Official Steam app for Windows Phone pops up on the Windows Store

A listing for an official Steam app for Windows Phone has now popped up on the Windows Store (opens in new tab), lending credence to previous rumors that an app was on its way. Though the app isn't yet available for download, its description notes that it will include and authenticator, along with community features and more.

Update: Some users are now reporting that they are able to download the app; we're still not having luck on our devices, so your experience may vary

When it is available, here's a look at what you can expect from the official Steam app:

  • Ensure the security of your account with Steam Guard multifactor authentication
  • Send and confirm trades with friends
  • Sell your in-game items in the Steam Community Market straight from your Inventory
  • Browse the Steam storefront and keep up with the latest games, promotions, and sales
  • Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home

Steam Screenshots

Curiously, the app isn't a Windows 10 Mobile app; rather, it's build for Windows Phone 8.1. It's also unclear when the app will become available to download, but its version notes do mention this is an "initial, limited functionality, release."

In any case, be sure to check out the Steam listing on the Windows Store and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks to Krystian and Jack for the tips!

See the official Steam app at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Steam

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • interesting
  • I'm already able to download
  • Same here. Already authenticated and browsing the store.
  • Here too, and I was also able to set up Steam Guard too.
  • And its STEAM SALE!!! :D
  • Same here but download not starting
    Edit --> now its downloading
  • Curious that it's a Windows Phone 8.1 app. I can understand why a developer might not make a Windows 10 Mobile app but to make a Windows Phone 8.1 app INSTEAD is kind of strange. Anyways, it's great to see this popping up.
  • Windows 10 apparently only hit 11% of all windows phone/mobile devices. Im working on a cross platform app and was originally just going ro go UWP for windows, but really, i need to aupport wp 8.1
  • It is being rolled out for the phones really damn slow and not every single one of them can run the Win10 as far as I know. I have been waiting for ages to get the Win10 upgrade for the phone and still doesn't seem like it is anywhere close to happening.
  • Windows 10 on mobile is kind of dead it terms of markershare, since Microsoft decided to backtrack on their promise to upgrade everyone with a WP8.1 device, so its not surprising its a WP8.1 app instead of Win10.
  • What I'm saying is...Windows phone as a whole doesn't have much say in the market. If a company IS going to invest in an app (which I hope they do), it would only make sense for them to go for Windows 10 Mobile, since it's backed by future software updates and by 300+ million Windows 10 users.
    Even the 11% or so of Windows phone users that are running Windows 10 Mobile have a lot ahead of them. And I'd also like to point out that Microsoft never said they WOULD update all Windows Phones to Windows 10. The only places you'll find where it's a guarantee are third party websites. Microsoft originally said that it was the PLAN, but after feedback and development dialed it back until they felt there were updating all devices that could safely run Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Now if you think about it, precisely because Windows has such a little share... would you choose to make your audience even smaller by choosing a niche within a niche? Works for small businesses, not for massive stuff like Steam.
  • Because they want people to use it. I actually rolled back to 8.1 on a Lumia 930 because W10M is just so full of bugs it is just sad.
  • My 930 is flawless with w10m. Perhaps you should try the latest non insider builds. The new keyboard is awesome. It shows your word being created when using swipe
  • Windows 10 Mobile runs fine now. It's actually a decent OS for phones.
  • Makes sense to be 8.1 so they can get as many users as possible. Better late than never, eh Valve? Good to see they do value all their customers after all.
  • It depends. They can publish both and you will get 10. It usually says 8.1 or higher. But I've seen examples of something similar. Can't think of them at top of my head but it said that but i got uwp version.
  • Yeah, being 8.1 isn't bad approach especially that many will be still stuck on 8.1 anyways. Though what's little but disappointing is the fact that this is 8.1, so there's no actionable notification which is a must for Chat.
  • Yeah, I don't see the problem because W10m users can run 8.1 apps. UWP apps don't guarantee PC versions as some devs disable other form factors. Besides, wouldn't you want to use the desktop Steam client on the PC anyways?
    The Window phone device market share is already small, then you have to account that only 11% of that is on W10m. The only negative would be if the 8.1 app platform causes great limitations to what the app can do on mobile and tablet only devices. Users won't be playing most PC centric games on those devices anyways.
  • The limitations though isn't that a big deal depending on the type of app. In regards to this Steam app, the quick reply on Action Center is pretty much the biggest missing feature that I wish it could have, sadly that 8.1 didn't support it (though it was being planned actually if I remember correctly, it just didn't make it on time or being moved to W10M unfortuantely). Having that quick reply notification for Steam Chats is a godsend feature, no need to constantly switch back and forth between apps, especially that sometimes W10M is prone to crash some apps randomly.
  • Hurry up valve. I'm tired of opening my email everytime i install steam.
  • There is a 3rd party authenticator for steam on wp
  • How often do you install steam?
  • Around once every month.
  • Nevermind. Downloaded, Installed and Configured the app in India on my 950 running build10586.
  • Don't worry, now you will have to use your mobile authenticator everytime you log in, make a purchase, trade/sell item on the community, etc. It will be worse than email confirmation.
  • But at least no 15 day hold for trades
  • i'm downloading it too
  • What region are you?
  • From Bulgaria using US store
  • "Curiously, the app isn't a Windows 10 Mobile app; rather, it's build for Windows Phone 8.1." This very site reported that 89% of Windows phone users are still using WP8.1. I don't see anything "curious" about wanting to include them.
