More Samsung Galaxy devices may soon get Microsoft's improved 'Link To Windows' integration

Microsoft's new "Link To Windows" feature that's currently exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be coming to other Galaxy handsets soon. XDA recently spotted a video showcasing an upcoming OS update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, which appears to show Link To Windows as a feature that's now baked into the OS, starting with the OneUI 2.0 update.

This is a big deal, because it means more users will be able to experience the improved Your Phone integration between PC and Galaxy phones without the need to buy a new Galaxy Note 10. Your Phone integration on the Galaxy Note 10 is much improved over other phones that have the Your Phone app installed manually by the user.

For example, now that Your Phone is integrated with the OS on Galaxy phones, it can maintain a much more reliable connection between the phone and PC, and also has additional functionality such as being able to activate screen mirroring on any Windows 10 PC without the use of Bluetooth, and soon, take cellular calls directly from the PC itself.

Microsoft has also hinted that Link To Windows will be coming to other Galaxy handsets in the near future, so it's likely that we'll be seeing this come to the Galaxy S10 series. We're not sure if it'll be coming to other older Galaxy phones like the S9 or Note 9, but you never know. What are your thoughts on Link To Windows? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I hope it comes to the S9. I don't plan to upgrade to the S10 since the S9 meets and exceeds my needs, but this would be a nice addition.
  • Yeah, I can relate to that.
  • I just used the Link to Windows feature on my new Note 10+ to get it set up with Your Phone on my Surface and it works great. The Phone Screen preview for mirroring my phone on my Surface is awesome!
  • How is the experience "better"? It's the same thing.
  • Someone didn't read the article as it's NOT the same thing.
  • I wonder if some of the improvements come from integrating code from Samsung Flow into your phone that can only be accessed on Samsung devices. I always found Flow to be quicker at picking up texts and notifications on my PC than Your Phone.
  • Hopefully the S9 will get this feature
  • Same here. I hope it comes to the S9.
  • Not a fan of Samsung mobile here. I hope it gets implemented to all other devices.
  • I have an S8. Poor me. 😭
  • Why not to midrange devices as well, why not the current Galaxy A line phones too? It's just so niche, limiting this to only the current and ex-high end devices, which is possibly not representative of the smartphone ownership of the global community.
  • Why you say.... They want to sell new devices inventory not the devices you already have. Once they meet that sale quota, then they might think / plan working on older devices feasibility.
    It is the same old story by all of them.
  • It would be much better, if Microsoft polish Your Phone app. Even after months from release, it sill feels like an unfinished school project. This is how they present their work? Even for Samsung flagship?
    The UI is really weird, huge thumbnails of photos, different effects for right click menu, jumping left menu when clicking on settings (because of Microsoft's wonderful idea to place the back button right into the app, which doesn't make sense now, when they removed sets.), they just removed Acryllic transparency (why?) ...
  • What I am really waiting for is to have my contacts on my S10+ managed by Outlook. I am tired of duplicated contacts. I have my Oficce 365 contacts linked to my S10+ and it is a pain to keep both synchronized. I hope this new joint venture will bring that option of having Outlook as the main contacts app.
  • As much as I would like to see that on my Note 9, it baffles me that nearly no one talks about Samsung Flow. It brings a lot of the functionality of Your Phone and is usable today.
  • As of this morning the Your Phone app no longer works on my PC. Sometimes it will fail to connect but it normally fixes itself after a reboot/restart the app. Not today. I've done everything. Reset the Windows app, cleared the data and uninstalled/reinstalled the Android app, it's waiting for a permission for me to Allow but that never comes so it's stuck. I removed the device from my MS account but the app still says it's connecting to my phone. I've given up in frustration and gone back to using Dell Mobile Connect
  • But I have already installed Microsoft Launcher and your phone plus all the apps 😱 Then I get no link! Oh nooooo 😱