Nokia China publishes Lumia 1520 pre-order page before Nokia World announcement

It's only a matter of days before we're live from the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi and it looks like Nokia China is too excited to keep the Lumia 1520 a secret. The official Nokia China store already published a pre-order page for Lumia 1520, accompanied by a fair amount of product information. What's more is the product listing is still live.

Although we already have numerous leaks and speculation from a variety of sources, this can be viewed as official confirmation from Nokia. The device is priced at CNY 4,999 ($820), although Chinese residents could place a pre-order with a CNY 99 ($16) deposit. At least that's what the page states. Hopefully it won't change once the Lumia 1520 hits retail.

Nokia China also posted a large picture on the pre-order page, highlighting some of 1520's key features:

  • 6-inch super sensitive touch screen, 1080p resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
  • Carl Zeiss lens, plus 20MP image sensor, producing two pictures for each snapshot, one in 16MP resolution for local storage, the other a 5MP photo for sharing
  • PureView imaging technology: zoom without loss (a la Lumia 1020), face detection, and routine stuff like "high resolution" and "high quality" imaging experience

Also, Nokia is comparing the new device to a lighthouse/beacon. The tagline for 1520 apparently runs like "The beacon: Life requires faith, which is like a beacon, illuminating your path in the dark of night." This sounds a bit tacky to me, but well, you do need to emphasize on the "dark" part if PureView is built into it. We've previously witnessed Nokia making a big deal about low light photography, which doesn't look set to change.

By now, Nokia China has already realized its mistake and removed the promotional picture. However, the pre-order page is still live. Customers are not allowed to go through payment (thus completing the pre-order) just yet.

