Enjoy placing bets here and there? Try out these official UK betting Windows Phone apps

The world of betting (and gambling in general) is a popular and successful one. Millions of people engage in exchanges every day, be it on sports, games or other events. We've looked at betting apps in the past, but this is our first regional roundup. Should you reside in the UK, there are a number of official betting apps available on the Windows Phone.

Today, we're looking at Sky Bet, Unibet Betting and Betfred Lotto.

Sky Bet

The gambling side of BSkyB, which also sponsors the English football league, has released an app for Windows Phone with an enticing registration deal (free bets, everyone). The app itself includes a comprehensive range of markets, with the ability to bet on televised Sky sports matches directly from the home screen. 

It's a neat app with a clean (albeit not very Modern) user interface. It just works and gets the job done. Live betting markets with latest scores, full account history, deposits and withdrawals possible through the phone and loyalty schemes make this a sweet solution for anyone looking to participate in some light gambling while on the move.

Grab Sky Bet from the Windows Phone Store for free.


Unibet Betting

Unibet is an interesting app. It has technically been available on the store for sometime, but failed to work properly, accumulating numerous single star reviews. The development team behind the app finallyreleased a new version recently, enabling Unibet account holders to engage in sports betting, including football, tennis, basketball or even hockey.

The company boasts the slogan, "By Players for Players" when describing the app. You're able to place single and combination bets, receive sports specific mobile alerts with latest promotions and odds, view betting history and detailed bet information. Yet another pretty neat betting Windows Phone experience.

You can download Unibet Betting from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Betfred Lotto

Betfred Lotto

Already available on the Windows Store, Betfred Lotto finally arrives on Windows Phone 8. This is a rather specific type of gambling app with bets and odds for lotto results, including the UK, Irish, Euromillios and 49's. The interface and feature set are both similar to the Windows counterpart and you're able to log in, manage your account, check out enticing odds and place some bets. 

As well as logging into the service, there are a variety of features and useful functionality to make the experience that much more user friendly. Should you miss a previous lotto result or wish to see draws up to 12 months prior, Betfred Lotto offers detailed analysis to help you out.

Fans of the service and/or Windows 8 version will want to download Betfred Lotto from the Windows Phone Store for free.

It's positive to see Microsoft and co. leveraging companies such as these to bring yet more official content to the Windows Phone Store. With betting apps now populating the platform, we're excited to see what's next on the horizon. We will note that Windows Phone Central takes no responsibility should you decide to download any betting app and enter financial difficulties in the process. Good luck - you'll need it!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I bet....
  • Bet you don't.
  • No you don't
  • There ok but not the big boys.like Betfair and Bet365. I did tweet them both and they did say in the future they might look into making a wp8 app so maybe in the next 6 months we will have more n
  • So many official apps this year......2014 is WINDOWS PHONE year.
  • I got an email the other day, that I won the UK lottery, this must be how I won & I didn't even download the app!
  • Is the Sky Bet app actually official? The publisher is 'Ayton Computers'. Even if someone else did develop it, they'd surely publish it as Sky?
  • "Sky Bet is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSkyB PLC. The Sky Bet app is brought to you by Ayton Computers. To place a bet with Sky Bet, you will have to register with Bonne Terre Limited (a BskyB owned company) which is registered in Alderney and licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. You must be over 18 Years of age to register with Bonne Terre Limited. Customers located outside the UK or Ireland will be prohibited from using this app."
  • Interesting. The iPhone version is published by BSkyB.
  • Hmmm. The iPhone version is published by Apple. The developer is stated as BSkyB, but that is just the name of the company/entity that owns the developer account. Anyone could have coded the app (even BSkyB internally, but I doubt it). It then gets uploaded to the store by BSkyB. Ayton are the developers who wrote the software for the app for BSkyB WP app. Bonne Terre are the company in Guersney who run the customer accounts for both (all) apps. I suspect this is to er.. "help" for tax? ;) It must be the OFFICIAL app (or Sky would have had them for lunch, and its free.. so), and its a super high quality one. We should be very happy. I know I am to finally have a legit viable gambling app on Windows Phone. It is suprising the app is listed under Ayton and not BSKyB as the Sky News app is.
  • I did look at the T&C's and on this websitesite http://www.sportsbets4free.co.uk/windows-mobile-betting-apps/ and I can't see that windows allow betting apps in there. Maybe they had an update and not charged the terms. Until it's released by BSKYB I will just use the mobile site and save it, just as easy.
  • Bet365 mobile website is best. Paddy power need to sort themselves out
  • SkyBet is just a wrapper around their mobile site. Nothing special. Waiting on paddy power to update at least their mobile site offering, so nasty! Until then betfair mobile it remains for me, nice modern clean UI.
  • Can any of these be used from outside the UK just to check the odds without an account?