Oculus Quest will gain support for 'several Oculus Go' games

What you need to know

  • Oculus Quest owners will be able to play several Oculus Go games on the Quest.
  • Oculus Go games that are available on the Oculus Quest will be upgraded for free until the end of the year.
  • Facebook announced the new feature at Oculus Connect 6.

The Oculus Quest will be able to play several Oculus Go games in the near future. Facebook announced during Oculus Connect 6 that several titles from the Oculus Go will be available on the Oculus Quest. The company also added that games that were purchased on the Oculus Go will be able to upgraded for free to the Oculus Quest, specifically giving 'Thumper' as an example.

Oculus Go apps have gained a following and many users have requested that Oculus Go apps make their way to the Oculus Quest. While developers can port some code over from Oculus Go apps to create Oculus Quest apps, several popular Oculus Go titles have not made their way to the Oculus Quest.

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With this addition, Oculus Quest users will be able to play many Oculus Go games, Oculus Rift games using a PC, and Oculus Quest games on the Oculus Quest.

Sean Endicott
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