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Official Fantasy Premier League app 'coming soon' to Windows Phone

If you fancy yourself a big fan of premier league football, it looks like you'll soon get a chance to play along with the official Fantasy Premier League app. That's according to the official Premier League website, which states the app is "coming soon" to Windows Mobile.

There's no timeline provided, but it's great to see what's likely to be quite a popular app headed to the platform. In any case, you should expect to play some fantasy football (or soccer, for us in the States) on Windows 10 Mobile in the near future.

Would you go all in with Fantasy Premier League on Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Finally!! UWP?
  • This is good news. The windows phone app in the store is nothing compared to what ios and android enjoy
  • to... Windows Phone? ok
  • Coming soon....
  • Let's hope its an update rather than another purchase as I've bought the app twice already. Glad to see update coming though, hopefully in time for new EPL season.
  • U will have to purchase it again, it's the same on iOS and Android. That's how they make money. They release a new app every season.
    The site says it is coming to ios, android and windows mobile for FREE
  • So it's just an update to that app?
  • Im hoping so as im not buying it a 3rd time :-/
  • I dunno if you will call it an update per se. At the end of every season, they disable the app and release one for the new season and u have to re-buy it. Same thing on android/iOS. You will have to purchase it if you want to use it, so probably wouldn't call it an update more like a subscription
  • Yeah I know which is bloody annoying but what do I expect, its ea and they do the same bloody thing with FIFA. Charge you for essentially doing transfers in the game :-p
  • The app doesn't exist on windows OS,
  • You sure, coz I have the previous seasons app.
  • Bought the app twice too, whereas it's free on other platforms.
  • Yep, salt in the wound...
  • It's not free on other platforms. But you can jailbreak your iphone or install apk illegally on other platform Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not free on other platforms. But you can jailbreak your iphone or install apk illegally on other platforms Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • man just use bing points on store money.
  • Don't have bing points in UK ':-(
  • I'm a bit confused? is this a new app or is it an update to the poor "Official Barclays Premier League" app which has to be repurchased each season?
  • Premier league lost its title sponsor
  • Semi interested, until I saw the other posts. May still give it a shot though. Encouraging to see though.
  • I think there is nothing wrong with in app purchases, upgrades or new season releases, the continued development cost has to come from somewhere ?? - That is, as long as the app is good quality and is updated frequently and improves with time.
  • The problem is that, although it releases every year, it comes as a paid app (which is also the case for android and ios) which makes it inaccessible to users of 3rd world countries like me. Also, judging by reviews every year, it is not even that functional. Only takeaway is the happiness that it is still coming to a declining platform that is windows on mobile devices. Otherwise, a regular fantasy premier league player will be better off with web browser experience. I do hope things change this year both in terms of pricing and features/functionality/performance. Would love to see it arrive as a true UWP app for all mobiles, tablets, PCs, XBox, AIOs, Hololens etc.
  • I'm not fond of soccer (or whatever it called in US) but this is a good news for the app gap.
  • Awesome was going to play la liga app next season, as they emailed me saying they were working on a new app for windows 10, but will play this now, and law liga app as well.
  • What's fantasy?
  • Talk to me when its real fantasy football and not soccer.
  • fantasy handegg?
  • I really can't wait
  • Windows 10 mobile launch will be a good time to start using this app.
  • Can't wait, proper uwp app for bpl.
  • What is happening, thought we had little or no market share
  • Oh dear another app disappearing this must mean windows is dead OH WAIT a app being supported oh windows is alive again.
  • It is still not out  
  • Coming soon®™
  • Android has one unofficial Fantasy app for Fantasy Premier League for FREE which I am sure will be up for new season too.. waiting for Free good functional app for windows platform too.. until then mobile site is the best option we have.. 
  • Finally
  • It annoys me they have app for the iWatch but not Windows...
  • Hopefully before the end of the season!
  • Still not out yet. Fuming