Source: WPDang; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Kane Gao
  • My Lumia 920 is sill fresh and new, I am waiting for that tablet though. I wanna see what Nokia puts on the table before I seriosuly consider Surface 2
  • I would like to see what they can do to the 920 apart from 1080p and quad core let's just hope they keep the screen size at 5 inches or under.
  • Anything can happen in china...just about anything!!
  • The good thing about China is... there are simply too many people. Everyone knows (or even is related to) everyone, and that REALLY gets information flowing. Also it's awfully hard to figure out who leaked what. Kind of like fishing for a needle in a haystack. Combined effect is a heaven for leaks.
  • Face detection ? Awesome. Must be included on BS with GDR3 when normal devices are getting it ?
  • Face detection is the Nokia Pro Cam feature......
  • Windows phone already has face detection when uploading a photo to Facebook. They're either mentioning that functionality or something further improved
  • Face detection already works today with Pro Cam
  • I almost wanted to buy this, only held back by the camera. Lumia 1020 was AWESOME in the camera, but the rest of it is pretty much just another 920. Now this comes along with thorougly refreshed hardware, but the camera is weakened by 50%... Come on Nokia, where's your REAL next-gen flagship??? Don't make me hold forever.
  • 50% weaker yet better than 95% of what's out there
  • Having seen what 1020 is capable of, how could I give a s**t about whatever is out there...? Just peak everything out on one device and I'm sold on the spot.
  • 95%? I think it's around 99.5%
  • Lol what? Lumia 1020 was announced couple of months ago...
    Did you really expect they would put a huge 41MP sensor to a phablet? Really? Also these specs have been out there for a long time already. 
    You will be waiting for a long, long time for that. Actually you will probably see pelican imaging tech next year at this same time when the new set of SoC's are out once again.  Not 41MP sensor.
  • I was thinking the phablet is quite big already. Won't hurt if made a little bit bigger to house a 41MP camera... Now prepared to hang on to my old 920 for maybe a year, to wait for a complete upgrade. :(
  • Not super attracted to GIGANTIC phones (5+ in phones) but if it had a 41mp camera...
  • Half the pixels doesn't mean worse pictures. Just look at 925 vs an S4, 8,7MP vs 13. The 925 kicks ass.
  • I'm not suggesting worse pictures, sorry about such confusion. What annoys me most is zoom capability being halved... I think this is for sure, because digital zoom is essentially just cropping a big picture. With 50% less pixels you simply don't get as much to crop from. :( Zoom without loss comes in extremely handy in museums and zoos. I'm sort of tired of carrying one big ass DSLR camera around...
  • Wp is already niche (let's be honest) so a wp with a huge camera is super niche! Don't compare it to the 1020, compare it to other flagships like gs4, xperia z1 and iphone 5 which I'm sure all of them get blown out of the water by this!
  • After 1020, Nokia's imaging department blowing stuff out of water is not even fun any more... Got to blow itself for some real challenge. I'm not talking about *that* kind of blow you know...
  • I think he is saying that he is hooked on the 1020 camera. I'm in the same boat. I really want the 1520, but take pictures. Am always amazed by the photos I can take. I really really really really want this, but I would feel disappointed the moment I took a photo.
  • I am already happy with pictures from my 920, just don't want to spoil myself with 1020 to land in same situation like u guys where it is tough to go back and expect a 82mp camera on next phone with 8" screen :))
  • Let's not judge the devices camera because of specs. Tomorrow when Nokia shows the device off and goes through what it can do then maybe make a judgment call. I'm willing to bet that Nokia had added something else to this device for even better low light pics.
  • Not super niche... I know one kid who could (somehow) afford one, and I saw another 1020 at an airport.
  • The 1020 is for content creators and 1520 is for content consumers, large display and all. the consumers are more so I guess we could say that this is a mainstream device, this device could do well for Nokia, I hope they release all over the world at the same time.
  • China is all about big size screen.... You only see note 2 and 3, small tablets and similar phones....they are about big screen.... Nokia had really make a effort in big cities here, I've been in two this past weeks, when I have time Will post the pictures from Nokia stores in Guangzhou and shanghai , pretty amazing...
    This price for this launch is still too high comparing with note 3 here.... Unfortunately I will not be here to see this launch....
  • Oh, after 14 days here I realized my 1020 is small, and a amazing phone like 3 person told me already.... : )
  • Maybe it is 'Noki Funia 1520' -_-
  • I also wanted this phone, but I'm too attached to the 1020 camera. They'll have to make the 1520 with the 1020 camera before I'm willing to switch.
  • My thoughts exactly. The 1020 continues to amaze me every day. Won't be getting the 1520 until they pack the 41mp or more in. Follow me @lumiatography on twitter and instgram.
  • Yup. I'm in the same boat.
  • Was hoping the 6" was an AT&T exclusive and the 5" was the worldwide variant. Dunno what they are thinking
  • Why the hell would you want a phone to be exclusive? The more carriers the better.
  • That sounds like a slogan that would only be used in a stupid Asian country. That slogan would tank in the western world. Can't be real...
  • I gurantee you it sounds better in Chinese.
  • I can't wait to see the youtube vids of this phone; it's way to big to be of any real interest to me, but I'm really keen to see if the spec bump has much of an effect on app performance. While WP8 itself is nice and snappy, I find some of the apps are a little on the sluggish side. Nokia music is one example, which just feels like a tank on my 925 when compared to something like Google Play Music on a Nexus 4, which I found to be very crisp and sharp in operation. Seeing as the hardware here will likely form the guts of future standard size Lumia flagships, I'm keen to see if there is a noticeable performance boost in this area.
  • I would love to get that lighthouse picture from the ad. Anyone know where I can find that image?
  • Go go china~!
  • This is not tacky in Chinese culture.
  • Man let's face it. This is *not as tacky* in Chinese culture, but still on the tacky side. I'm Chinese and I've been working for marketing agencies in China for a few years before relocating elsewhere, and a couple of years as magazine editor (Chinese magazines in the Chinese language, for the record) before that. This new phone is certainly a big deal, but that tagline makes it sound bigger than life, which certainly cannot be true, thus making it resonate less with target audience. Nokia's marketing team should have spent 2 extra hours on tagline brainstorming. 
  • I'd never pay $5,000.00 for a tablet!!
  • That's not in dollars.
  • Wat: the pre-order page says the battery capacity is 1200mAh (probably some typo, I do hope)
  • Since my 925's 4.5" screen is absolutely fine for me, I'll keep an eye out for that tablet. Depending on their offer, I might consider it over the Surface 2.
  • It's so shame.. no wireless charging embedded..
  • I agree. Can't understand why Nokia has dropped it completely from their phones.
    I use it every night with my 920, think it is brilliant!