The official Pinterest app has been removed from Windows Phone Store

The official Pinterest app for Windows Phone that launched in a beta form in June has now been quietly removed from the Windows Phone Store. So far, there's no word on why this has happened, nor if the app will return again to the storefront. Following the original Store link for the app results in a 'Not Found' status screen.

Pinterest remains one of the most popular social media networks, allowing users to 'pin' photos of their hobbies and interests on a virtual pin board. There were a number of third party Windows Phone apps that were released before the company finally submitted its own app. Unfortunately, it's now gone from the store. We have attempted to contact Pinterest to find out why but so far, we have not received a response to our inquiries (to be fair, it is a holiday weekend in the US).

Are you disappointed that the Pinterest app is no longer available for Windows Phone, at least for the time being?

Thanks to Dima, Jose R., Abid A., for the tips!

John Callaham