online, it's a neat addition to Nvidia's arsenal of tools.

Interested in giving Experience Share a go? Head to Nvidia's GeForce Experience website (opens in new tab) for download links.

Source: Nvidia (opens in new tab), via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Wasn't shadowplay meant for this?
  • Shadow Play allows streaming, but this looks to have more social features and may be what replaces the social / streaming aspects in Shadow Play
  • Shadow play is more for recording gameplay footage; something like Game DVR on Xbox One. While Shadow Play support is a requirement for Streaming (the HW that supports Shadow Play, is the one that supports Game Streaming) However, the Game Streaming feature, if I'm not wrong, is only specific to Nvidia SHIELD devices. This however, looks like a replacement to Twitch with the added feature wherein you can handover the control of your live game to a friend online.
  • Why would I want to team up with fiends!
  • Grauniad 2.0.
  • The title had me frown for a second.
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  • Team up with fiends? LOL
  • ... With fiends???
  • When to ios?
  • I can already do that, it's called Steam Friends.
  • I love teaming up with my fiends. We all huddle up, tighten our belt buckles and forget about life for a week at a time.
  • Typo in title!
  • I already use W10 XBOX app thx
  • Have they sorted out their crappy Windows 10 drivers yet?
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