Official Netflix application released

CES 2009 wasn't all that much of a boon for Windows Mobile, but the announcement of an official Netflix application did generate a little excitement. And nearly a month later, that app has been released.

A quick run through the app shows that it works pretty well. You can search the Netflix library, add a movie to your queue, or add it to you instant queue (what, no Xbox add?). And, of course, you can view your queue and remove movies from it or change the delivery order. Click on a movie title and you get a synopsis. Or, for more movie reviews, give a listen to the WMExperts podcast for the latest with Dieter and Mal, and, ya know, some Windows Mobile talk.

Now if only Microsoft could whip up an app to find more time to actually watch movies.

Hit up the Mobile Manager for Netflix page here. More pics after the break. Just 'cause.

Phil Nickinson

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