Official Windows Phone Facebook page changing name to Microsoft Lumia

The official Windows Phone Facebook page will have a name change in the coming days. Earlier today we learned that Microsoft would be changing the branding on their smartphones from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia. Microsoft Lumia will also be the new name of the Windows Phone Facebook page.

A message posted to the official Windows Phone Facebook page reads:

"In the next few days you'll receive a message directly from Facebook about the name of this page changing. We're about to become Microsoft Lumia! Watch this space for more news soon."

What's going on here? It would appear that Microsoft is downplaying the Windows Phone brand, which is something we've seen recently. And really nothing to be too alarmed about.

Desktop, tablet and phone operating systems are already on a collision course which will result in Windows 10 next year.

Source: Windows Phone Facebook

Thanks for the tip Allan M!

Sam Sabri