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Oculus Rift-ready PC bundles now available for pre-order, shipping April 23

As promised earlier this month, Dell, Alienware and ASUS have started taking pre-orders for select PCs that are bundled with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The prices for the bundles range from $1,499 to over $3,000, with the first ones scheduled to start shipping on April 23.

The bundles are being sold at the Microsoft Store site, along with Amazon and Best Buy. All of the bundles include the Oculus Rift headset itself, along with its sensor and remote and an Xbox One wireless controller. People who pre-order a bundle will also get a free copy of CCP Games's space fighter action game EVE: Valkyrie, along with the platform game Lucky's Tale.

If you have already pre-ordered the $599 Oculus Rift headset, you might be able to purchase PCs that have been deemed "Oculus Ready" at a discount. Those folks should start seeing offer code from select PC partners starting today.

  • Ahh, no thanks
  • I'd rather build my own PC.
  • Does the Xbox One work with Oculus Rift, in the sense that it serves the purpose of the pc (processing), similar to the PlayStation VR or not? It would be a great advantage for Xbox owners (and Microsoft could make that happen through their partnership).
  • No. And Sony VR is coming this fall. Another fail for Nadella.
  • I dont think its a fail for Nadella. There is good reason the Oculus doesn't support the XBO or the PS4. I doubt the Sony in-house will be all that good for the same reason. That reason being they aren't near powerful enough. Both are out over 2 years, nearly 3 by the time Oculus launches. 2 years ago you could by a GFX card that had more power than either consoles APU combined output for $220. That doesn't even take into account the CPU that will most likely be an i5 or i7. Today they recommend a GFX card (AMD R9 290) that is over 4 times the power of an Xbox and 3 times a PS4, again without the CPU included in that. They also recommend a minimum of 8Gb of RAM, plus the GFX card RAM on top of that. Thats their minimum. Everything would look half as good as it does now on Xbox or PS4 due to having to do everything twice. Thats why the PS4 one will be a waste of money unless its like $150 and even then its ehh. There is also the fact it needs quite a bit of proccessing power to follow the head movement with no latency (just like the Kinect). Added to that, the screens on the Oculus are higher resolution than a full HD tv, Xbox already has problems keeping up with resolution on multiplatform games let alone 2400x1080. Anything less than that and your looking at an 8 bit game in 3d. You also need a constant high frame rate to keep your brain fooled. Plus the main point is it was never meant to be cheap... Its meant to be good