  • Maybe the 300 million computers that are also running Windows 10?
  • They have a decent desktop app already, I guess?
  • I doubt the person you're replying to even knows that.
  • Steam for desktop? What? Pfft. Next you'll try to convince me you can get it for Mac or Linux. :p
  • Yo dawg, I put a Steam app on your desktop so you can download games to your desktop while you're on your desktop.
  • We have a desktop app. It's running stable, but decent? No. UI does not match Windows (or any other) styleguides, Scaling on high resolution on small screen (like Surface 3) makes text nearly unreadable small (if you don't put it to big picture mode).
  • you know steam has skins that you can use im using Metro for Steam and its a Windows 10 skin
  • the desktop app has no built in authenticator so you have to grab your phone everytime. Would make sense to make this UWP so you just open W10 app.
  • its called Steam MOBILE Authenticator for a reason
  • Like using two padlocks and keeping both keys on the same keychain.
  • Everyone wants an authenticator app on their desktop. So convenient. Dunce.
  • I had my app sewn into my flesh, but... it stings in the shower.
  • Downloadable in New Zealand!
  • Finally! Thanks Valve!
  • It's good for a Steam app. Works same as other platforms (iOS, Android) but not that fluid, it has little glitches but it will be fine
  • If I can get push notifications for Wishlist items and when new items get added to the big sales I'll be one happy steam user
  • Downloaded in NZ. Doesn't play nice if you are already using the unofficial one too.
  • U.S. Region, 14372, app is available.
  • It's Newell playing with Nadella.
  • Seems to be a slow rollout happing right now. Cool. Don't use the app but official is always nice!
  • Great news but its odd that they made 8.1app instead of UWP Win10, considering that there's so many peoples who will upgrade their phones to Windows 10 onse anniversary update is available
  • Never mind.
  • There is no need for an universal app in this case.
  • Yeah, but since this is also used for chat, having that actionable notification is missing on 8.1 app too. Well I hope that they will at least polish the app for now. It works well but the UI looks like an 1 hour job.
  • " there's so many peoples who will upgrade their phones to Windows 10 onse anniversary update is available" -citation needed
  • I hope that Win10 app is coming next
  • I'm amazed! It works and it's legit :o I was skeptical at first so i did some packet sniffing on my phone with a test account to verify what it connects to, nothing but valve servers :) I can finally sell stuff on the market without some unofficial app!
  • Better late than never.
  • Omg !!!!
    I can't believe that
    Finally omgoooooooooooooooood
  • Wow this is an extremely appreciated and unexpected surprise
  • This is fantastic and awesome timing considering I was just complaining that there was no Steam authenticator for WP. And then a few days later there was one, and now we have the official one. Awesome! I'm kinda' chuckling at the ability to buy a game while at work and download it to PC while I'm away to be ready. Talk about needing a fix badly if you can't wait to get home to start the download. :P
  • #slowclaps
  • Who said Windows Phone's dead? They'll probably die first before it happens.
  • Ha, got one!
  • About damn time; but better late then never.
  • Got this app and it works well so far on my L950XL
  • Downloaded it on my Lumia 950- It's quite nice to use.
  • One small step for Steam (about time), a giant step for Windows Phone users! lol
  • It downloads to my phone.
  • I was just able to download on my Lumia 930 on Win10Mobile. I'm so glad we finally have an official Steam app! Wooooo!
  • We are slowly getting more much needed apps
    Probably snapchat next (hopefully) and an updated kik (would really love this)
  • Required to be installed to the system drive.  Wish they would follow my preference of app installing to my SD card instead (it's a 200GB card for crying out loud).
  • HAZZAH!!
  • This means that the article on setting up Steam Guard is out of date. Everybody tweat them to fix it.
  • Holy crap! Never thought I'd see this day.
    Have downloaded the app now. Thanks Valve!
  • Is there any confirmation this is official? I'm very weary about putting my Steam credentials in an app that hasn't been announced or even acknowledged yet.
  • My thoughts exactly. It is very easy to pretend that you are the real deal and Microsoft happily accepts all scam and spam since they are so desperate to get the Store filled. Yes, the dev name claims to be Valve, but that can also be mimicked easily. Did the author of this article try to verify with Valve if this could be real?
  • Cant believe how paranoid some users are. Yes it is official.
  • Downloading it right now
  • Finally, good things. Maybe there's a future for Windows phone after all.
  • 8.1>10
  • Arithmetically speaking, that's false
  • Has hell finally frozen over? Have pigs learned to fly? What next, Half-Life 3???
  • I mean technically, yes we did get a 3rd Half-Life game eventually. Half-Life: Alyx hahaha
  • Can't access community forums from within app. Laggy. Minor bugs. Still very much appreciated!
  • I have just installed it... It's about time Valve released an app for Windows :)
  • Awesome!!! Finally... things are starting to roll now... please don't slow down again.
  • Not sure why it's taken so long to get to WP. I've not tried the app myself, but if its like the iOS version then it looks like a webviewer of a mobile site.
  • What? Sweet Jesus Doomsday is coming cant velieve what I seee.
  • unbelievable
  • If u click on the link, the store will be opened uo, and u can download it even if u cant Access it in the store. Link:
  • Between the SnapChat rumors and this being released I'm finally feeling the platform is getting there ^^
  • Snap Chat can go to hell, I don't use it and don't need app from their bigot CEO.
  • On my Lumia 1520 running 8.1 I used to be able to read the QR Codes on these Articles using the Search Button and switching to camera which would then bring me to the store - How do we do that on 10?
  • Windows Phone 10 don't have "Bing Vision" with build it QR scanning - it have been removed in WP10. Extremly annoying.  So you will have to download dedicated app for this.
  • Nice!
  • About time, Gaben took you long enough...
  • I honestly thought I would see HL3 release before seeing a WP Steam app. I don't know what to feel.
  • This is unexpected, but I am glad they're doing.
  • Unable to download:(
  • Downloaded.